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Live Class in Computer Programmings {CodeWizardsHQ Review}



My oldest son is 12 and has been curious about computer programming for awhile now. We have used some free programs and done a couple classes online, but where do you really begin? There are so many “languages” out there – how do you decide? And what if we choose one that doesn’t really matter? More importantly, when those struggles come, how do you get the direction and help you need from a CD or DVD? As technology changes so rapidly there is much to consider but at the same time this is such a valuable skill to learn. So when we learned about CodeWizardsHQ we were SO excited.  Coding classes for kids. This is a unique, project-based method of learning languages; meant for middle and high school students. Teaching them and engaging them.






While unfortunately we were not able to test out one of these classes ourselves, we did want to share what we know because, again,  this is involved. something that is so good for our kids to be skilled in! With a very user friendly platform, student attend a live, online 12 week class, that is designed to help them develop both ability and confidence in coding. With a live instructor, students are taught coding, all of it, not a little here or there, but a full blown program that teaches them all they need to know. This is meant to be a relaxed and fun environment, where the class comes together to learn and create. They have classes just for homeschoolers too; check that out here! Instead of asking, what will they learn, perhaps the better question is, what won’t they learn?



Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ}

This is definitely much more than a simple coding course; this is something that helps us to see how coding can apply in our life and to our future as well. Did I mention classes are only one hour long? If you have a child like I do (who gets distracted easily; bored and restless) you might be a bit concerned but this is all hands on. There is very little time where your student will have the opportunity to daydream of become restless because again, this is all about involving them in the learning. So they are creating as they go along. There is certainly much for them to do. At the end of each program your student receives a certificate of completion!

Begin with a 12 week Introduction to Programming class or perhaps an introduction to HTML/CSS or Javascript.  As you complete these introductory courses you can work through much more involved ones such as front/back end development; app development, algorithms.  And if your student has experience with coding? They offer a placement test for anyone interested.  They even offer a internship program with a partner not for profit organization.  Personally, I have always been involved in one way or another with not for profits so any company that seeks to support them, even in this capacity, I tend to have a greater heart towards supporting. 🙂




In these classes students learn to actually write code. They don’t learn about it, but they do it. Through various projects this is all hands on learning. What could be better? I know my oldest son has to be doing something. I can learn from simply reading a book but he needs to get active and get involved. This is a great way to encourage our kids to do just that. Photo editing – that’s something my son can learn to enjoy!



This is making learn fun and exciting! This is the building blocks that are needed so that as our kids get older they can continue to grow and excel. With this sort of experience, imagine what they can do !

Because they believe that these skills matter and that all students should be able to follow their interests they even offer programs for those who may need some additional support.



There is so much we can learn; so many amazing things that can be done with the use of coding. It’s simply unbelievable.

I am admit – I am not a fan of screens – my kids do not get nearly as much time on them as they would like but when they can learn and explore and create like this, that is impressive. That means something.

My son lately has been focusing a lot on the saying, “Be better today than you were yesterday.”

Certainly we can consider that when it comes to our learning and abilities. A program like this helps make that possible.





I know this is something my oldest son would be truly excited to be a part of and for that reason I wanted to share this with you! We home educators do need to stick together and share the good things we find. How often do our kids get to learn like this? Building websites, creating comic strips with an on line editor.  With classes in the evenings and the afternoons, it is always [possible to fit this in, no matter what your schedule looks like. And with summer coming quickly, perhaps you would like to consider their summer accelerated program?  I know we are totally looking into this one!







Facebook group for parents who are interested in coding for their children



Watch on YouTube:


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