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It’s Not Over

This morning I learned that my father-in-law passed away.

He had been in the hospital for quite some time. Some days are better than others but most days there was not much hope.

My husband spent the last few days with his father in the hospital. He was certain that God would do something miraculous. So many bound together to pray for a miracle.

Jesus healed blindness and leprosy. He even raised people from the dead. But my father-in-law passed away anyway.

I am reminded how God’s ways and God’s thoughts are not like our own. They are higher than ours. They have an eternal focus. It’s not about what happens right now but about how it affects His eternal Kingdom.

While we certainly do weep and mourn for the loss of a loved one we also have to remember that our hope is not meant to be in this world.

We pray for healing and sometimes that healing requires us to be taken out of this world.

And sometimes these things just must be. Perhaps this opens the eyes of someone in need. It may be the through this others find salvation and hope.

I think of the lyrics to a favorite song of my daughters which says, ” Even when I can’t see you you are working, even when I can feel you you’re working… You are the light in my darkness… Way maker that is who you are…”

We do not know why. We do not need to understand. God heals the brokenhearted and He binds up our wounds. He always has a plan and a purpose.

Even though we cannot see He is a promise keeper and He is still working.

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