Creation Illustrated Unit Studies {Review}

I grew up reading National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines. I loved all the of science and history that was found with those pages. And I loved the vibrant images that were on every page. It was always a treat for me to get a new edition to read. But as I came to know and love the Lord, I admit I lost some of my joy in perusing the pages of these magazines. There was something missing. Jesus. So can you imagine how excited I was to learn that there was another option? Something that glorifies God using a creationist view. These unit studies and magazines from Creation Illustrated are a wonderful adventure! And we were so very blessed to receive two of their unit studies for review.

While I have seen the name, I admit I have never really taken the time to explore it. But when this review came up, I was quite excited to have the opportunity to learn more about a company whose mission is to ““…share the wonders of God’s creation…revealing fresh insights of His infinite wisdom, gentle touch, undeniable justice, redeeming love, flawless design, pure truth brings renewed peace…” They do this by creating magazines and unit studies that really bring it all to life. Helping us to see God’s goodness all about us. We received two of their materials: one was Snow Unit Study as well as the unit study, Pine Trees. As an extra blessing we were also given access to the Winter ’18 Digital Edition and the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

Creation Illustrated really is “The Christian answer to National Geographic.” Having long been a fan of the one, I can truly attest to that! In the 25th year of publication they are truly dedicated to faithfully instructing in a way that points us back to Christ. Great for all ages they incorporate nature and life itself, with the scriptures. There are vocabulary words to learn, word studies, recipes to enjoy, character lessons, poetry contests for kids! They even have an Affiliate program you can join. These are all taught with a Biblical worldview; isn’t it wonderful when are able to easily incorporate scripture and help our kids to see how Jesus really IS at the center of it all. For anyone, and everyone, at any age, this is a wonderful material to use to learn a bit more about life, nature and the Word of God.

How we love snow! And how we wished we had more of it than we actually did. Usually Wisconsin is covered in deep, cold, heavy snow but this year? Not so much. We had couple good days but alas, it was gone too quickly! Intricacies of Snow included lots of great material like a snowflake guide. And there was a link to the story of Snowflake Bentley! We always love that story (it inspired my kids to take tons of photos of snow one year in the hopes we would have some amazing images of snowflakes too!) My oldest son especially love the 3D snowflake project at the very end of the unit study! I, on the other hand, loved the Bible study that was included in this one. Did you know “snow” is mentioned in the Bible 24 times? And who wouldn’t have fun with the science of snow!

This unit study corresponds with the Winter 2018 volume of Creation Illustrated. And I have to say (ass I write this, I see snow outside!) I think I know what we are going to do today after all. 🙂 Okay so we don’t really have enough to build our own little igloo or cave but maybe we can measure it, melt it and see how much water we can get from a cup or two of snow. I definitely am curious about how many cups of snow it will take to make a gallon of water. And snow cream. My kids love making snow cream. Lots to do with this snow!

We focused on the Pine Trees unit study for this review (because we need snow to really study snow) and if we didn’t learn some amazing things about these! Do you know which tree is actually named Methuselah? I sure didn’t! Some interesting facts about these trees and the word “pine” even. For my oldest son (currently learning Japanese) it was interesting to learn of the pine tree’s place in their history and culture. Since my younger son is all about the outdoors he really appreciated learning how to differentiate between different types of pine trees. And he loved learning how to calculate the height of our very own pine trees; since he has plans to build a new “shed” out back this summer he also gained a great deal from other mathematical questions posed in the pine tree math section. My oldest son on the other hand is my dreamer; very creative and introspective. He enjoys things like Fibonacci patterns and spirals in nature. He loves to cook and bake so making a perfect pesto is his idea of a great math lesson! This unit study can be used with the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

These are the most amazing unit studies ever! While they are recommended for grades 5 through 8 I have to say, my younger son (who is 8) really enjoyed these right along with us. These were both only 16/17 pages long (that includes the answer key) and were full of amazing resources to help us to learn. Lots of links to other videos, articles and projects to aid in art and geography studies. There are quite a few other unit studies available too: on fragrance, Joshua tree, manatees, dragonflies and more! For only $6.95 these are a great way to break up the monotony (anyone else feeling a bit “blah” this time of year?) Something like this can be a really fun way to come together and learn together. We are actually really looking forward to using some of the other unit studies available too!

Take a peek at the upcoming Creation Illustrated Spring 2018 edition.

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Friday Five {Settle}

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for our family.

We started out the week with my husband and my father-in-law having to go in for cardiac surgery. My husband’s was a simple cardiac ablation procedure. Nothing fancy. but it didn’t go as planned.

My father-in-law had a more complex procedure and unfortunately has been going downhill ever since. This is been very hard on my husband since they live so far from us and we do not see them as often as we would like.

Our oldest son has been really struggling with this as well. It’s a hard concept for a child especially younger ones is it not?

Through it all though I can say I have held a peace about me in the storm. There have been moments of course we’re having to deal with fear or anxiety but God always has a plan. He is always in control.

I think I own port and it is for us to settle our hearts and our minds on him. In fact I was just reading the other day about how important it is for us to not just be born again of the water and of the spirit but also of our heart and our mind.

How many times do we see someone born again? Dad gives them a new heart and yet they were man in a place where there on settled. And eventually do they know if all the way?

The Bible says no man can serve two masters. We are on settled when we attempt to do just that. We need to choose who we will serve and then we need to boldly and diligently serve.

Carole P. Roman Review

If you are a home educator books are probably a really big deal to you! They are an adventure, an opportunity to experience something you may never have the chance; they bring to life things from long ago and they help us and our children to understand some of things things that are difficult to teach. Virtue, good character, kindness and honesty – these are things that books can be great at helping to share and show our children. But isn’t’ it sometimes such a challenge to find and build a collection of truly “classic” ones? If you have found and experienced any of the many books and collections written by Carole P. Roman, you have experienced some great adventures and truly appreciated the lessons and values within many of her books. We are always excited when we have the chance to review her books, time after time. These are always so much fun!


We were first introduced to this amazing books via the series,  If You Were Me and Lived in….These are recommended from ages 4-9 and are a great way to bring far away places home. These were really fun for us because about the time we received our first book in the mail, If You Were Me and Lived in ……China, we also welcomed an exchange student into our home who was from China. So he was able to read along with us and confirm that what was written was true too! I have always loved learning about other parts of the world; one of my favorite experiences as a child was going to the folk fair every year where we could see the custom dress, try various foods and listen to music (sometimes learning their dances and languages just a bit as well!)  My boys though are not such a fan of geography so these were a wonderful way to get them interested. And believe me, these are so full of information for whatever country you are learning about: from  their currency to favorite sports and activities, the foods they eat, their customs and traditions. You definitely know so much more than you did before when you read these!


For even more fun (and this is one of the books we received for review this time around!) check out this series! If You Were Me and Lived in …. Viking Europe. 

My kids loved learning all about what they ate (we still need to have our “viking meal”) as well as how they lived and dressed. Can I just say the illustrations in these books really help t o bring things to life even more? My oldest son is very artistic and so he loves art and often sketches what he sees, in my opinion quite a bit of talent. He was really impressed with every page!  These are definitely meant for older children but are a wonderful addition  to any home library; we used these frequently for read alouds and every one of my children would find something that they enjoyed  within the pages of this book. My younger daughter liked all the pretty girls on the pages! My boys on the other hand got a kick out of some of the names from back then, Ulf and Knut. Can you imagine how they giggled over these? I think there was a fight about what name would belong to which one. And my younger son was just fascinated by the boats they sailed (and built by hand). He is a builder and so he is always eager to learn about ways to make things and tools to use to do so. Suffice to say. this was more than just a book; this became an adventure as we explored even beyond the pages! There is still so much we are learning about from the music of the time, to games that were played.  Who doesn’t love those rabbit trails?



We also received Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience  which is volume 2 in the Captain No Beard series. With my kids patience is a really big thing right now. In fact we have taken a break from academics recently to work on some of these traits that are so very important! This is meant for ages 5-8 but as with so many of her books, this is easily a read that even older kids will enjoy. The illustrations are (as always) just fabulous! Bright colors, lively and vibrant! How can anyone not love these characters? There is always so much life in these books. When we have children who are not as helpful and kind as they could be, this book is full of lessons for them in how to show some of those fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness. 🙂  As we read we learned not just about those challenges that come everyone’s way but also how to be as much as possible a keeper of the peace.

We really loved this one and are excited to read the others!



And then we also received Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump which is also book 2 of her early reader chapter books (it was a bit much for my daughter but she still loved the story reading with momma). With two kiddos who are scared of the dark, of going into any one room in our house alone – this was a great book to share to help them see that there is nothing to fear. And my daughter just love Susannah. What a great way to encourage my new little reader to read. When our little ones are full of fear and anxiety it  is such a wonderful thing to be able to share a fun story with them that can encourage them and cast out that fear! Those things that go bump are never really what they seem to be. 🙂




For a few years now Carole Roman has been a favorite in our home. We continue to enjoy so many of her books; whether we are studying history or geography (my oldest is a language kid so he loves learning bits of the language from wherever we may be). Without a doubt her books are inspiring, encouraging curiosity in our children and helping them to see so much more of our world. These are fun  books for all ages and are guaranteed to spark lots of curiosity in all!



Carole P. Roman books and collections {Carole P. Roman Reviews}

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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” {FlyBy Promotion}

I think Paul might be my favorite of all of the apostles!


His story is such a powerful testimony – I mean, what an amazing conversion.


So even though I am not a fan of Hollywood I am curious to see how this new one turns out.


In PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST , Luke risks his life to visit Paul, while he is being held captive in a Roman prison under Nero’s rule. Together, they struggle against a determined emperor and the frailties of the human spirit in order to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread their message to the world.




So much of the New Testament is made up of Paul’s writings to the churches throughout the world. What would we do without the instruction and guidance he offers us within these pages? There are so many things that inspire me when I think of Paul. His determination in all things to “think myself happy.”  There is so much we can, and should learn from his writings. Certainly it would be wise for us to study to show ourselves approved so that we can too can say,  we have fought the good fight and endured to the end.



This film has been rated PG-13 for some violent content and disturbing images

Run time is 1:47 min

Showing In Theaters Nationwide Week Before Easter Friday, March 23, 2018.


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Home School in the Woods Review

Have you ever stumbled across a company that is just so amazing? Their materials make learning super easy and tons of fun. Your kids beg for more materials when they are done? That would be our experience with Home School in the Woods. We are big lovers of history in this house; my kids are super crafty and love to create and explore as they learn. So when we learned about the opportunity to try out some of the Á La Carte products, we didn’t hesitate to say yes, please!

Look at these amazing materials! All materials are designed by a homeschool family (so they know what life is like – they know what we need!). We chose to review the Science, Invention and Mathematicians Timeline. This timeline helps us get to know over 120 people and inventions in medicine, space, agriculture and more! Why do these things matter? We also grabbed the Pirate Panopoly Game where we get to learn all about the pirate’s attire; seeing who could dress their pirate the fastest!

These Á La Carte materials are perfect, in my humble opinion, for those who are looking to to explore a specific topic a bit more. Include these with your unit study, or choose a couple to add in to your history or science lesson to make things lots more fun. This is one of those company’s that has an amazing amount of materials and every one of them is just so very good! We have used quite a few of these through the years and have not once been disappointed. In fact I credit them with the love of history and science that has been growing in both of my boys. From timelines to activity paks, you will find something to enjoy with your family, of that I have no doubt. These materials are definitely ones you want to check out!

Since both of my boys love pirates and learning all they can about them, I thought this might be a fun opportunity for them to learn a bit of something about a pirate’s garb!

While we first assumed that “panopoly” was simply part of the name, once we started with this we learned that it means quite a bit more. It is actually by definition: something that covers, protects; a striking array; ceremonial attire with accessories; complete armor/arms of a warrior. These all sound like a great explanation to me, very fitting too.

There is a “Pirate in his Skivvies” board for each player to color as well as a bunch of apparel (be sure to laminate these before you being playing). An excellent idea (given in the instructions) is to use velcro to help pieces stick as you go along. We didn’t start out using it but I admit we later made a point of getting it and playing was much easier! My kids all got quite busy coloring and creating a range of attire for their pirates some with polka dots, some with flowers (for that girly pirate my daughter made hers be) – I had to actually tell them it was time to be done designing and time to start playing. As we went along we learned about the names and purposes of each piece of attire. A cravat, breeches, wide-brimmed hats and of course long socks and leather shoes. So many reasons for every one of these pieces – If you want to know why, you are going to have to get this one for yourself. 🙂

I am a huge fan of timelines! I love how they can really pull things together and help us to see things differently. One of the things we have been trying to gently encourage is a better understanding of mathematics in the hopes that it might encourage a bit of desire within my oldest son. Of course it also includes science and invention so while we learned about some things like Fibonacci, we also learned about the introduction of Greek Fire; we had the opportunity to get to know Anaxagoras and Anthony Fokker as well as Girolamo Cardano and John Deere (that’s a name we definitely know where we live!). How much more exciting is mathematics when you get to know the man who was the father of geometry. Maybe you want to learn about the introduction of gunpowder or stainless steel. As we learned a bit about each of these individuals, and the science or math behind them.

Connect the dots. I definitely have seen my kids get more curious as we have learned about the stories behind some of those sometimes crazy sometimes amazing, inventions through the years too! There are so many amazing inventions, mathematical and scientific theories and equations we just don’t know the story of. And as we have learned through this, everyone and everything has a story. Knowing the stories makes it all so much more interesting.

There are so many more projects available too! From learning the art of quilling, to 3D projects, games and posters, there is nothing you can not learn about in a way that is creative and fun! We have our eyes on a number of other projects we hope to experience in the near future too! Since Passover is so soon upon us, did you know, there is a game for that? I know my goal is for learning to be something that is natural and fun in our home. And let me tell you, these are definitely a great way to do that!

Five Minutes

This weekend I have spent my time in Phoenix Arizona.

Working as an area area manager for World Heritage Student Exchange has been quite a blessing. Even in the short time that I have been a part of this wonderful group of people.

I admit that I was quite unsure about coming to Arizona when I was first indicted. Having never been away from my little ones for this long there was a lot of anxiety within me. But my husband insisted that the time away would do me good.

Through the years we have hosted a number of foreign exchange students. We have had some amazing experiences and we have had some very disappointing ones but through it all we have learned so very much.

I think one of the greatest blessings in being here has been hearing a few of the scholarship students speak about what this year has meant for them. Hearing the joy and seeing the appreciation they have for this opportunity truly warms the heart. And hearing these youth were so young yet have such big plans it is inspiring.

I am reminded as I listened to the students speak about the value of our actions. It is so easy for all of us how to say one thing and then do that which is easier. But you here these students speak who are so far from home and yet are so involved and determined to make a difference in their community here and back home…. It reminds me of the importance of moving my feet.

I consider all that we could do if we stop talking about it long enough to get started. I think about how so often in the Bible when Jesus said something there was an immediate action. When he said follow me, people followed without hesitation.

The Bible says that we will do greater works but we cannot do those works if we do not move our feet.

NatureGlo’s eScience Review {MathArt Online}

My oldest son really struggles with math. He is very bright, very creative too but really lacking when it comes to motivation for this topic. He and math and not very good friends. Yet there is great value, that is just perhaps not recognized fully, in mathematics. For that reason I was very interested in using the MathArt Online 4 class bundle. NatureGlo’s eScience program was something that I was certain could be the answer to many of our woe’s. It is designed for ages 12+ with the intent of helping them to see those connections in the real world. It also incorporates: math, art, history, science – all in one class. If you ask me this is a wonderful way to show our children how things are so much more than they seem. There are so many connections that can be made if we are simply willing to slow down a bit and look. Whether you use this in addition to a standard math program, as a unit study or just something fun to renew an interest in learning in your kids, these classes are sure to spark an interest in learning once again. And for kids who really need see “why” I think this is a perfect fit!

Each class is approximately six weeks in length and include various materials: study guides, interactive tools, slide shows, videos and links to outside resources to help encourage a greater understanding. The four classes we received in this bundle were:

  • Math Connections with the Real World
  • MathArt in Ancient Cultures
  • Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences
  • MathArt – Patterns in Nature

For this review we focused on Math Connections in the Real World. This course started with an introduction to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. It also included information on the history of them both. As we began this program, I was sure that I had no idea what either of these was (I had thought I knew before….). Math has never really been my thing; if it had been taught to me this way perhaps things would have been different!

As we moved through each class there were materials to download ; sometimes it was a sort of lapbook, there were activities to complete and a fun quizlet to ensure we were paying attention (match definitions – how fast can you complete this?) . Can I just saw how amazed I was with all the stuff packed into each lesson? So many examples given, to really help our kids to see these things, in their own life. The keys on a piano, the number of keys, are Fibonacci numbers. Even composers, throughout history, have used the golden ratio, in their music! We were thrilled to learn about the number of petals in a flower consistently following the Fibonacci sequence. My super musically inclined son really enjoyed finding out about the connections between the golden ratio and music. There are 13 notes in the span of any note through its octave; a scale is composed of 8 notes, the 5th and 3rd notes are the ones that create the basic foundation of all chords, and are based on a tone that combines 2 steps and 1 step from the root tone or the 1st note of the scale. There is even the opportunity to make some Fibonacci cookies! Colorful and tasty too.

With all the resources out there learning can really be an adventure. At the same time, it can be hard to find the right stuff. Thankfully these classes have done that for you! Everything is laid out so Perfectly! No need to put anything together or look for those materials; they are right here. She even lays it all out for you in a handy course checklist. Perfect for my son because he is so easily distracted. Takes some pressure off of me. There is no doubt what needs to be done. Everyone is encouraged to complete at least one small project per week and then share it on whatever platform you prefer. What a fun way to see others’ perspective on what is being taught.

Each class has about six lessons with a variety of activities to enhance learning. There are quite a few videos included with every lesson (great for my oldest son!). I have to say they were all excellent – I think I watched many of them along with my son. These were all very engaging; I think there were a few we watched that led us on our own little adventure, somewhat separate from the course, as we delivered a little bit more into numbers, patterns, nature. I was amazed at the material that is available online. With all the resources available to us, this is easily a topic that we could get lost in for quite some time. I was amazed I planned on this being something my oldest did independently but honestly so much of what was taught was new to me. And I really do love to learn!

There is so much amazing stuff to learn in these programs! I know this is slowly changing how my oldest son sees mathematics. He is such a lover of art (always drawing and doodling – more of those than problems completed on his worksheets haha) and because of this program, he is suddenly eager to complete the other classes that are a part of this bundle. He is sketching and drawing; he is seeing connections between the music he studies and plays and ins in turn gaining a greater appreciation for math.

While I am not really one for using online materials in our learning, this is one of those that I definitely would make an exception for. Especially for kids who are really struggling to connect those dots. These classes are fun, they are very eye opening and encouraging in so many ways. It is so much more than math, or science – it is a course of relations and understanding. It really helps i t all make sense; bringing these more topics which are challenging, boring perhaps to some , to life. Because of all the resources provided in these classes this can easily become quite an adventure for a curious child interested in understanding “why.” If you are looking for something different, that is fun and will bring that love of learning to life in your home school, you need not search any more. This is it! Guaranteed. 🙂

Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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I Don’t Know

My boys have been taking an archery class for a couple weeks now. A great little company not far from our house. The guys are so friendly and excited to have my two boys there. My boys were so curious about everything!

It’s been an amazing experience so far. It has shown us some strengths and it is also showing us some weaknesses.

My younger son is just a natural at this sort of thing. Anything for that matter that requires attention to detail and a precise way of doing things he excels at. Naturally.

My oldest son on the other hand struggles with this sort of thing. He is very impulsive and active. He’s constantly doing a thousand things and thinking a thousand things all at once. He makes me tired just sitting next to him some days. Haha

It was hard to believe let us this class progressed we saw the jealousy the older brother has towards the younger brother. We saw some frustration. We heard him begin to refer to himself as stupid and idiot.

And then he made a bigger mistake and his instructor had him take a day off of class. To think about the rules and safety issues that we need to be aware of always when we are learning something like this. And I guess it really upset my oldest son because after our next class I received a call from the teacher about something written on a wall. And it wasn’t very nice.

How forgiving this place is. And these people. You see who people really are when something happens that is against them and if they still show kindness and compassion. Regardless of my sons mistakes they were not kicking him out nor were they holding anything against him but we’re concerned for him and their relationship with him.

When my son was confronted he vehemently denied the whole thing. A couple times he said things and gave away details that made me sure that he did indeed do what we thought he did. How awful is that. How awful is the pain in the shame within him? Not to mention my own horror as his mom. Pondering what we did wrong and where perhaps what we talked didn’t get caught?

I am so grateful for wise women who are friends and warriors in the prayer room. It’s a challenge knowing that my son was listening to that voice speaking lies and hurts, causing him shame and pain. That there was so much sadness and anger bottled up within. and that he could not admit any of it to my husband or myself. Truly the devil seeks whom he may devour. We must be alert.

I walked away and left him pondering this act that was done by someone. And after much prayer, some time later that day he came to my husband and acknowledged what he had done. He acknowledged the anger that he felt for being pulled out of the class the one week which was when he scrawled this phrase on their wall. Have you felt singled out even though he did wrong and just not good enough.

He knew what he did was wrong and he kept this from being discovered for a while. When he was caught sneaking about over there it was because he was trying to undo what was already done. What an opportunity to share and teach about the value of our words and our behavior. I couldn’t have taught him a more powerful lesson myself. For him to act in a moment of anger and realize when he calmed down the damage that was done and know that it was too late to do anything but confess.

The Bible tells us to be quick to hear but slow to speak and slow to Wrath. It also tells us how important it is to be meek and temperate.

How often do we ourselves feel left out? I wonder how many times that voice Whispers in my ear that I am not enough. Perhaps it encourages me to compare myself to that wonderful mama at church who has it all together and who is always a vision of peace and serenity. Maybe it reminds me that my kids failure to understand decimals and long division proves that I am nothing but a failure.

I think of how many times the Bible tells us that we need to be transformed by the word of God. We need it to renew our mind. We will not naturally think those thoughts that are true and right and good. We must have the will within us the drives those promises and words so precious given to us by the Lord himself into the front of our mind that whenever the enemy comes in the word of God floods him out.

We never know what’s really going on in someone’s heart and mind. It isn’t hard to walk around with a smile on your face. It’s about truth and it’s about love. It’s about knowing that God is more than enough.

Parenting Made Practical {Review}

I am told I would make a great professor. With my oldest son being in a constant state of rebellion (I fondly refer to him as my rebel without a cause as of late) I know all too well how often I fall into lectures. Every time thinking , this time it might work out differently. Suffice to say I was more than happy to review Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think by Joey and Carla Link of Parenting Made Practical, I also received the DVD also entitled, Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think. If you have children from the age of eight, all the way up, you may want to consider giving this one a peek!

This book is part of a series, “The Parent’s Night Out.” The ultimate goal. To get our kids motivated and thinking for themselves. Who needs to lecture and threaten and yell and nag when they have the ability and the desire to do the things that need to be done each day? (It sounds SO impossible right?) Yet the truth is, if we can get our kids to own their days and their responsibilities, things can be so much simpler.

parenting made practical

I’m the first person to admit when it comes to my oldest son but I just don’t understand him. And I suppose as he gets older if it comes that much harder. I don’t know the right questions to ask. And I clearly don’t ask them at the right time.




There are some heart issues we’re dealing with. Unfortunately I need to read this book to recognize that myself. Do we recognize the specific temperament of our children? It really does make a difference and how we interact with them. We cannot guide them if we do not understand them.

How to soften that heart. Perhaps the answer is actually a question. If we ask the right questions and at the right time we can guide our children into one covering their own sin. Because it was only when they recognize and acknowledge the sending their heart that we can truly move forward and begin the process of restoration.

There was also a DVD provided; the content is the same however the presentation is of course a bit different. It is certainly entertaining as well as very informational. In this you can see visual scenarios acted out and then dealt with. First one way, and then in another way. See the difference. Being that I am much more a reader than a viewer, while I appreciated seeing some of this “in action” I definitely devoured the book more than once. I like to mark things up, underline, highlight…Make it my own. 🙂




As I read the pages within the simple book again and again hit a smile sometimes wipe a couple tears and admit but there was so much that needed to change. How could there be so much that makes so much sense but I just didn’t know until now? I really am ever so grateful for this book. I do believe it is beginning a new season in our home. A season in which we live the phrase with responsibility comes freedom and we simply ask the question do you have the freedom?

Parenting Made Practical {Reviews}

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