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My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping {Review}

I am a terrible record keeper. We do so many amazingly fun things throughout our year but I never quite seem to get around to keeping track of it all. As my oldest reaches that “high school” level of study, I know it is important for me to get better about this. For that reason I was more than happy to review an Annual Membership Plan from My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping. This is an online program to help us organize and track everything under the sun! While not typically an online planner kinda gal, I am learning how to enjoy this and for those who are organizationally challenged (such as myself) this makes it all super quick and easy. 🙂

While there were some hiccups experienced when getting started with this, it was mostly my own lack of tech savvy (I think) that cause such trouble for me. When I reached out to support, they were very quick and patient in helping me to ge

t things moving along.

I admit it, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the resources and tutorials available for use with this. I don’t mean that in a bad way though. In the beginning there are emails that prompt you to complete various parts of the program; once that is completed you instead get a schedule emailed to you. This program really is set up for even me to be able to navigate successfully!

Once this arrived I sat down and watched the video tutorial (definitely don’t skip that, it helps you see how amazing this program can be) and then proceeded to set up my account. Initially, I set this up just for my oldest son but as I saw how much there was to this, I began to add my other kids too. As I consider how quickly these years go by and how much there is for our kids to experience, I realize that I need to be more responsible for tracking it all.

Transcripts. One day my son will need transcripts if he applies for college. Perhaps he will apply for a job that wants to see what his experience has been in more detail.

In the Homeroom I can keep track of attendance and hours; I can see a list of classes, awards, events, extracurricular activities – All in one place. This is a great resource; I can see printing this out at the end of a semester to have a visual of all that has been done. It is good to be able to keep track of exactly how much time has been invested in the study of algebra or video game design. Studying the scriptures or working on leadership studies. Even my kids can see exactly what they are investing in (I think that matters a lot to my older ones). So much easier this way!

There is also the Planbook which will show what is due, or overdue or coming up. You can search this for a specific topic, you can modify entries in case something just isn’t completed or, as can be the case here in Wisconsin, weather gets in the way of an activity. There are ways to filter your search, options for sorting. As you can see we were just getting started to there isn’t much there. Yet. This really is a great help; summer has been a mess for me and so having something like this, it has already been what got my kids to gymnastics on time and helped ensure we didn’t miss our dentist appointments earlier this week. I am really learning to love this. 🙂

With my oldest being very active in a variety of things (youth group, Bible Quizzing, various jobs and volunteer work around the community, black belt club) I found it so helpful that every one of these things could be added into this program. As he considers what it is he wants to do when he “grows up” I do believe it is so important for him to have a record of his experiences. Also, we are working really hard to strengthen our organizational skills so that we can better determine what we will do as opportunities come up.

Being able to have a visual of what each day (or week) looks like can really help us to determine whether or not to add those”extras” that come along. There is also motivation for him, when he sees his accomplishments listed. It is no longer just “doing the next thing” but seeing how it all comes together. A compilation of his “greatest hits” even. He also is able to enter things in on his own; if there is something he wants added to his transcript he can just enter it in himself. Responsibility. Consideration for his future. Learning to be better organized earlier in life than momma.

At a time when I feel like we are, more often than not, just trying to keep it all together, this is so refreshing. I love being able to plug in the classes and activities, even the lectures and movies my kids like to watch (I love to note lessons, themes, etc). I can list all of the books we are reading throughout the year; we can really keep it all together with this! You can even use this on your phone (a huge perk since we are on the road all the time when its travel hockey season).

There are spots for entering in details so as we slowly watch The Kindness Diaries we can note the geography involved, lessons, honorable mentions (that may lead us down a couple rabbit trails). It’s a great way to keep it all together in an organized fashion.

To show how great this program really is, they were even awarded 1st Place by Practical Homeschooling with the i-Learn Award for best homeschool planner. This is a company that is always working hard to ensure that what they have works in the best way possible for their customers. I know I love being able to support a company that truly hears what people have to say. I cannot say that I am swearing off my paper and pen just yet, but I think I am definitely hooked with this one and really look forward to continuing to use this. This has everything we could ever need. I definitely recommend checking them out! I am sure you will be glad you did.

Don’t take my word for it though, read reviews from other Crew members by clicking the image below.

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I am a God loving and fearing Apostolic Pentecostal - All about Holiness, a tongue Talking Homeschooling Mommy of Two AWESOME little men and two darling little ladies, with a precious one in Jesus arms too. I love to study His word, and the stories and histories that go along with it. Seeking truth at all expense and learning so much as we go along. We are truly blessed to homeschool - blessed that we may school our children for such a small cost. I believe in the power of the name of Jesus and the power of His people when they come together in prayer. Standing firm and speaking out! There is nothing that I seek more than His kingdom and the joys that follow Him! Ultra conservative, growing Jesus follower, mommy to two awesome boys, one precious little girl- with a great family and a wonderful life that I am so blessed to have! Living and loving as best I can, with the Lord-Holy Ghost filled and speaking in tongues-WOW!

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