Five Minutes 



This is such a small word and yet it causes such challenges!  A word that keeps me up at night.

It causes me to fret and it creeps into my mind as I lay in bed at night.






I realize that these are thieves the come and only steal and destroy. They take away our joy and peace. They cause a love of learning to diminish and they make strong healthy relationships impossible to maintain.


I have realized in the last few weeks that we simply have too much stuff. There is just too much that we desire to do and impulsively seek to master. Instead of finding one thing we find many and intern we complete none. Sometimes sadly we do not even begin.



We need to keep it simple. We need to have a schedule and a home that is simple. The more time we spend outside of our home the less freedom we have. And the more stress we feel as we struggle to balance those things at home while also maintaining those things outside.



The more I read the more I realize my children need time to play and explore things on their own. They need time to process and pondor their interest and their curiosities.  In time some of these will become their passions. If I give them time.


I admit that I have realized I cannot train up my children well nor can I inspire them in this way. We need to slow down. And in order for that to happen my children have to have the time to explore and ponder ideas for themselves. I have too often overwhelmed my children when they show an interest in something; I fear I have jumped the gun.


When my oldest son took an interest in leatherworking and I immediately sought to get him all the materials possible. But his interest only lasted long enough to make a pouch for his pocket knife. My younger son took a wood carving class with his Scout Troop and when he loved carving I immediately went out to make sure he had all the tools necessary to continue.



In my attempt to enable them to learn and grow and follow their interests I fear I have been stamping out their little fire. I have forgotten that a great fire needs time to grow….


It’s time to simplify.



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