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Five Minutes

I cannot believe that it is the New year already. I look around and there isn’t much snow on the ground. It sure is cold but it doesn’t feel the same. It doesn’t feel like a new year has really begun. Not yet anyway.

With the house empty of company and things starting to settle into a routine once again I realize we need a bit of motivation around here. We need to be reminded to hold fast to those good things.

There’s so much joy and excitement every year leading up to the holidays. Then they are here and everyone is together and excited and everything is bright and beautiful. We plan for those things we will do in the new year….. but then one year ends and the new year begins and we kind of lose that Steam.

We need to be motivated to live everyday as the best day. We need to live everyday knowing that it will be greater than the day before. Can we awake every morning and say believing it that this is the day that the Lord has made and so I will rejoice and be glad in it!

The other morning I was praying and I was reminded that not everyone who says they know God and not everyone who says that they live for God will enter in. The way is narrow. There will be few that find it. It brings me sorrow but it also motivates me.

Those who do God’s will. Those who endure to the end. Those who love with all of their heart and mind and soul and strength. Many will do wonderful works in his name and still be left wanting. What is in our heart? And what is our motivation?

It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong but with God’s word says. I think of friends and family who I dearly love but who are following the traditions of man and not the ways of God. What do they see when they see me? I think about Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. What better motivation then to know and love him so much but he is all we desire?

There’s so many people out there who are lost and there are so many people who need direction. God is clear that there is only one way. That alone should motivate us to seek to know him all the more for if we love what he loves surely we shall follow after all that we ought.

Let his love motivate us to hold fast to the Joy love peace and Truth that he has for us.

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