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Quiet Your Heart

Is it just me or does it seem that this time of year is always a bit harder to have a quiet heart?

Maybe it’s because of all of the stuff that’s going on. Holidays and family….the end of the year. All things look forward to and enjoy. But perhaps sometimes all this stuff gets in the way.

I think about how Jesus slept so peacefully in the middle of a raging storm. He had a quiet heart. He knew that God was in control. He didn’t focus on the things that hadn’t happened yet. He wasn’t wondering what would happen next, He simply rested in God.
I do not think of myself as a peaceful person. But I desperately want to have a peaceful and quiet heart! 
If I am honest I am very much full of anxiety. Especially as my oldest distances himself more from me. And are learning seems to be a struggle. I worry too much. And while at the same time I can be up all night trying to plan and plot how to inspire my children,  I tell myself that God is in control.
It’s about having a quiet heart. Even though they’re learning doesn’t seem to be progressing. Perhaps has stopped all together. Maybe there are some glaring issues such as bad language or laziness or deception.

The kids are fighting in the house it’s still too small. My younger daughter and my youngest son are struggling with reading but God is in control. My oldest son is lonely and wanting just one good true friend and God is in control. 

It’s been a  challenging year but in these challenges I have recognized things we need to change. I see the need to focus more on relationships and character. Certainly academics matter but those can be learned quickly when one is motivated and desiring to do so. A sense of loving and being loved, that sense of belonging? Meeting someone who is honest and dependable and truthful and kind these things matter more.

In this season where it can be a challenge to slow down and be still I desperately know that I need to have a quiet heart. I need to be still and sure in the middle of the storm knowing that God is in control. 

Being willing to look at our path and see where we are going according to His plan, not my own. Most of all accepting but my path is not someone else’s. Most often those things that God calls us to do look a little strange two others but if we are faithful. Peaceful and faithful…

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