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Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


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Guess what time of the year it is? That’s right, it’s time for reviews! Another amazing and exciting year as a part of the Schoolhouse Review. And what better way to start out the year than with our very favorite vendor Heirloom Audio Productions and their newest adventure,Wulf the Saxon! This is one of those things that we just cannot get enough of. Every one of their stories is so full of adventure and excitement taking you back in time.  For my four children, ages two to twelve, history takes on a whole new meaning when it comes alive like this! For this review we received Wulf the Saxon Single Pack which is over 2 hours of amazing audio adventure designed for ages 6-16 (but really, for all ages to enjoy!) on 2 CD’s. Do you know the difference between a duke and an earl? And what is a thane anyway? Listen to this story and you will certainly find out!


Wulf the Saxon   My kids were in awe that this time we traveled back to 1065. This story takes place in England and also in France. My younger son said, “Is that even possible? That’s like more than a century.” ha-ha  It can definitely be pretty hard to imagine life so long ago. Thankfully with these stories it all becomes so much clearer! Oh the things we can learn … from ONE  story book! 🙂



Being that my boys are all about boats and sailing, this was such a timely treat! My oldest son is actually really looking forward to summer when he can do some sailing classes and learn how to motorboat on the lake near our house with his fellow Scouts. My younger son simply plans to build his boat. He certainly is handy and is always trying to create something out of what is seemingly nothing. Suffice to say, this has not only peaked their interest in sailing but also has inspired them to explore a bit more this great world we are a part of.






The timing for when this arrived was perfect too; just in time for a long road trip we had to take. Time in a car goes by so much quicker when we have one of these; certainly there are a lot fewer fights and fusses when these stories are on. Of course if this had not come, we would have enjoyed one of their other wonderful tales but it is always fun to have a new story to enjoy! And can you believe this is the ninth one they have completed? I admit I went and counted all of ours because I couldn’t believe it. G.A. Henty has been one of our favorite writers for some time now because of how well he brings to life historical events and people.  Being able to live and experience those same stories in this way, is even better! I simply do not have the words to express how well these are done. I will say though my boys refer to these as “movies” at home because even though there are no pictures on a screen you can see so clearly the characters and the places and the events as they take place.




From  the very beginning I could see that this was a story that my boys especially, needed to hear. Really hear. We have really been struggling to encourage them to show kindness one to another. When we meet Harold he is “wearing a hole in the floor” (my kids love this phrase because we had a hole in our floor not long ago). We hear “It is not always good to let others know what you think.” What truer words to be spoken! What a powerful and difficult lesson to learn. My boys, even my older daughter, struggle to learn this lesson.  My son’s were horrified with the idea of someone “having their ears slit” – this being an actual punishment done to people long ago what a thing to research  – was even harder for them to believe. Yet it was something that brought about a deeper discussion that we need to have ears to hear; we need to control our tongue and not always say what we want to say. Self control. Wisdom.immediately when this story begins we see the damage that words can do.  Insolent words. Speaking out of wrath – quarrelsome boys – Can we, and do we, represent our Lord with our words? If not, what then?



“Not punishment but a step to your future…” 



Whatever trial may come our way, it is so important that we take our experience and we learn from it.  It has been said that there is always something positive to see in any situation but we have to choose to see it. What a great lesson for our boys to learn – that each moment of our lives is a little experience but can shape us in such a big way. My husband I really did chuckle again and again as we considered and compared Wulf himself, to our own children.  His impetuous behavior and quick action (and speech). The struggles he endured being banished (because of his temperament) and how he grew as he journeyed with friends, learning so many valuable lessons. As we journey with Wulf we see him grow from a quick tempered boy into a courageous and loyal young man.


“There is a degree of patience that must be learned….”



This story is full of adventure that is going to leave you on the edge of your seat! Follow Wulf as he sails through the storm (close your eyes and you can really see it, that’s how real it feels!).  We have talked a lot about what it means to show honor but this story was so full of opportunities to really engage our children in a discussion about what good character and virtue really looks like.  We all came to truly love and admire Wulf as this story unfolded. My boys get bored so easily but this one – this is so full of action – war and dungeons – trouble at sea – kidnapped – it all happens fast too! There were many times that I had to listen again because I missed a detail that mattered. Of course every detail matters! These stories are quick; every character matters! Clearly Heirloom Audio truly desires to bring to life history, particularly as it relates to our life as Christians. We are reminded again and again within the pages of the scriptures the importance of remembering, of telling our children, of the great things God has done. These stories are another way to do just that.



Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews} 

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