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Cursive Logic Review {The Art of Cursive}

There has always been something about cursive writing that relaxes me. I myself have always enjoyed writing; regardless of today’s culture where it seems to be so rare to hand write anything, I do believe there is something special about the written word. Of course my children do not necessarily feel the same way. But this is one of those things that must be taught and so it was a great joy to have the chance to review the updated CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive from CursiveLogic. Along with these amazing books we also received 6 month access to the CursiveLogic Online Seminar – Presented by Linda Shrewsbury (its about 45 minutes in length). This is full of wonderful tips to assist in the teaching while also explaining the “why” of it all. I have always thought of handwriting as truly being a form of art and with this, it really is!

Did you know that the word cursive actually means “a running hand?” the idea being, that we are to write without raising our pencil but leaning from left to right. Did you know that research shows that there are many benefits to writing in cursive? For example, it has been shows that cursive writing improves development in the brain in the areas of language, memory and thinking. It also stimulates the synapses in the brain and synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres. How about aiding in greater fine motor skills? And if you can write it, you can surely read it. How many amazing old materials are written in this hand? There really are just so many good things that come from learning to write cursive!

This is a ten week program which I chose to use with my younger son who is eight. Prior to this we had never really worked on cursive writing so this was really something we used with the intent of introducing him to this form. He has never really been a fan of handwriting and while we tried a couple programs with him, in the end I admit that. I kind of gave up for a bit. Ironically shortly after I let go, he began to come to me asking me to help him with writing some of his own stories and riddles. Sometimes I guess it really is all about timing!


When we received this book, he wasn’t certain he wanted to learn cursive (and write like a girl) but when his little sister offered to do this instead, he got very motivated! She did too so we had to get a book for her as well. My kids are excited about cursive! One of the things that is really nice about this is that it begins with four weeks of practicing lower case letters (are my kids the only ones who write in upper case all the time?). Following, are four weeks of practice on upper case letters. Ironically I never thought it really mattered what we started with; with my oldest son, we started with the letter A and went through to Z. With this method letters are taught and grouped together based upon the shapes; there are four groups and the letters in each one are letters that have a similar form. Lesson one begins oval letters; to help guide your hand as you go along just say, “Oval over, back-trace…..(state letter name).” We are reminded as we go through each to make sure that each string is properly traced so that a proper foundation for future lessons is well laid. No matter what we are doing, have to have that firm foundation!

These lessons also include learning a proper grip as well as correct posture (position of your body and placement of your hand). One of the things my younger son has always complained about with handwriting is that it hurts his hands and he gets tired quickly. With this program, we learned some great exercises to prepare him to write. There are five basic steps to each lesson: first you focus on forming the initial stroke, then you being to trace each letter, moving on to tracing connected letters and then you add the first stroke and trace the letters. The last step? Independent writing of course. In this way a more automatic form of writing is promoted and with catchy phrases, it is easy to remember the form and movements needed as we write.

As you progress through the pages of this book you will begin to trace and form not just letters but also words and then sentences and then names of places; quotes from famous documents and historical speeches! We haven’t gotten to that part of this book yet but did look over things so he would know what is to come and we even listened online to a couple audio recordings of some of the material that is to be copied. So fun! A bit of history alongside some handwriting.









And in all my prattling on and on I almost forgot to mention the most beautiful and relaxing way to reinforce cursive! The Art of Cursive! Isn’t is just beautiful?


With dragons and ballerinas, lovely flowers and the most inspiring quotes, every page is so inviting!  This was a wonderful way to encourage them to press on, in their handwriting. Since each of them had a favorite picture they hoped to complete, it was a wonderful “reward” for work done each day! All of my children were eager to complete a page or two! This is such a fun and it’s tiring way of doing handwriting. I love how it is brought out a desire within my children not just too write but also to create.


I admit, even I wanted to take a break and just relax and color. 🙂

For the month of March you can purchase the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack, with a 20% discount!

With so many great benefits to learning cursive why not start right now?

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive {Cursive Logic Reviews}

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