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Magic Stix Washable Markers {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review}

One of the things I most love to see my children doing is creating! My old,est son is very artistic. Doodling and sketching ALL the time. Sometimes when he is supposed to be doing something else (math maybe?) and his younger brother and sisters are eager to learn and create some cool things just like their big brother. For awhile now we have really enjoyed using Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc.; when the opportunity arose to give their 24 pack of Magic Stix washable markers a try we were happy to comply.

My six year old daughter literally squealed for joy when these arrived. She loves drawing and has quite a few books and stencils she likes to use to create flowers and rainbows, unicorns and fairies. Since she has been very creative lately, taking an interest more in more in drawing and doodling, this was such a timely thing for us to receive. Almost immediately my daughter got to work coloring some pictures in her princess book.

Since I have four children ranging in age from two to twelve who are all little budding artists I am always eager to find something that they can all use. with as little mess as possible (or at least with an easy to clean up mess!). When I saw that these say they won’t dry out with the cap off for seven days I was curious. We didn’t intentionally try this but we did lose a cap or two. Don’t quote me on it but I think two or three days later we found those caps and thankfully these were indeed still working.

Vibrant colors! Easy to wash off of hands and walls and puppies tables and clothing and little sisters (i don’t know how or why but some days my littlest one is quite colorful!). I love how bright the colors of these are. And especially that, even though my daughter has used nonstop both the pink and purple markers, they are still going strong. Bright as ever! I also really like how the tips aren’t super fat but kind of pointy. Great for my younger daughter when she wants to trace or stencil something with these.

These Magic Stix have really been a hot item in our house since they arrived. Usually they start to lose some of that color after a couple uses. Especially when everything is made to be that one color but not these. Much like that energizer bunny, they are still going! There were 24 in the set we received; if you don’t need that many you can also purchase a 12 pack. And they come in a very durable and handy plastic case. We always know where these are. I love that!

We absolutely love this company and the many products they offer. There are just so many amazing things available to help in learning and creating. We have used their pencil grips to help my younger children especially, with handwriting and we have used and continue to use their Magic Stix in our home for quite some time now. Especially for times when we are on the go, or spending a long time in a car visiting family or heading to a hockey game or Bible Quiz tournament out of town, these are so great to have! Creativity is such an important thing to me; not having to force my kids to choose something that isn’t on a screen is even better. And when we have these strewn about the house it is guaranteed that there will be lots of creative juice flowing!

They offer such an amazing range of products; simple as they may seem. Every one of their products is not only affordable but also so very durable.

Which is a big bonus when you have a bunch of kids like mine !

Magic Stix Washable Markers {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}






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