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When We “Can’t” be in Church

For the last few months my younger son has been part of a local travel hockey team. He loves this board and I love watching him as he grows and makes friends with the other kids on the team. Yet I have really wrestled with this since we began last spring.


The unfortunate thing is that the schedule for practices and games often makes church attendance difficult if not impossible.


And while I know that we are the church still I also realize that there is value to assembly with others of like mind for worship and to hear the preaching of the word.


I was talking with a friend the other day about this very thing. Because the fall season is almost over and soon they will begin the spring season. This will be his last season to play with the team he’s grown so close to in the last few months because next year he will be older and will have to move up.


Kids excited to play another season and I look ahead and see the many church activities and services which will be missed if we do this. We will have more weeks ahead of juggling I’m struggling to get from hockey practice to Bible quiz practice. And I just don’t know if I should.


I am so grateful for the friends that God places in my path. Friends who remind me that well it is so very important for children to learn and you know the word of God there was more for them than just that. If we learn it and we memorize it But do not share it what does it matter?


certainly we aren’t together together all the more as we see the day of the Lord’s return drawing nearer but how many have not yet heard? How many need to know? perhaps we are in this place for a greater purpose. Could it be that we are not just there to play hockey?



It was that reminder that we are the church and we can have church wherever we go. We cannot simply attend a house of worship. We cannot simply join those Ministries I feel that we are a good and faithful servant. There is so much more to be done outside of the house of God.



Certainly I miss hearing the powerful anointed preaching and feeling the presence of God as we gather together in beautiful worship at the church alone should not sustain us. we are to be and have church wherever we go. Because God is with us always. and others will recognize that and see.



Certainly my children and I have talked a great deal about the value and the importance of being in church. As we have talked I have had confirmation, I believe. from the Lord.  As my children have shared with me the conversations they have had about God and faith. The people that they have encouraged to come and worship with us.





We are salt and light! ❤


There are seeds being planted. There are relationships being born. This is how it all begins.


We simply need to be sensitive to the Lord and walk in faith that His will be done.


3 thoughts on “When We “Can’t” be in Church”

  1. It’s a hard decision to make..give up services ( don’t neglect the fellowship of God’s people) or consider if your children can be salt and light.

  2. We all have seasons in which we have to make choices – realizing that we ARE the church and that you and your family can be an influence for The Kingdom wherever you are is a wonderful perspective. Let the Lord shine through you in all you do and soak up the fellowship and teaching whenever you are able to assemble with believers.

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