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The Kingdom Code {Review}

My oldest son just started his first job this summer; working as an assistant camp counselor at our local zoo he will receive a financial stipend at the end of his service. He is already spending the money he will earn – I think we need some financial education over here. What better time to receive for review The Kingdom Code ? They offer biblically based course in financial education through the creation and operation of their very own business. Teaching money management, financial responsibility, budgeting skills and seeking to help build a strong work ethic, this is one of those “can’t miss out on it” programs. We received The Complete Starter Kit which includes a Textbook, Student Packet, and Teacher’s Guide. As a bonus we also received, a JR Budget Kit and The Kingdom Code Coloring Book.


The Kingdom Code textbook is spiral bound, with 240+ pages written directly to our students. There are 27 lessons (34 weeks) recommended to be taught one lesson per week, through two sessions of about 45 minutes. This is an amazing program designed to teach our children how to make and manage money, God’s way. Through this program our students create and manage their very own business. Every lesson contains eight sections:

  • Proclamation
  • Check Your Path
  • Quest for the Clue
  • Code of Honor
  • Treasure Seeking
  • On Your Own
  • Kingdom Keys
  • Congratulations
  • Bonus Code Work

That sounds simply amazing right? But there is more (I feel like an infomercial, saying that ha-ha) from historical fiction to history highlights. Throughout the lessons there are also: Action Time, Share Your Thoughts, Exclamation Shields, Clues to the Code and lots more.

Each lesson is designed to give our children something to think about (an essential question) along with learning goals and target skills. So much of this was an opportunity for reflection, not just creating a business but also knowing what it is that causes people to impulse buy or what we see and hear that gives us the desire to spend our money. These are good things for us to consider. I honestly never would have thought to cover these sort of things myself. What stood out to me most of all was not the lessons in creating a business but the emphasis on who you become as the owner of the business. Sometimes I think we forget how much character matters.

Both of my boys (my hubby too) have always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit about them, so this was pretty exciting for them both. Not too long ago my boys got the idea to offer pet care services to families in our neighborhood. There are tons of dog owners where we live so it seemed like a home run to them. Until they started doing their research and learned how many others there are who provide these same services in our neighborhood. While I did encourage my son to stay the course and just consider how he could reach people, he decided to move forward in another direction.

He loves sweets. He will often bake cookies and cupcakes for friends so it made sense to him to continue to do so and just charge a small fee. This was a fabulous idea (one he already has a small group of customers for too) but I did encourage him to consider the cost of all that would be needed for many baked goods.

So many great ideas coursing through his mind – the other day I overheard him trying to convince his younger brother to be a partner in a yard working business. Or a woodworking one. My younger son has quite the talent for wood working and carving – he has made a few swords that have really got the attention of some of the boys they know (maybe the parents weren’t as pleased).

As they both try to figure out which business they shall really focus on, it is amazing listening to them consider alone and together, the various pieces that need to fit in place to make their business a success. A future plan is for them to showcase and sell whatever goods they have at our church and perhaps a farmers market or two. I love how they are already considering outreach!

Since our kids are never too young to learn, there is even a super cool JR KCK Budget Kit introduce our kids to budgeting and saving. This kit includes: KCK Budget Poster, one sheet of JOEYS Stickers, My KCK Budget Percentages Page, six coloring book pages, and instructions to assemble the Budget binder and zippered pockets (you do need to purchase these yourself but we had stuff around the house we were able to use for this and our other one easy peasy). My daughter is saving up her money for a rabbit (since daddy said a definite no to a pony). She even has her younger brother building a rabbit hutch for our backyard for her. As payment for the work he is doing she agreed to provide him with a bunny of his very own. These kids sure know how to get things done.

Have I said before that this is a simply amazing program? I love how it isn’t just speaking to creating and running a business but it walks with them, step by step. What a great way to set our kids up for a successful experience. I don’t think there is anything that this program doesn’t cover. From the very first lesson, to the very last our children are encouraged to not just create and execute a great business but also, to develop a great character. And to see that whatever we do, we ought to do it as though we are serving the Lord himself. We are so very blessed as people of God and we need to be ready to bless others in the same way. Whether we buy or sell or trade, there is a way that we can do so while glorifying God!

Looking to get your hands on this fabulous program? Be sure to use coupon code 10TKC18 to get 10 percent off products purchased online from The Kingdom Code. They have some great freebies too that you can download if you just aren’t sure.

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