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Blogging Through the Alphabet (Letter E)

I fear I have been falling behind as the weather has been getting nicer. Even though the rest of the game just started on the letter F I wanted to share my thoughts on the letter E.

I really have been enjoying blogging, this time around because I have been blogging through the names of God and I have found so many wonderful, beautiful names for our great God.

I knew that for this one I wanted to share about the El Shadday. When so many days have been a struggle, pressures and questions on so many things….I just wasn’t sure what tomorrow would hold, I was always able to stand firmly on my God Almighty.

God revealed himself as God Almighty to Abram. He spoke of the covenant that he was establishing with him. This was an everlasting covenant.

When we pray to El Shadday we are praying to the one for whom nothing is impossible.


This name is sometimes translated as God Almighty but when translated literally it means ,”God, the mountain one.”

Almighty God. All mighty.

The Creator of all things. So powerful and so wise that He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Like the mountains and the valleys we know that He will always be there.

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