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Blogging Through the Alphabet – {The Letter B}

Welcome back to the second week of Blogging Through the Alphabet. It is always a pleasure to have a friend “stop by”.  As you are able to say hello to my co-hosts too 🙂





For so long I have longed to travel to Israel; to go on one of those tours where you walk the Bible. How amazing would that be to stand near some of those famous places where the blind received sight; where the dead were raised. Where new life was born again. to feel and walk in the dust of Jesus. Of course, in this season of our life, this is not something that is possible BUT – isn’t reading great? – I have begun to gather an amazing collection of books related to the history, the culture, the deeper meaning of so many things we read within the pages of scripture. One of my very favorites is my book that studies the many names of God. In fact, it arrived the day I was pondering and putting off writing my very first post for this. And so when I saw it in my mail, I knew this was how I would blog through the alphabet. One beautiful,, precious name at a time.



This week? He is the Bread of Life. … Lechem Ha-Chayim




The Bible says, man shall not live by bread alone. Certainly there is more to life than food and drink. We need to be fed spiritually as well. I know there are times that I feel so well nourished and then there are others when I am feeling a lack of nourishment. Other times, I am famished – just unable to get enough of all that God has to share. Lately I have not been as present online as I once was. I feel a sense of urgency; I feel drawn more and more to study. Wanting to ensure that wherever I am and whatever I may be doing, I am in some way, about my Father’s business.



      Jesus often taught that the physical is often a metaphor for spiritual things. Bread sustains and nourishes us. But only temporarily. We were created for so much more than just temporary nourishment. Yet the meaning and value of bread can understood very differently depending where when you were and where you were. Back then, bread was a staple of life. An every day necessity. Consider the words of this man, from so long ago:


As the son of a Syrian family I was brought up to think of bread as possessing a mystic sacred significance. I never would step on a piece of bread fallen in the road, but would pick it up, press it to my lips for reverence, and place it in a wall or on some other place where it would not be trodden upon. What always seemed to me to be one of the noblest traditions of my people was their reverence to the “aish” (bread; literally “the life-giver”). While breaking bread together we would not rise to salute an arriving guest, whatever the social rank. Whether spoken or not, our excuse for not rising and engaging in the cordial (Near East) salutation before the meal was ended, was our reverence for the food (hir-metal-aish). We could, however, and always did, invite the newcomer most urgently to partake of the repastThe aish was something more than mere matter. Inasmuch as it sustained life, it was God’s own life made tangible for his child, man, to feed upon. The Most High Himself fed our hunger. Does not the psalmist say, “Thou openest thine hand, and satisfieth the desire of every living thing.”? (From The Syrian Christ by Abraham Rihbanypublished 1916.)



Bread had so much value. It was a blessing because it provided sustenance.  Whether travelling long distances or “breaking bread” as a show of kindness and hospitality, there were many ways that bread was used. Every one of them showing signs of care, compassion. Certainly one can live for a long time on only bread and water. (Does Jesus not say that He is that living water? Bread and Water…..More on Living Water when we get to “L”)




In Exodus it was manna or “bread from heaven” that fed the Israelites while they wandered in the wilderness. A symbol of God’s faithfulness and love. In the Book of John Jesus miraculously fed five thousand with only five barley loaves (these were rather unpleasant in taste and very heavy by the way).  Not all that delicious but it certainly was something even those who were very poor could make and it provided all the nourishment you would need.




Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is our spiritual nourishment. We cannot go without Him if we wish to live and thrive spiritually. In fact, we are often told that we ought to “hunger and thirst” after these spiritual things so much more than those which only provide for the body for a time. All that we hunger and thirst after? He can fill us, He can provide for us everlasting life when we come to Him to eat and to drink.


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1 thought on “Blogging Through the Alphabet – {The Letter B}”

  1. What a lovely study — the breaking of bread is also a beautiful tradition!
    Traveling long & far is not a possibility for us either — but reading sure is! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your #abcblogging posts!

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