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Smartick {Review}

Have you ever heard of Smartick Math? This is definitely our all time favorite math program! We used this a few years ago with our kids and when they learned that we would have the chance to do it again, my three older ones were thrilled! We received six months access to the online math subscription program. For children 4-14, this is not a stand alone math program but a wonderful supplement to your academics. What a change of pace – seeing my kids eager to do some work each day.

Only about 15 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week (my kids complete their program on this typically, five days a week) and our kids can exercise their skills in logic and reasoning, math, reading and comprehension. There is so much to this very unique and individualized program. There are competitions to get involved in; there are even rewards and opportunities to decorate their very own virtual house. With ticks that they earn as they complete their daily activities they can purchase a variety of things to get a bigger home or get a pet. It’s a really fun way to motivate them (my daughter would love a kitten – hubby said no – she has one here for now).

Since my three kids are all in a different place, this is a perfect program for every one of them. My younger son, who is a it of a math whiz, can get the challenge he needs, while his older brother can work on some of those things he really struggles with – gaining confidence as he goes along. My older daughter too is really getting what I consider to be a wonderful foundation, not just in math, but logic and reasoning too. I do believe they all go together so, one without the other, I tend to think that is not so good.

Smartick also has lots of games for kids to enjoy once their work is completed and these also have various educational components to them. If you have kids that love the game Rush Hour, they have that right here. So much fun while they learn and reason how to solve the puzzle on each level.

There is also a super fun game (my daughter loves) where you have to get the sheep into the pen; before the wolf gets them (and sometimes he is in sheep’s clothing so be careful who you let in). My daughter had me try the game and it really a great way to practice attention. I know the wolf fooled us once or twice.

In the classroom there are lots of tutorials to help our kids better understand some of the concepts they are working on. Since chess is a favorite in our house, my kids were thrilled to see, “The Legend of the Chessboard.” Videos ranged from single counting, to super powers, multiplication and division. These videos are a great way to better understand fractions, numbers that are cubed, exponents. All of those things that, for my oldest son, are rather tricky. Within the videos are activities to ensure that students have comprehension of the material as well. Definitely love these!

Head to the gym and start training! They can play with other kids online (you can “friend” others using this program) – Just choose the theme and get started. This sure seems to make things more fun for my boys anyway! For those kids who maybe need some more motivation – I know a good challenge always seems to make my boys work a bit harder – this can be a really fun place to hang out and have fun (while they are learning and mastering their math!).

While there isn’t much that we, as parents, need to do for our kids to use this program, it is so nice that they have an area just for us. We can see what our kids are working on; we can follow along to see how their skills are developing in each area. I love how simply this program breaks it all down. They even email me every day after one of my kids completes their session so I can see how they did. The email includes reminders for us to encourage our kids to slow down and pay attention to the details provided (especially on logic days). It is so nice to have an email come my way after each session, giving me an overview of how they worked that day.

Did I mention that whenever kids get an answer wrong, they have the chance to correct it at the very end for extra ticks? Such a positive focused program! I do believe this is one of the best ways we have found thus far, for our kids to learn and grow when it comes to math and training the mind. Not only is it a program that grows with our kids but it is also just so full of fun activities. I cannot say enough what a great way this is to get to know and strengthen our kids skills in math.

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Math Enrichment Program {Smartick Reviews}

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