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We Should be Different

For some time now it has been clear to me but homeschoolers really are different. They don’t like the other kids that attend a formal school system. There is a difference.

I have recognized this for a while now but I admit that to some extent I have still held onto a semblance of formal school. We have curriculum all over the house. We have workbooks and maps and charts.


But a couple weeks ago as I talked about the challenges and frustrations I have been facing with a new friend it was brought to life as people who are walking with the Lord certainly how we do things should be different. Not just because we’re home Educators but because we’re striving to walk like Jesus.
It made me wonder what exactly God expects of me? We all know about the Proverbs 31 Woman. But how does that figure in to this?



That brought me to Proverbs. Of course it did! How silly of me to not realize right away the value of going there. Such a wealth of wisdom. Treasures beyond our imaginings. What better place to search for understanding and wisdom! This is where it all is. Waiting for me to seek it out for myself. ❤

Naturally it makes sense that if we are filled with the wisdom from Proverbs our children will be too. Yet I’m ashamed to admit this is one book I have not spent as much time in as I should.


So here I am reading one chapter a week. Moving forward as I feel the Lord moving me. I cannot help my children to grow and I cannot fill them with wonder but I can spend my time with the One who can. And as I learn of him become like him more so should my children.



The Bible tells us how important it is to seek after God’s wisdom. Only 31 chapters,  915 versus! And all wisdom for real life. I am so grateful for the spirit of God which helps to impress upon me how important it is for me to make this treasure trove an even greater part of my life. Wisdom but I need if I am truly to train up my children well.


According to the word of God wisdom Cries Out. You cannot doubt or ignore wisdom. It is clear. I consider all that we do in our home no wonder how clear we are. Are we showing God’s wisdom? As we go about our day learning and exploring are we gaining wisdom?




I have no doubt that God has a way I’m leaving those who are truly seeking him. That includes my two-year-old daughter, my six-year-old princess, my tough little 8 year old hockey boy and my 12 year old rebel. God has a way. And it is always right. We just have to trust it.


As we go about our day we need to allow the wisdom of proverbs to grow us and guide us. Only 31 chapters. Chapters that are full of God’s commands. Seek wisdom and found wisdom and do not let go.


IF we seek Him and respond to Him. But you have to seek Him and we have to accept His wisdom.

If I can treasure it and keep it then surely my children will as well. After all the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

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