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Artistic Pursuits Full Video Lesson Grades K-3 {Review}

I have a deep love for art; creativity is so important to me and while I cannot draw a sun that my kids agree is really a sun, still I want to encourage them to create as they feel led. That means we make sure to always have materials around so that when they feel the desire to draw or paint, sketch or do a bit of pottery, they are able. We also try to keep some great books on hand to help inspire them and guide them. ARTistic Pursuits Inc. is that amazing company that offers so much great instruction for so many different ages and artistic methods. So we were more than happy to have the chance to review one of their newer editions: ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series. Wonderful hardcover books, there are four volumes available; we received volume 2 which offers instruction to grades K-3 in the Art of the Ancients.




For any of you who are wondering, I know this says K-3 but my oldest son who is twelve years old, loved using this, right alongside his siblings. I honestly think that art instruction can be good for any age so long as your children are eager and excited. They will make it their own based on their abilities. We just need to have fun and provide lots of enthusiasm and encouragement. 🙂






I love how with this book we are not only getting creative but we are also learning a bit about ancient history. I think we even worked in quite a bit of geography ourselves!  There are so many wonderful opportunities for our children to practice the fine art of observation as they see for themselves those little details that are part of a bigger picture. As they search within the images for a story, a struggle, perhaps a celebration. There is just so much that we can learn from art when we slow down and take the time to really see all that these pieces have to say.


Since my oldest son is very interested in France it was fun to learn about art in case that was discovered long ago in the Lascaux Cave in France. I love how there are even questions to guide discussion. As we read about the history of art in caves in Europe so long ago we were encouraged to imagine for ourselves what it must have been like to find these images ourselves! What an adventure that must have been. Horses, oxen and deer – we are encouraged to study the size of each one – can you imagine what they may be doing? Are they running from hunters perhaps? With soft pastels and some crinkled up brown paper )crinkle it to make it look older and more rustic ha-ha) you can create your very own cave drawing. Tell a story of your own from long ago; imagine a story, adventure and exploration and then tell your story on your very own “cave wall”.  🙂



Even more fun was learning about underground art; some of it was even found in Jericho. We actually have a little pottery wheel but the kids were excited to use, especially finding so many fun projects in this book. Unfortunately it had a speed of an accident and will need to be replaced but we still made sure to enjoy some clay works together. With the DVD we even had the opportunity to see for ourselves where this clay comes from. My younger son is very interested in this sort of thing so it really enhanced his enjoyment of clay working to know that clay is out there – guess what we will be out and about looking for now? Not sure we will find any in our local area but you never know.






There are just so many fun projects to create within the pages of this book.  Where else can you explore the fresco painting of Minoans? Or how about creating your own Garden Pool, from ancient Egypt? I know we all enjoy a lovely garden; all the birds and other critters that make their home in a garden. Perhaps a pond full of fish, turtles, frogs and toads near as well ? Some of our favorite times are at this little garden up north, designed for bookworms (named, BookWorm Gardens, in fact) where we can explore and enjoy all the lovely things God created. Peacefully and slowly. My younger son has his very own little garden he plants each year; tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and pumpkins – so much goodness! There are 18 projects in all with 12 text based lessons and 6 video lessons to enjoy.  And the video lessons really are so much more than just creating.





From creating your very own pillar in ancient Greece to making a silhouette as the Etruscans once did. In fact I even remember doing this myself and elementary school so long ago. How fun to pair up and take turns tracing one another’s shadow; then to have fun personalizing it or caricaturing it even.  A fun way to capture a friend’s image. Or just have fun playing with the shadows and light. If you are anything like my kids too, you will have lots of fun doing this with your siblings and even your pets. Of course with our doggies you have to sketch that shadow fast!


We love history and we really do love art so this book is definitely something that our whole family is able to enjoy together. It is a wonderful thing when we can find something at the store isn’t just an art book but allows to have so many more Adventures learning all over the world and all different times.  They also have amazing books to help you learn all about the Italian Renaissance and the Middle Ages along with one that is dedicated simply to building your children’s artistic vocabulary. There is no better way to learn and exp;lore the world and these times of long ago, than this.  Artistic Pursuits really is the curriculum for creativity!


Artistic Pursuits Full Video Lesson Grades K-3 {ARTistic Pursuits Reviews}


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