Five Minutes – Regrets?

While I was out the other day I met an older lady. She stopped me to ask where I went to church. I happily gave her the name and location of the church that are family attends and then went on my way.

Throughout the day I just have this uneasy feeling. That feeling of I could have said more. But reminder that I ought to have slowed down for just a bit to get to know this older lady.

I think back to another time when a fellow homeschool mama had inquired as to why my daughters and I are always in skirts or dresses. And why we have such crazy long hair. I wish I could say I gave an answer that show the glory of God but I think I said something about it being simpler way.

I Ponder these opportunities that have come my way and I wonder why I didn’t slow down? Perhaps all that I said was enough but what if it wasn’t?

There’s so many times when I look back and I regret how quickly I insisted on moving. I had to get somewhere or I had to finish something.

I read the other day how vital it is for us to view interruptions in our life as opportunities sent from the Lord.

I do not want to continue to regret these opportunities that God sends my way and I rushed through.

I do not want to regret words that should have been spoken or should not have been spoken. I want to be always ready with an answer when people ask why.

There was a sermon I was listening to the other day where the preacher spoke about what it will be like one day standing before the Lord. Where we stand before him and regret all those things he sent for us to do that we did not?

Let us joyfully and eagerly slow down and rest in the Lord as we go about the work that he has for us each day.

1 thought on “Five Minutes – Regrets?”

  1. I enjoyed your take on regret. Which kind of sounds weird now that I type this. I like your invitation to slow down. We may have an immediate answer that is enough, but if we slow down maybe God will bring more. Great post!

    Visiting from FMF (your neighbor to the right)

    Have a lovely weekend!

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