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Five Minutes

This weekend I have spent my time in Phoenix Arizona.

Working as an area area manager for World Heritage Student Exchange has been quite a blessing. Even in the short time that I have been a part of this wonderful group of people.

I admit that I was quite unsure about coming to Arizona when I was first indicted. Having never been away from my little ones for this long there was a lot of anxiety within me. But my husband insisted that the time away would do me good.

Through the years we have hosted a number of foreign exchange students. We have had some amazing experiences and we have had some very disappointing ones but through it all we have learned so very much.

I think one of the greatest blessings in being here has been hearing a few of the scholarship students speak about what this year has meant for them. Hearing the joy and seeing the appreciation they have for this opportunity truly warms the heart. And hearing these youth were so young yet have such big plans it is inspiring.

I am reminded as I listened to the students speak about the value of our actions. It is so easy for all of us how to say one thing and then do that which is easier. But you here these students speak who are so far from home and yet are so involved and determined to make a difference in their community here and back home…. It reminds me of the importance of moving my feet.

I consider all that we could do if we stop talking about it long enough to get started. I think about how so often in the Bible when Jesus said something there was an immediate action. When he said follow me, people followed without hesitation.

The Bible says that we will do greater works but we cannot do those works if we do not move our feet.

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