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Blogging Through the Alphabet (The Letter G)

Here we are, coming together for another week of blogging through the alphabet.

It has been already a powerful and refreshing kind of week for me. There is nothing it brings a mama more joy and peace then when she sees one of her babes choose to be born again baptized in Jesus name. My younger son surprised all of us Sunday night when he made this decision for himself.

My Redeemer. And now my son’s Redeemer too. Whatever would we do without our redeemer?

God is referred too often as the Redeemer or the Ga’al with in the Old Testament.

But what is a redeemer? Do we truly understand redemption?

Redemption involves winning back or repurchasing something that belongs to you or to someone else. In the Old Testament we see redemption in the exodus of God’s people from Egypt.

In some situations there might even be a “kinsman redeemer”, one who was perhaps a close relative and able to pay off a debt so land could be returned or a person could be freed.

In the New Testament, Jesus is no more called the “redeemer” but is now spoken of as the one who offered himself as a ransom or redemption by his death on the cross. Jesus camp to set people free and his blood was the purchase price.


By his death Jesus brings us out of disobedience and into obedience. When we here his words and obey them, there is redemption for everyone of us.



Please do join us with your own posts, family friendly, of course!


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