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I have always had a great love for books. I think it’s the first thing people notice when they come to our house. We have lots of books.

I have fond memories of a house that was full of shelves that were full of adventures when I was a child. And of course I seek to emulate that in my own home and with my own children.

Can you imagine my surprise and sorrow when I found it my children were not as excited about reading as I always have been?

I learned about this amazing program called the Read Aloud Revival a year or two ago and was very curious about the concept. Since then I have enjoyed numerous benefits of being a member.

I honestly don’t remember my mom reading out loud to me much as I got older. Once I was able to read independently I think I did all the reading for her.

Needless to say loud to my 12 year old son seemed a bit strange but I am always looking for something that might encourage them and grow a love of learning.

We strive to read on a daily basis in our house. Whether it’s a couple poems or some verses in our Bible we strive to daily make time for inspiration.

I do believe there is such power in the pages of a good book. The places you can go and the people you can meet… Sometimes we will never get to have the experience outside of that book. When we have good quality literature the learning that happens can be truly amazing!

Now there are days it just doesn’t work out so well. Perhaps my two youngest girls are just out of sorts. Or crabby!

There are times when we need to pull out some toys or Play-Doh. Legos and dominoes are lots of fun too. Maybe a coloring book and some crayons. My oldest son sometimes will draw some truly amazing pictures all while I read a chapter or two.

And when the Wisconsin weather is beautiful? Why not pack a lunch and head to the park. We can do some reading and as those breaks are needed they can run and slide. Maybe even fly a kite.

It’s important. Books and most of all that time together. The things that you learn and the ideas that begin to grow. We can think things that we never thought we would think. All because of one book.

Reading aloud is such a blessing to our whole family. Especially in those Seasons where everything seems a bit off and it’s all such a struggle. This can be a beautiful way to enjoy a time of rest.

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