Un School Home School

Why We Do It

For the last month or so we have been taking a break from all things school. This fall we quit all of our activities and clubs. We decided to just stay home more and get inspired.

As we have been resting and finding a new direction I have been reminded of the reasons we began this path. Sometimes it is good to look back. To see that those little seeds we planted are still growing. Maybe it’s not a tree yet but there are sprouts there if we just look carefully and patiently.

When we first determined to homeschool my oldest son was four and we were expecting our Second Son. My husband and I had agreed that it was time for me to put my career aside and stay home. It made sense financially but at the time I admit I wasn’t really completely sure. I loved my job and I loved my children but I didn’t fully appreciate yet what it meant to be a mom.

So we ordered the fancy curriculum in a box and started our journey. For about a year or two we stuck to the plan. We worked like crazy to make sure we didn’t miss anything and that we were always exactly what the program said we ought to be doing when. But as my oldest son got older he began to be more reluctant in his work. He was less excited and he was less eager to come to the table each day.

About this time I also heard Jesus calling me. I didn’t know him. My husband and my oldest son had been going to church for about 2 years but I was still very much involved in the occult and uninterested in anything that would inconvenience me. I was sure from what little I knew of the Bible it just wasn’t for me. And I was sure that it had nothing to do with raising my children. 

But as the Lord drew me to Him it was like a light bulb went on. He led me to an amazing little church and the most anointed pastor who walked with me and talked with me. He was patient and gentle yet also honest.  In all things he directed me to the word of God again and again.
Not long after we began there my husband and I were married and I was baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost. I spoke in tongues. It was unlike anything I had ever known before. I was reminded that God often uses the foolish things. He confounds the wise. I was reminded that God’s way is not the world’s way. I was completely changed. In the twinkling of an eye. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true!

And this further changed my reasons for homeschooling. By now I was certain the way God would have us to teach our children was this. Being with them always. Talking with them of His ways and His works always. How could we possibly do anything that did not have Jesus at the center of it all? Throughout our day we should be praising him and blessing him.  

Seek ye first the kingdom of God. This is what we do. We seek first God and His wisdom. We seek His direction in our day in all things that are and are to come. We were created by Him and we are loved by Him. Just as He loves us and directs us so we are to love and direct the children which He has entrusted into our care. 

Knowing God and His word became the foremost reason we chose to homeschool our children. We simply seek to follow God’s design. Every word of God has confirmed again and again for me that it is parents who are to teach and train their children. 

Of course as my oldest son gets older I see more and more but he needs to be home. He needs to be where his lessons can be personal. Or he can have the time to learn and the time to truly understand what he is studying. And the more I read and to learn myself the more certain I am that our children need the freedom to play and explore as they will.

 I was never a fan of school nor was my husband. We did what we had to do to complete what we were told had to be completed. I want so much more for my children than that. I want my children to be able to spend their day seeking the Lord. I want them to be able to spend the day playing with modeling clay or working with snap circuits. I want them to be able to go outside and explore and play with the dogs. I want them to take the time to learn everything they want to know about whatever tickles their fancy for the moment.

It’s funny when I look back. I remember who I was and I remember all the things that mattered so much to me only 12 years ago. And I give God all the glory because he turned me into what I am today. And well we are all far from perfect being home together is such a blessing.

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