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ARTistic Pursuits Painting with Watercolor Pencils {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

My children love to draw and paint and create! I want to encourage them, help inspire them and for that reason I am so very grateful (always) for ARTistic Pursuits. This is one of those things that we just love to use because there is something for every age and stage in the creative process. This time around we were blessed to receive a copy of the hardcover book: Beginner Level Art Core Classes – Painting with Watercolor Pencils.  Since my girls love watercolor paints, this was the perfect chance to get ahold of some watercolor pencils. This is available comes in online (2-year access to the course) and physical format, the book includes 2 instructional DVD’s (regular and blu-ray), and is recommended for fourth grade on up so we can all enjoy this together!

Personally, creativity is one of the most important things – next to reading – learning how to express themselves in new ways, explore different forms, gain confidence and just have fun! So many wonderful things our children can gain from time spent developing their artistic skills. 🙂

Yet I will also admit that I tend to try to avoid the “mess” and art can be very messy at times (okay, all the time around here anyway). We have to plan for it, we need to have the right materials – how can I encourage this, allow this, without losing my mind?

Maybe ARTistic Pursuits doesn’t solve the “mess” part but they definitely provide lots of guidance, material lists and tons of inspiration! With my creative kids, it makes me feel so much better when I have a book like this that lists EVERYTHING we need right away so there is never a moment where I have to say no when they want to get creative.

This includes four types of lessons in each unit too. Start out learning how to use the materials you have (videos are about 6-10 minutes in length) and then see how to observe and connect the lesson to right where you are. Perhaps you find a colorful item from the sewing box or particularly colored items.

We also have the chance to build our visual vocabulary – this is where we learn about primary colors, tertiary colors; we may explore neutral colors or color tints. Explore the value of colors and what it means to contrast different colors in your art.

What better way to enjoy art than to have a little history lesson as we progress? Each lesson shows how the topic was used in a famous piece of art; we learn a bit about the artist and the time they created in. This can be such a fun rabbit trail too as you go off and explore even more about these artists, their topics in art and where and how they lived. I think this was my favorite part of each lesson – I love history!

There is also a final master lesson included in each unit – here we apply al that we have learned using various objects, landscapes, photographs as we create our own masterpiece. Definitely the part that my girls loved most of all. 🙂

There are nine units within this book; each unit contains four lessons per unit, so there are thirty-six lessons in all. It is recommended to complete two lessons per week and most of the time that is what we did. However some days my girls just wanted to keep going.

Because we tend to lean more towards unschooling, I am always appreciative of resources like this that my children can and do enjoy exploring. My girls loved being able to put in a DVD and spend some time learning and creating some days – other days they enjoyed looking at the images in the book and just attempting their own drawings as they were inspired.

Every time we use on of the books from this company, we learn so many things! From exploring the art of Eanger Couse to learning about the inventions of the early 20th century, we can explore so much more than we did before. Light colors, dark colors, shadows and shades. I do believe that after all the lessons we have completed, we have developed greater habits of observation as eyes have been opened so much wider to see all things.

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