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The Starfall Home Membership {Starfall Education Foundation Review}

We have always loved Starfall! Every one of my children who knows how to read, started their path with these books. And now, with my older daughter ready to read and slowly starting, I was so excited to have the chance to review the Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation with her. We received an annual membership for our family to use for one year; we are using this on our computer and phone and kindle – Since it is Pre-K through 2nd grade this is a wonderful way to encourage my beginning reader and my younger son who is loving reading himself.



This program is amazingly easy to navigate and it is so very user friendly! We have really been trying to limit the amount of time our children spend on screens lately but this one is definitely something that is an exception to the rule. At least for our younger ones. This is full of fun songs and games; riddles, poems, music and Backpack Bear! For my younger son there is even a section full of math games and tools to encourage them as they advance! There are just so many things you can do, sometimes I think we actually spent most of the day here!

Like I said before, we have always really enjoyed Starfall. The fun characters and animations, the stories that are simple and silly engage and encourage my kids to learn and explore and read like never before.I am truly amazed by the variety of activities they have here. This was a perfect way to help my children learn how to read and become better, stronger readers, in a fun way.


For my older daughter who is 6, their reading program was a perfect way to get her reading! She has I feel really just begun to read. So she loved all the books with their simple words and pictures. This not only helped her learn how to read some basic words but also reinforced the sounds letters make.


And even her little sister is learning a thing or two!  Turns out she is a big fan of ragtime! HA-HA



My younger son is 8 and while he loves to read there are still some things that he struggles with. He really enjoyed being able to read along with all the different stories on here. Especially the folktales and mythology. I was surprised to find that he also really enjoyed the section where he could listen and learn about classical composers. And even some not so classical ones.


His favorite part of this program though was the math. He loves numbers. Being able to build a race car as he practices his facts. How fun is that! My husband calls him our “little engineer” because he just seems to have a knack for this sort of stuff. And he was thrilled with all the different games to help him with telling time and measuring (he plans on making a table for our dining room this spring) and helping dad fix the roof.


He spent quite a bit of time in the talking library too. Mostly enjoying the different non-fiction books that are there. Such as The Story of Milk where you learn how bees and cows help one another. He also enjoyed learning about excavators and astronauts; there was even a book about the flag (just in time for a scout activity!).   A very practical little boy he enjoyed so much of this!


Personally I really appreciated the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center since some days we just need to get away from the screens for a bit. We mostly used the worksheets related to mathematics but my daughter now and then would want some for herself and then we would print out some that require her to find (and color) specific letters. There were also some connect the dots and handwriting worksheets that were great for them both to help with handwriting and letter formation (this is an area my son doesn’t enjoy at all!) And of course my daughter loved being able to print out books to read by herself, sometimes to her little sister, that she could color herself.


There is also The Starfall Store where you can purchase lots of great materials to encourage your kids! They have some amazing looking books for practice with reading, writing and mathematics. To help reinforce what they are learning and also for them to learn offline. We actually had, long ago, their set of 15 Learn to Read books – these sure withstood a lot. And did my boys ever love every one of those stories. There are also music CD’s with nursery rhymes, math melodies, writer melodies (sounds interesting!) and just so much more to really encourage a love of learning in our kids no matter how small they may be. I think what I have loved most about this program is just how much fun they make everything to be. My little ones are having such a great time and they are learning as they play. Isn’t that what learning should look like?



Have I mentioned before how amazing this program is? What a great way to lay the foundation with our younger ones for their future learning! Without a doubt this is one of those things that every family with little ones should have. It is affordable, so simple to use and full of fun learning activities across the spectrum. We count our blessings in that we are able to enjoy this with our family.



The Starfall Home Membership {Starfall Education Foundation Reviews}

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