Un School Home School

Shine On!

There are times in all of our lives when we wonder, what difference what we’re doing really makes… It has been that season for my family.

As we have been trying to settle into a more relaxed pattern of learning for the summer I have begun to wonder…. I believe in home education with all of my heart. I believe that when God says that there is a way that is right he really means it.

My oldest son always reminds me of my need to put on the armor of God each day. He really wears me down as of late.

I sat with him the other day and tried to get some ideas from him as to what he would like to do. I was hoping to see some sparks… Maybe some direction, curiosity. My younger son knows exactly what he wants to learn and do. My older son is almost apathetic about everything lately. Except video games. And in case you can’t guess I’m not a fan of video games.

He is disgruntled and wants nothing to do with learning of any kind. He says we do too much already, even though he barely does anything at all. Bible study and reading, writing and math… It is such a struggle to get any of it completed each day. He has just decided he hates learning. He has decided no one can tell him what to do.

Oh, Lord give me wisdom.

Since my father-in-law passed my husband has been really reconsidering where we are and where we ought to be. He came home from morning prayer a little disgruntled the other day. It was the holiday weekend and there was talk of a get together. Nothing we were invited to. He can be quite sensitive sometimes.

It got us talking about the fact that even though we love our church, even though we are a part of the body of Christ, it doesn’t really feel like it’s where we belong. It never has. And it was a reminder to him that we are are that family. Left out and uninvited.

Yet when we visit the church is parents attend up north we feel at home no matter how long it’s been. Small and simple, they preach exactly what the Bible teaches. There is always a feeling of peace there.

Left out and uninvited. I never really minded it. I always say that I don’t come to church for the people who are there but simply for the Lord. And I have my family who even on those days when they challenge me, they are still blessing enough.

I feel for my husband. A bit of Sorrow that Our family in our home isn’t enough. And then I feel his pain also. Although I am not close to my family, certainly his father was one of those people who everyone enjoyed being around. It’s hard I know.

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