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Know Your Worth

I have recently begun delving into a bit of Biblical Hebrew. I have wanted for some time now to study more deeply like this.

I decided to begin when I did because honestly so many things seemed to be coming apart… In the midst of all the chaos I could hear God calling me to come and sit at his feet.

And so I have taken a break from the harder work. I have slowed down and spent a lot more time listening.

Are we not told to be quick to hear and slow to speak and slow to wrath?

I don’t know about you but I can certainly use some practice in these areas. 😋

I’ve spent some of my days questioning the how and the why of our home education. Mostly as it relates to my oldest son who becomes more and more resentful and rebellious with each passing day.

I think of little boy he was who sang with such gusto and played I got such a heart for God and I know he is somewhere in side of this bigger boy who’s struggling and making some awful decisions.

I tried to give him space and I try to trust that God is working within. I cannot see it but there is a great struggle going on inside of this young man. This time in his life when he is questioning things and needing to see you for himself… Although I wish he could live this life for God simply because he always has I know that there has to be more. I know that he needs his own experience. Perhaps his own moment of wrestling with God.

In times like this when things seem to be falling apart (my husband is just now really feeling the effects of his father passing away; compounded that with his oldest son making some very unwise an ungodly decisions) it is so important for us to step back and see things from God’s perspective.

It is so important for us to know our worth. This is the times when we must stand on the Promises what God has for us. We cannot be shaken. We rest remembering that we already have the victory.

I read the other day, “though we are as insignificant as dust, we reflect the glory of God himself. Sadly too often we struggle with knowing our true worth. We foolishly use competition and tried and comparison to try to build ourselves up but all to no avail.

Herschel wrote, “seeing each human being there is God’s image ought to lead us to the love of our neighbors and even of our enemies.”

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