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NatureGlo’s eScience Review {MathArt Online}

My oldest son really struggles with math. He is very bright, very creative too but really lacking when it comes to motivation for this topic. He and math and not very good friends. Yet there is great value, that is just perhaps not recognized fully, in mathematics. For that reason I was very interested in using the MathArt Online 4 class bundle. NatureGlo’s eScience program was something that I was certain could be the answer to many of our woe’s. It is designed for ages 12+ with the intent of helping them to see those connections in the real world. It also incorporates: math, art, history, science – all in one class. If you ask me this is a wonderful way to show our children how things are so much more than they seem. There are so many connections that can be made if we are simply willing to slow down a bit and look. Whether you use this in addition to a standard math program, as a unit study or just something fun to renew an interest in learning in your kids, these classes are sure to spark an interest in learning once again. And for kids who really need see “why” I think this is a perfect fit!

Each class is approximately six weeks in length and include various materials: study guides, interactive tools, slide shows, videos and links to outside resources to help encourage a greater understanding. The four classes we received in this bundle were:

  • Math Connections with the Real World
  • MathArt in Ancient Cultures
  • Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences
  • MathArt – Patterns in Nature

For this review we focused on Math Connections in the Real World. This course started with an introduction to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. It also included information on the history of them both. As we began this program, I was sure that I had no idea what either of these was (I had thought I knew before….). Math has never really been my thing; if it had been taught to me this way perhaps things would have been different!

As we moved through each class there were materials to download ; sometimes it was a sort of lapbook, there were activities to complete and a fun quizlet to ensure we were paying attention (match definitions – how fast can you complete this?) . Can I just saw how amazed I was with all the stuff packed into each lesson? So many examples given, to really help our kids to see these things, in their own life. The keys on a piano, the number of keys, are Fibonacci numbers. Even composers, throughout history, have used the golden ratio, in their music! We were thrilled to learn about the number of petals in a flower consistently following the Fibonacci sequence. My super musically inclined son really enjoyed finding out about the connections between the golden ratio and music. There are 13 notes in the span of any note through its octave; a scale is composed of 8 notes, the 5th and 3rd notes are the ones that create the basic foundation of all chords, and are based on a tone that combines 2 steps and 1 step from the root tone or the 1st note of the scale. There is even the opportunity to make some Fibonacci cookies! Colorful and tasty too.

With all the resources out there learning can really be an adventure. At the same time, it can be hard to find the right stuff. Thankfully these classes have done that for you! Everything is laid out so Perfectly! No need to put anything together or look for those materials; they are right here. She even lays it all out for you in a handy course checklist. Perfect for my son because he is so easily distracted. Takes some pressure off of me. There is no doubt what needs to be done. Everyone is encouraged to complete at least one small project per week and then share it on whatever platform you prefer. What a fun way to see others’ perspective on what is being taught.

Each class has about six lessons with a variety of activities to enhance learning. There are quite a few videos included with every lesson (great for my oldest son!). I have to say they were all excellent – I think I watched many of them along with my son. These were all very engaging; I think there were a few we watched that led us on our own little adventure, somewhat separate from the course, as we delivered a little bit more into numbers, patterns, nature. I was amazed at the material that is available online. With all the resources available to us, this is easily a topic that we could get lost in for quite some time. I was amazed I planned on this being something my oldest did independently but honestly so much of what was taught was new to me. And I really do love to learn!

There is so much amazing stuff to learn in these programs! I know this is slowly changing how my oldest son sees mathematics. He is such a lover of art (always drawing and doodling – more of those than problems completed on his worksheets haha) and because of this program, he is suddenly eager to complete the other classes that are a part of this bundle. He is sketching and drawing; he is seeing connections between the music he studies and plays and ins in turn gaining a greater appreciation for math.

While I am not really one for using online materials in our learning, this is one of those that I definitely would make an exception for. Especially for kids who are really struggling to connect those dots. These classes are fun, they are very eye opening and encouraging in so many ways. It is so much more than math, or science – it is a course of relations and understanding. It really helps i t all make sense; bringing these more topics which are challenging, boring perhaps to some , to life. Because of all the resources provided in these classes this can easily become quite an adventure for a curious child interested in understanding “why.” If you are looking for something different, that is fun and will bring that love of learning to life in your home school, you need not search any more. This is it! Guaranteed. 🙂

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  1. As the course writer for MathArt, I deeply appreciate hearing this feedback! I’m just thrilled reading about your son’s eyes opening to the mathematical connections around him, including in his music playing! Wow! What a transformation. May I have your permission to use your last two paragraphs on my site? If it’s easier, you can contact me via my website chat here at or email me at
    Thank you again for this wonderful review! It’s made my week!

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