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Kayla Jarmon Books {Review}

There are some things that can be hard to talk about; like the death of a loved one. My children recently lost their grandfather and while this wasn’t their first experience losing a loved one, they are older now, and that brings about more questions. Different issues than before. Then there are lighter topics, fun to explore nonetheless, like how there is this bond that just somehow exists between a boy and their dog. Or what about the connection between that baby in the womb, who was fearfully and wonderfully made by our great God? These are topics I certainly would not know how to speak to, nor honestly, considered, until I had the chance to read and review some amazing new books from Kayla Jarmon.  My family was given three books to read and enjoy together: A Boy and His DogDon’t Forget Me , and Dying Is Part of This World.




Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog by Kayla Jarmon  Kayla Jarmon is a mother; she is also a fellow home educator. With a gift for storytelling, she began by simply blogging (as so many of us do!) and also a director and screenwriter. Needless to say her amazing abilities have birthed many books that are sure to be a great help to us as our children grow and experience this great gift of life. It is good to  have a gifting of this sort and minister to others in need, in any way that we can. Storytelling certainly, for me, has always been a wonderful way to reach others and find comfort and wisdom in times of need. These books are like that. Like a friend.  🙂





What is better than a boy and his dog? We loved reading this book. We have two dogs ourselves. With the most darling of illustrations and a simple story that is fun and easy to read. I have to say. my daughter who is six, kind of squawked about the fact that it was a “boy” and not a “girl”. She has her very own little doggie and they certainly do share a special bond. She dresses her furry girl up and gives her pony tails. It is quite the sight to see. Our little shitzu all in pink and lace and fluff. ha-ha  So of course we had to read some of the story as a “girl and her dog” here and there too.
My son loved so much of what the book showed them doing. We do wish we lived further out in the country were our son could explore and splash and build and climb like in the pages of this story. At least we can vicariously do those things through books, for now. He does enjoy taking our dog for walks every day. And when we are able to visit the dog park they sure to have fun exploring and making friends together!
Who else can you do everything, and anything with? Who else can you talk with and cry with that will not judge you? That is what our dogs are for. Such great, deep love!
The unconditional, always and forever kind of love that is shared between these two is a love we ought to all aspire towards. If only we could all be more like dogs!? 🙂
I think my favorite to read (with my my littlest ones who love babies!) was Don’t Forget Me.  This is such a beautiful story of a conversation between a baby, growing in their mother’s womb, and God. Can you imagine? I often have wondered, how close they must be. He knows us, before we were even born, He created us. Designed us and already had a plan and a purpose for us. I know my older son often would share with me when he was younger how he heard from God sometimes. I think as we get older, we make it harder to hear that still, small voice. So this was such an enjoyable read. From the very beginning of conception, through the birth this is such a sweet story about the journey and the development of that precious baby while it is within the womb. My kids thought this was kind of funny because my husband would often talk for baby, when I was pregnant. My kids would wonder  what baby was thinking while waiting to be born. My husband has always been great at that sort of thing. It was fun,  and quite funny. This though was a great way for my kids to see a bit more closely the development, and the joy that God takes in every one of us! I especially loved the images on the pages of this; simple sketches yet so beautiful! And scripture – so many references to how the sorrow and pain of birth truly brings joy and the commands which God gives as to the way we are to raise these precious ones too.
Don't Forget Me Cover-01
We also received Dying Is Part of This World.  Sadly, a very needed and timely book for our family. After my father in law spending weeks in the hospital he passed away. My children were able to see him briefly during his time there and there was a lot of prayer made for him. Yet still, it was his time and this book really helped to work through this with my children. My oldest son took this especially hard. Knowing so many who have experienced amazing healings, he was a bit deflated when God didn’t answer his prayer to heal his grandpa. It certainly can be hard for our children to understand (even us honestly) when someone we love is taken from us “too soon”. Yet it is so good to read through the pages of this book and remember the precious times we all had together. To remember too, that this is not our home. But God has great prepared for us which we may not see now but we will one day. Because none of us are meant to stay here forever. There were also amazing discussion questions at the end of each chapter of this book, which encouraged and reminded us that we do not have to forget. At my father-in-law’s funeral the Pastor spoke of how he was always gentle, a peace keeper, always adding to his faith. And these are those fruits that we can not only hold on to but be inspired to grow into more ourselves. We are born into this world but this is not where we belong.
Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}

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