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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks {Review}

Who doesn’t love blocks? For as long as I can recall my kids have enjoyed spending hours creating with legos, tangrams, blocks – Anything that can help them to create is a winner in my book. My girls love to create all sorts of things for their dolls, while my boys love to design something that they can use for nerf wars and target practice. In the end all four of my kids have a great time!  Such a fabulous way to grow the imagination and creative abilities, we are so enjoying our experience with the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks we were so blessed to receive from  Brain Blox,  These are recommended for ages 4 to 104. 🙂

The Wooden Building Planks come in sets of 100, 200, or 300 wooden planks that can be used to create as much as you can possibly imagine. These planks are made from 100% all-natural, precision-cut, chemical-free, New Zealand natural pine wood. (It is a beautiful wood) We received the 200-plank set which also included a simple booklet chock full of ideas to get started and also a red drawstring bag to keep all of these planks together. I think it’s important to have something to store them in that is quick and easy to use.

When these came in the mail – I didn’t get a chance to check them out – my kids tore into the package. The box was opened and the plans ere everywhere! My girls began working on a slide and a house for their little doll.

My boys got busy seeing how big of a wood cabin could be built. Later on he considered how tall he could make something using the planks.

There was pizza that had to be made (who doesn’t love pizza) which was a great time to sneak in some fractions. There was also a birthday cake. Don’t you love how something like this can spark the imagination?

While we may be thinking that they are just playing with blocks – let’s not forget that this can be a lesson in math, physics and engineering. This can help to build their creativity, and inspire themselves and others as they build awesome creations! (Especially when you use the challenges that are offered online – if you can complete those you are amazing).

Brain Blox University made sure to spice things up when my kids started getting “bored” (anyone else consider that to be a naughty world). After downloading a free ebook full of building ideas and puzzles, my kids were refreshed, So many of these were just mind blowing! We were so grateful for these wonderful ideas that made us think a bit harder about what we were building or about how to solve a puzzle.

Honestly there are so many things you can do with these. They can be math manipulatives; what about number and letter “writing”? A great and fun way to practice phonics. And of course you can use these in a similar way as tangrams – try to determine how you can make various shapes using these wood planks.

There are also lots of free resources and ideas to be found on their website and the Brain Blox YouTube channel. They provide many amazing ideas and challenges; you won’t be able to stop building! Some of these will even leave you rather boggled!

Be sure to check out the reviews of other Crew members – see how they created and were inspired with this box of goodies that helps you to make just about anything.


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