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Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology {Apologia Review}

Do you know what the smallest bone in your body is? Is your sense of smell or sense of taste more sensitive? Which part of our body has the most bones? There is so much to learn about the human body and there is no better way to do so, than using Jeannie Fulbright and pediatrician Brooke Ryan, M.D., Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology; part of the Young Explorers Series from Apologia. This doesn’t just teach about the human body; it provides a Biblical worldview of anatomy and physiology. For this review we received: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Text, Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal (grades K-3), Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal (grades 4-6) and Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD. Can you blessed? 🙂

There are only fourteen lessons in this course, so it can easily be completed in about 28 weeks. It is recommended that two lessons are completed in a week; making this a full year course. Seems reasonable enough right? More than possible even for us who get distracted and can easily spend a couple days just following those rabbit trails. Or watching my kids find and develop their own experiments (it’s not about getting more candy mom, we promise! haha).

They provide a detailed list of items you will need to complete each lesson (and its all good stuff, found in most of our kitchens; there were only a couple things we had to make an effort to get). Nothing brings more joy to my kids than seeing that in the name of science we need to have skittles, jellybeans, cake sprinkles, twizzlers and chocolate. Yum Yum!  And there is even a suggested schedule for  you, if you want to follow along, showing you exactly what to do for each week.

We need to be very hands on when it comes to our learning. Both of my boys are very active and while they are quite curious, they also get bored very easily. Apologia is the answer! My oldest son does not like to read (this is something that causes us both plenty of frustration since this momma is a huge bookworm!) so it is quite the blessing for him to be able to listen to the required readings on the audio CD. My younger son on the other hand loves to read and be read to. So he really enjoys sitting down and reading through the book together. In addition to the readings, there are lots of great activities throughout the pages of this book!

There are also opportunities to stop within each lesson to “narrate” what is being learned. For my oldest son especially this is a very important part of whatever we are studying since he tends to have a hard time staying focused; this is a great way to make sure he understands the material and also to talk through anything that is confusing to him.

The journals are consumable; you need one for each individual student. For some time now I have wanted to get my older two in notebooking. I love the idea of them having a journal, of sorts, as they learn; a place to keep some of those fascinating facts. To sketch something, or jot down things to explore further. My younger son especially enjoyed having a journal to use for this course. It certainly makes learning a lot more personal! And these books are definitely a great addition to the course. This was one o f my favorite parts; more to explore! I tell you we are all about rabbit trails! And all the book and video suggestions? We have lots to do for sure!

From scripture copywork to minibooks and coloring pages, crossword puzzles and lots more to explore, this is a great way for our kids to go beyond simply learning about anatomy and physiology and really get to know it on a deeper level. Can you label this guy? I know I couldn’t do without a lot of help! But this is just one more way that learning is so much fun! And we all know that the more fun it is the easier our kids learn and the more they really gain from the lessons.

I love to read so we have not used the audio CD much but there have been times that I have had my oldest son give a listen since he is an extremely reluctant reader. He really likes it too! He appreciates being able to doodle, sketch, take notes as he listens to Jeannie Fulbright herself, reading the text. This is a wonderful alternative for those days that I just cannot be fully present and involved.

I love how scripture is woven within each lesson reminding our children that God formed every one of us; we all are fearfully and wonderfully made! The lessons help us to see and understand how to rules God gave to the Israelites, it was for their good. I think of how we are told again and again in the Bible that His ways are not ours; His thoughts are so much higher. It really is true and the more you learn about how we are knit together, the more it shows there is no doubt that there really is a great, amazing God. And He loves us and cares so much for us that every detail is exact and precise.

There are so many things that the study of science can show us.There is so much of the Word that is confirmed by science; I love how it is all brought to life when we just spend time getting to know some of those scientists from long ago like Galen, Robert Hooke and even the philosopher Hippocrates. Every one of these men can help us to see how science has developed through the years. Get to know what they believed and why. Ponder some of the treatments from long ago, like applying leeches to the body to remove blood if you had too much. Yuck! It certainly is amazing to see in some ways, how far we have come, and in others, to see so clearly how the simplest of rules can have such great depth.


This is such an amazing and thorough course for our kids! You aren’t just getting an overview of the skeletal system or the nervous system. But with lots of appealing visuals we are able to see it for ourselves. While RNA and DNA can certainly be complicated and some even say its boring, it is really quite exciting when you learn it this way. There are even instructions for you to make your own edible cell! Try your hand at making a mummy with apples! And my younger son was somewhat relieved (and somewhat concerned) to learn a bit more about the difference between an egg for breakfast and an egg with a baby chick inside. Of course now he is also very cautious when it comes to using eggs just in case we happen to have one with a baby chick inside! 🙂



We absolutely cannot say enough good things about Apologia! There are lots of programs out there and it can be hard to find one that is just right for your kids (with four children who are all as different as night and day I know!) and yet Apologia seems to provide something for every one of them. Every part of this has been tons of fun! From recipes to enjoy to creating our own little man out of clay and toothpicks and analyzing bones (chicken bones). I have yet to find a better way to learn and explore science than this! It all comes to life and comes together too, when we see how God is at the center of all of it. What better way to learn about creation, and build your faith at the same time, than with a program that simply desires to show and share the glory of God!


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