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Planet 316 Story Bible and Bible App {Review}

There is nothing that is more important for our children to know, than the words that are written within the pages of the Bible. God’s truth is so important and powerful. Living and active. So why shouldn’t our kids experience it in this way? Planet 316 and Worthy Kids/Ideals have done just that with the new Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App.

The illustrations within this book are just so cute! My daughter (who just turned three) loves this and has claimed this as “her” very own Bible. 🙂

Very much like a cartoon – the images on every page are colorful and friendly! My littlest one says they all look like little “babies”. She loves babies!

And that means that every page is one that all of my kids can enjoy reading and exploring!

How fun is it to talk about all the animals; the clothing that they wear. Life is breathed into every story within the pages of this book.

One of the things that has always bugged my younger son is that the children’s Bible’s don’t always have all of the stories in them. His last one left out Cain and Abel and was he ever upset about that! In another he was dismayed to find that the story of Samson left out some things; shorter stories aren’t always better! Thankfully this one includes this story 🙂

This Bible is truly amazing. It is sturdy, with pages that are thick (so they don’t tear easily – not that we tried!). And there are just so many great stories for our children to enjoy!

As if the illustrations and quality of this Bible were not enough, this augmented reality was so cool! My younger two loved how this made images come to life (although my youngest was a bit nervous when it looked the the elephant might get her).

How fun is it to be able to hear the elephants trumpet? Or see the storm raging as they are on the sea. As we read and played with the app, I was reminded of a video I saw the other day where the narrator spoke ab o out the value of every one of us seeing for ourselves the life that is within the Word of God.


l you have to do is scan the page and images pop up (3D style) and there are even some sounds and phrases you can hear. Some of the phrases spoken are pretty powerful too! Just tap away and see how the burning bush burns or hear Jonah praying to God.

What a truly fun way to explore the Word of God together. For struggling, or early readers, this is a great Bible for encouraging them to read independently. My younger son (8) certainly has enjoyed being able to read the stories for himself without struggling to understand some of those bigger words. And yet he doesn’t feel like the stories are too simple either. He is our little man and does not appreciate being treated as a little boy when it comes to things like this. Even my older daughter who just started reading independently (6) can appreciate the simple words used to tell these amazing and great stories! This is definitely one of those Bible’s that we will enjoy having around for a long time. Even my oldest (12) gets a kick out of using the app to see the stories come alive!

Isn’t it a blessing to find things that are so bright and so inviting our children just cannot get enough of them?

I always tell my children that the Bible isn’t just any old book. It is alive, it is active and powerful. What a great way for our kids, especially our little ones, to experience this for themselves as they learn and grow through these stories of faith.

And it is certainly is nice to find a company like Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals that believes, and strives, to create materials that are great for the whole family and full of faith!


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