Five Minutes ~~ Tired

Do you ever feel like this? I know I do. Lately it seems like I feel this way a lot. Even writing this post I’m just tired.

Perhaps it’s the cold winter; maybe its the season we are in. God’s way of encouraging us to rest. A reminder that when I am weak God is strong in me. Have I been leaning too much on myself and not enough on the Lord?

I have never been one to rest.

There’s something powerful about true rest. Not what most of us think of. But rest as something other than going to bed and pulling the covers over our head. It’s not just sleep.

I’m the first to acknowledge that I don’t really know how to rest much less what real rest is. I thought I knew.

But because I refuse to continue to be tired I need to understand rest so that I can live in a state of rest. I think of those who sat at the feet of Jesus. How well rested were they. How full of joy and peace? I want that for myself and for my home.

I read how ” we are weary because we forget about Grace. We act as though God showing up is a miracle but God showing up is a given. Grace is a fact. We will must remember our true task and surrender everything. For his yoke is easy and his burden is light. While we may be insufficient Jesus is not.”

When I am tired it is such a blessing to read and remember but I I’m not what matters. Whether it’s my marriage or my home or my children and their education. God is only asking me to live obediently and Faithfully. I need only to trust in him and follow his spirit. He is always in charge. Always in control 💖💖

When I am tired I will rest in him. I will slow down and like Mary I will sit at his feet. And as I sit at his feet I will receive the bread of life and that living water that will renew and refresh me.

Perhaps in these times that I am so very tired I can truly experience that peace that passes all understanding. But it is an opportunity to lean on Him and to rest in Him.

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