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Carole P. Roman Review

If you are a home educator books are probably a really big deal to you! They are an adventure, an opportunity to experience something you may never have the chance; they bring to life things from long ago and they help us and our children to understand some of things things that are difficult to teach. Virtue, good character, kindness and honesty – these are things that books can be great at helping to share and show our children. But isn’t’ it sometimes such a challenge to find and build a collection of truly “classic” ones? If you have found and experienced any of the many books and collections written by Carole P. Roman, you have experienced some great adventures and truly appreciated the lessons and values within many of her books. We are always excited when we have the chance to review her books, time after time. These are always so much fun!


We were first introduced to this amazing books via the series,  If You Were Me and Lived in….These are recommended from ages 4-9 and are a great way to bring far away places home. These were really fun for us because about the time we received our first book in the mail, If You Were Me and Lived in ……China, we also welcomed an exchange student into our home who was from China. So he was able to read along with us and confirm that what was written was true too! I have always loved learning about other parts of the world; one of my favorite experiences as a child was going to the folk fair every year where we could see the custom dress, try various foods and listen to music (sometimes learning their dances and languages just a bit as well!)  My boys though are not such a fan of geography so these were a wonderful way to get them interested. And believe me, these are so full of information for whatever country you are learning about: from  their currency to favorite sports and activities, the foods they eat, their customs and traditions. You definitely know so much more than you did before when you read these!


For even more fun (and this is one of the books we received for review this time around!) check out this series! If You Were Me and Lived in …. Viking Europe. 

My kids loved learning all about what they ate (we still need to have our “viking meal”) as well as how they lived and dressed. Can I just say the illustrations in these books really help t o bring things to life even more? My oldest son is very artistic and so he loves art and often sketches what he sees, in my opinion quite a bit of talent. He was really impressed with every page!  These are definitely meant for older children but are a wonderful addition  to any home library; we used these frequently for read alouds and every one of my children would find something that they enjoyed  within the pages of this book. My younger daughter liked all the pretty girls on the pages! My boys on the other hand got a kick out of some of the names from back then, Ulf and Knut. Can you imagine how they giggled over these? I think there was a fight about what name would belong to which one. And my younger son was just fascinated by the boats they sailed (and built by hand). He is a builder and so he is always eager to learn about ways to make things and tools to use to do so. Suffice to say. this was more than just a book; this became an adventure as we explored even beyond the pages! There is still so much we are learning about from the music of the time, to games that were played.  Who doesn’t love those rabbit trails?



We also received Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience  which is volume 2 in the Captain No Beard series. With my kids patience is a really big thing right now. In fact we have taken a break from academics recently to work on some of these traits that are so very important! This is meant for ages 5-8 but as with so many of her books, this is easily a read that even older kids will enjoy. The illustrations are (as always) just fabulous! Bright colors, lively and vibrant! How can anyone not love these characters? There is always so much life in these books. When we have children who are not as helpful and kind as they could be, this book is full of lessons for them in how to show some of those fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness. 🙂  As we read we learned not just about those challenges that come everyone’s way but also how to be as much as possible a keeper of the peace.

We really loved this one and are excited to read the others!



And then we also received Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump which is also book 2 of her early reader chapter books (it was a bit much for my daughter but she still loved the story reading with momma). With two kiddos who are scared of the dark, of going into any one room in our house alone – this was a great book to share to help them see that there is nothing to fear. And my daughter just love Susannah. What a great way to encourage my new little reader to read. When our little ones are full of fear and anxiety it  is such a wonderful thing to be able to share a fun story with them that can encourage them and cast out that fear! Those things that go bump are never really what they seem to be. 🙂




For a few years now Carole Roman has been a favorite in our home. We continue to enjoy so many of her books; whether we are studying history or geography (my oldest is a language kid so he loves learning bits of the language from wherever we may be). Without a doubt her books are inspiring, encouraging curiosity in our children and helping them to see so much more of our world. These are fun  books for all ages and are guaranteed to spark lots of curiosity in all!



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