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Help Teaching Pro. {Review}

We aren’t much for worksheets around here lately. We have really been trying to get that fire lit within our kids as of late; giving them a desire to learn and know and grow (particularly my oldest son). So often I find worksheets to be boring; you don’t see how things relate. They are just one more thing to fight with my son to get done each day. But I was intrigued, and thus more than happy, to have the chance to use Pro Subscription from This is an online program that has a variety of ways to help us mommas really help our children learn and grow. We received a one-year subscription to Help Teaching Pro. I was even able to use this with all of my children so it was unlimited in users. 🙂

There is an amazing amount of material on this website! There are thousands of worksheets to print; games and puzzles, a test generator to create your very own materials. You can store them online; save them for later, you can download and print. Whatever works for you! And it is all so well organized so it isn’t like you have to search for hours to find something. If you need a worksheet for science or a test for geography, you can find it quick as a wink! You can search by grade, you can search by subject. There are also lessons you can assign on all kinds of stuff like telling time, the French Revolution, Constellations, Anne Frank and so much more! I guess the only problem we had here was trying to figure out where to begin!

I have to be honest; we didn’t do much with the test and worksheet generator. We used this a couple times to create a word search puzzle and I did one for my oldest son because, math is a really tough area for him. I know how important math is though too so being able to “test” him in certain areas definitely helps with planning what direction we need to go in so we can ensure that he is growing as he should in this area. The generator really is a neat tool; perhaps in the future we would use something like this more but for now we have been busy enough with all the amazing lessons and worksheets this site has for us!

My older daughter had a lot of fun with the worksheets on here; still pretty new to reading and writing she just loves to be able to practice both! The writing prompts that they have made practicing lots of fun for everyone! For my younger daughter there were prompts for her to write on about candy, ice cream, pets and music. All things my daughter just loves! For my younger son chose to write about jobs, cooking, heroes, jokes and sports. My oldest son (my very reluctant reader and writer) we started with a worksheet on happiness. And then we also used some of their opinion/persuasive/argumentative writing prompts such as: healthy eating, is it better to give or to receive, having a monkey as a pet, city or country. There are lots of fun prompts and I love seeing my kids get creative!

Our favorite part of all of this though was definitely the online lessons. There are so many amazing topics to choose from! And they have lots for every grade too. We really focused on the geography, history and science because those are some of our favorite things right now. My younger son loved going through all their lessons on fossils and because he is very interested in woodworking and building we were thrilled to find lots of worksheets on carpentry for him to explore. From basic skills, to framing and layout these are really helping him out as he plans for the shed and the table he wants to build with his dad this summer! If only there were more lessons for this to go along with the worksheets (I did have to remind him these are probably for kids much older; he is a very motivated eight!).

Really love this vocational section! From business management, culinary arts, financial literacy – both of my boys are very entrepreneurial and so there are so many amazing things that they can learn from this! There are even some worksheets for computer coding (html, digital literacy, adobe). My daughter (who is six) is loving learning bits and pieces, as she is able, from their cosmetology worksheets too. She is all about hair and fashion right now. I guess its a good thing to be able to use it as a tool for learning.

What more could we ask for? If they don’t have what you need, generate your own worksheet or test for it! But there really is so much here, I cannot imagine anyone not finding just what they are looking for.

Like I said, we aren’t big on tests and worksheets but we definitely do appreciate all that there is to offer here. And we are finding that even though “paper” isn’t always our cup of tea, there is plenty of “paper” on here that we can enjoy. I have to say too, something like this is really nice to have for those seasons when you are on the go. All the time. It is nice to be able to print and go. Each of my children has their own folder for worksheets to do while we are spending hours at the rink for hockey; travelling to quiz tournaments (not that it always works out as well as it sounds). We will definitely be continuing to use this, especially for the lessons!

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