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Praying For IT

In this season I’m learning a great deal.

Not just about myself but also about my relationship with my Lord.

I am seeing some gaps in my faith.

It was confirmed to me this weekend at my father-in-law’s funeral. It was so eloquently put how my father-in-law was a man who sought after peace and who always was speaking to add to his faith.

Are we still growing? Are we still aware?

I have always loved to learn. I have always firmly believed that the goal is to be better tomorrow then I was today.

It it sometimes it’s easy to fall into a state of ambivalence.

Obedience and kindness. Patience and humility.

As of late I have felt like I do not have the fruit that I ought to have.

There is something missing.

I think that I often pray fervently.

More than anything I pray in the spirit…..

I absolutely believe and make a point a fasting and prayer.

I study the Scriptures daily.

I’m always searching for a greater understanding.

Is there anything better to have a deeper walk with the Lord?

I think of how important it is for us to add to our faith. And daily. As we move into a new season I see the value of praying even more fervently. Of desiring more love… Especially for those who are lost.

Let us pray together that the Lord would create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. That he would give me such a love for the lost that like so many of those great men and women within the pages of our Bible we would stand in the gap for them. We would boldly petition the Lord that they might be saved.

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