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Family Math Online {A+ Interactive Math Review}

My younger son is a little math whiz! He is so quick to understand math concepts. His older brother on the other hand has always struggled when it comes to math. So we are always looking for something we can use that will meet the needs of both boys. Enter in, A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.with their Family Math Package. From first grade, all the way to algebra, this program is lacking in nothing when it comes to math! And these work on both Windows and Mac (nice since we have both). I love that I can use this with both my older son (sixth grade) and my younger one too (second grade and counting). Being able to focus especially on those things which are a real challenge (fraction, decimals, long division…). Can I get an amen?

Family Math

Each grade level is a very comprehensive program which includes video lessons, worksheets for practice, interactive review and tests. The combination of tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets is a wonderful way to explore math each day. From the moment we logged in, I was impressed with the amount of materials that are provided on this site. And since math is something that really intimidates this momma, I always appreciate programs like this that offer lots of opportunities both to learn and to grow skills. And I always appreciate printables because, as on the go as we are as of late, being able to take things with us, can be a huge blessing. With this program I was easily able to grab things for my boys to work on while we are out and about.


Especially for my boys both have unique areas of need when it comes to mathematics. It’s especially nice how we can work on a variety of topics – my younger son was very eager to strengthen his skills in the areas of measurements and telling time. We were able to take the exam for certain areas that we were not sure of – making sure he had mastery of each topic without going through all of the lessons. My son appreciated that a lot because there are many things that he is able to do quite well. Some things I was quite surprised to find he was skilled in (its amazing what having a big brother can do!).  It is amazing how much is involved in each grade level they offer. This can definitely be something you use as a complete math curriculum.



With my oldest son, he really needs paper and pencil when it comes to math. So it was great that we had the ability to print out everything that he was working. Because he gets distracted so easily when it comes to being online we have really tried to unplug him as much as possible. I think it is also important for him to be able to see and understand the process, by doing it for himself. Of course he is also very much a visual learner so at those times when he needed to actually see something. the video lessons did a great job of simplifying things while at the same time not being so distracting and busy. Some of these videos – its hard to stay focused on the math! But these are engaging; very well d0ne. My oldest son can enjoy the videos without complaining that they are “for babies” and without struggling to understand those more difficult concepts.





The one thing I will say we struggled with a bit was remembering to check things off in just the right fashion so that the work done did count as being completed. There were a number of times that my son completed exams and quizzes but did not save them. So this was a bit of an issue for us but since we used a lot of the printable worksheets and quizzes we were able to keep track of where we were. And on some occasions it was just good practice to do it again. I know my younger son just enjoys doing numbers and my oldest son just needs as much practice as he can get on some of those trickier things.  I like to think of all the work we do (whether it really counts or not lol) as building a firm foundation for all that is yet to come. 🙂


It was lots of fun for my younger son to have the chance to work on everything from addition to some basic multiplication. He loves telling time and so the lessons and worksheets for that were something he really enjoyed doing too! As our little builder (he hopes to build a  shed out back this summer and a chicken coop for any chickens we may one day have) he knows the value of measurement too. There is just so much in this that has kept him busy and engaged. He has even had the opportunity to see how it all connects to our day to day activities which is great because it matters right? We want our kids to see how this is something that they need and will use beyond right now.


All in all we have really been pleased with this program. I definitely have to say that the way this is setup they have something that can reach any style of learner. Their videos are simple and to the point while also being entertaining and engaging. This is truly a program but can reach any learner at any stage. With this program math is definitely a lot less painful for everyone. Another great program they offer is the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online.  Some of my fellow crew members reviewed this one and you can read all about their experience with it!

Family & Adaptive Math Online {A+ Interactive Math Reviews}

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