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Creation Illustrated Unit Studies {Review}

I grew up reading National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines. I loved all the of science and history that was found with those pages. And I loved the vibrant images that were on every page. It was always a treat for me to get a new edition to read. But as I came to know and love the Lord, I admit I lost some of my joy in perusing the pages of these magazines. There was something missing. Jesus. So can you imagine how excited I was to learn that there was another option? Something that glorifies God using a creationist view. These unit studies and magazines from Creation Illustrated are a wonderful adventure! And we were so very blessed to receive two of their unit studies for review.

While I have seen the name, I admit I have never really taken the time to explore it. But when this review came up, I was quite excited to have the opportunity to learn more about a company whose mission is to ““…share the wonders of God’s creation…revealing fresh insights of His infinite wisdom, gentle touch, undeniable justice, redeeming love, flawless design, pure truth brings renewed peace…” They do this by creating magazines and unit studies that really bring it all to life. Helping us to see God’s goodness all about us. We received two of their materials: one was Snow Unit Study as well as the unit study, Pine Trees. As an extra blessing we were also given access to the Winter ’18 Digital Edition and the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

Creation Illustrated really is “The Christian answer to National Geographic.” Having long been a fan of the one, I can truly attest to that! In the 25th year of publication they are truly dedicated to faithfully instructing in a way that points us back to Christ. Great for all ages they incorporate nature and life itself, with the scriptures. There are vocabulary words to learn, word studies, recipes to enjoy, character lessons, poetry contests for kids! They even have an Affiliate program you can join. These are all taught with a Biblical worldview; isn’t it wonderful when are able to easily incorporate scripture and help our kids to see how Jesus really IS at the center of it all. For anyone, and everyone, at any age, this is a wonderful material to use to learn a bit more about life, nature and the Word of God.

How we love snow! And how we wished we had more of it than we actually did. Usually Wisconsin is covered in deep, cold, heavy snow but this year? Not so much. We had couple good days but alas, it was gone too quickly! Intricacies of Snow included lots of great material like a snowflake guide. And there was a link to the story of Snowflake Bentley! We always love that story (it inspired my kids to take tons of photos of snow one year in the hopes we would have some amazing images of snowflakes too!) My oldest son especially love the 3D snowflake project at the very end of the unit study! I, on the other hand, loved the Bible study that was included in this one. Did you know “snow” is mentioned in the Bible 24 times? And who wouldn’t have fun with the science of snow!

This unit study corresponds with the Winter 2018 volume of Creation Illustrated. And I have to say (ass I write this, I see snow outside!) I think I know what we are going to do today after all. 🙂 Okay so we don’t really have enough to build our own little igloo or cave but maybe we can measure it, melt it and see how much water we can get from a cup or two of snow. I definitely am curious about how many cups of snow it will take to make a gallon of water. And snow cream. My kids love making snow cream. Lots to do with this snow!

We focused on the Pine Trees unit study for this review (because we need snow to really study snow) and if we didn’t learn some amazing things about these! Do you know which tree is actually named Methuselah? I sure didn’t! Some interesting facts about these trees and the word “pine” even. For my oldest son (currently learning Japanese) it was interesting to learn of the pine tree’s place in their history and culture. Since my younger son is all about the outdoors he really appreciated learning how to differentiate between different types of pine trees. And he loved learning how to calculate the height of our very own pine trees; since he has plans to build a new “shed” out back this summer he also gained a great deal from other mathematical questions posed in the pine tree math section. My oldest son on the other hand is my dreamer; very creative and introspective. He enjoys things like Fibonacci patterns and spirals in nature. He loves to cook and bake so making a perfect pesto is his idea of a great math lesson! This unit study can be used with the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

These are the most amazing unit studies ever! While they are recommended for grades 5 through 8 I have to say, my younger son (who is 8) really enjoyed these right along with us. These were both only 16/17 pages long (that includes the answer key) and were full of amazing resources to help us to learn. Lots of links to other videos, articles and projects to aid in art and geography studies. There are quite a few other unit studies available too: on fragrance, Joshua tree, manatees, dragonflies and more! For only $6.95 these are a great way to break up the monotony (anyone else feeling a bit “blah” this time of year?) Something like this can be a really fun way to come together and learn together. We are actually really looking forward to using some of the other unit studies available too!

Take a peek at the upcoming Creation Illustrated Spring 2018 edition.

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