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Being Confident

there are times when we have to determine to be confident. As I begin this new year I know that’s what I need most right now ….  confidence.

Unschooling ….. do you do this or have you known anyone who has? I kind of find that people look at me a little differently when they hear that we are unschoolers.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons I have such a hard time being at keys with our decision to completely forsake traditional school.
Come to think of it, it is challenging to imagine what life is like without school. But for those of us who have children who are struggling, rebelling….who just don’t have that curiosity and joy in them anymore, this can be a real life saver!

As I have been reading in the last few weeks I have been learning and confirming much that I already believed. That we are designed to learn independently. That we really do not need classrooms and curriculum to learn. That the world is full of amazing things that we can learn simply by getting involved.
To move forward requires a big shift in thinking. It also requires quite a bit of faith. I guess this is where I struggle right now but this is where I also today I’m determining to be confident in this one thing.

There’s so much more to what we do and we acknowledge. Making meals are going outside to play. Playing video games or walking the dog. Watching those favorite television shows and movies.

There are lessons in all of these things. If we think about it in a different way everything we do includes some form of math and science. Often there is reading involved and certainly many lessons in character building. We just have to look for them.

Real learning I am learning it’s all about finding the opportunities right where we are. Everything we do is full of opportunities to learn and grow. We have to get a little creative we have to look a little different.

I know I have said it before but we have to put aside the idea that what our children are doing doesn’t have any value. We have to put aside the idea that they are being lazy. We have to remember that there is always something going on behind the scenes that we cannot see. Work being worked within.

It’s all about being confident that what was begun shall be finished. If we stick together and if we strive to show joy and curiosity ourselves our children will catch it in time.

One step at a time. Slow and steady.

Walking by faith and not by sight. 💞

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