Caught or Taught?

There are many times that we have students in our home who come to study through international exchange programs. This year is no different. We have a sweet young lady from France who recently arrived. She is soft spoken, gentle, curious about all these new things she is being introduced to. Church, food, children, home learning….It is all so new and exciting for her! (and us too truth be told)



Today, to celebrate two of our children’s birthdays we headed to Green Bay; it was a day of riding amusement park rides, eating pizza and cotton candy and visiting with grandparents and great grandparents. Since we see them so seldom it is always a treat for the children to get to spend a day with them. Card games and cribbage and so much to talk about!


One of those things is Jesus. The great grandparents are not familiar with the joy of the Lord; they know nothing of this great life changing faith.  Nor do our exchange students most of the time. Often there are some awkward moments (mostly with my mother in law) who unfortunately (?) sees every encounter with others as an opportunity to tell them what they must do to be saved. While some may admire the way she “preaches to all” I fear it catches very few.


No doubt we are commanded to go and teach and preach boldly the message of the Gospel. Yet I ponder as I listened to her today telling our student and “unsaved” family about how they just dress and what they must do . .. Are we teaching or are we catching, for Jesus?


There is a difference. We are called to be fishers of men, We are called to teach. Certainly there are many out there who have a need. The question is, do they see this need? We can preach to every person we meet, every day, every place but if they do not see for themselves, this need for Christ…


Humility. It is humility that draws other to see a difference and to desire what we have. Certainly I do believe that we are to dress in a way that is pleasing to the Lord; I believe that there is a way to be saved and I have no doubt that we must be obedient to the commands of our Lord.



But what does it profit, to tell someone who does not even know Him, how they must be saved? We cannot preach modesty, spiritual gifts, salvation or any other, to those who do not yet desire the milk of the Word.



I jokingly said to someone that the difference between catching someone and teaching someone is that, when you catch them, they aren’t completely willing. Perhaps they sit and listen for a time; maybe they agree with some of what you say, but they are not seeking. They may be pacifying – seeking to keep peace – they do not feel invited though so much as they perhaps feel trapped.



Teaching on the other hand, is something that happens when someone is pursuing a curiosity. Those we meet, as we learn of them and they learn of us, we are teaching. They are teaching. We learn and share, gently, together. We show the humility of Jesus. It is our work to encourage and inspire them; just as he served so ought we to serve. In humility.


Perhaps there are times we believe we are being humble; we ought to be cautious though. Why are we speaking? Is it out of pride because we feel we know more? Do we speak in a way that makes our faith sound tiresome? I consider the times I have engaged in conversation about the things I do, the ways I do them … Was I glorifying Him or me?




Can we stop and consider if we are being gentle and patient. Let us not be as the Pharisees – telling others all that we do and seeking glory from man – let us rather show grace. To them and to one another. We all have so much to learn. As I read and study more and more about the meekness and humility of Christ, I am sure, that there is so much more I must learn. I have no doubt we must pray more and more for humility and for meekness, of Christ, within ourselves.



And so this is my prayer. I do not want to catch them. I want to walk with them. I do not want to be in a hurry. I do not want to be bothered by all that they “need” to know and to do. I want to know them, as He knows them. Learning of them as they learn of Him. Walking by faith in patience and in love. One step at a time. ❤



Night, Night Farm ~ FlyBy Promotions Review

We love books. My little girls (18 months and 5 years old) love to snuggle up and read a good book with momma.
So I was so excited to have the chance to review a copy of  Night, Night Farm

We have had this one in our house for awhile now and it has been a huge hit from the moment it arrived. It’s a traveling companion as we are out and about.

Its a favorite read for sure; we enjoy it at bedtime, even during the daytime hours! 🙂

Between teaching on thankfulness and on farm animals, there is so much we enjoy about this book.


This is a super sweet and very colorful book; the story is so simple and yet so powerful.



As we read, we see each little one,from the kittens to the cows, thanking God for those little things that are a part of our every day.

How often do we forget to thank God for those little things? Apples and good dreams (my daughter prays for good dreams every night now) and for momma and daddy; warm beds and baths and the moon….


This is a wonderful little board book; a soft padded cover and so many bright colors and images to see! Very eye catching  ~ this is one I would grab for a closer at the bookstore…  Just to see more  The illustrations are done by Virginia Allyn and they are so amazing.



 We have solutely adore this book! If we paid at the beautiful illustrations. And every page is such a sweet words. And let’s not forget the important lesson with in this little book. Let us thank the Lord for every little thing. Especially little ones.   

Passport2Purity ~~ Review

Not long ago my son (who is only 9) started asking questions that I was not prepared for. I did not expect it at all. Very soon after that, I was offered the chance to review the “Passport2Purity set from FlyByPromotions.  I saw this as definitely having potential; my husband and I certainly needed help here.  This also reminded me of how our children grow up far too quickly nowadays and also, how important it is for us, as parents, to address their questions appropriately.  We need them to have all the right information and to be able to come to us; there are too many other ways they can get answers to their questions (internet, friends, etc) that could be so damaging to their walk.


If we look in the media, at the movies and telelvision shows that are on all the time. A serious relationship…marriage…it’s almost nonexistant. It isn’t treated as anything important. Relationships are always exciting, full of fireworks and love and gifts – when they aren’t so joy filled? Move on – maybe this isn’t the one for you after all. Whatever makes you happy.  Hear my eyes rolling? sigh.

The “Passport2Purity” series teaches the value of  friendship in relationships.  It teaches you the value of intimacy in marriage, not before.  There is honor and respect, virtues to be gained in taking the time to really learn about one another!

This is an excellent overview of this material:







About this Series:

It is a life-changing getaway with your preteen.

Your child begins the journey into adolescence in a world of sexting, bullying, online stalking and moral defiance. Innocence is under attack, and you cannot win the battle with a single awkward talk or a strict set of rules. The primary defense for your child is a strong relationship with you and with God.

FamilyLife has developed Passport2Purity® (P2P) to assist you in building heart-to-heart communication with your preteen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead. Through the shared listening experience, object lessons and guided conversations of a P2P weekend getaway, you can set your son or daughter on a journey of moral integrity—and strengthen the bond between you.

The third edition of Passport2Purity (P2P Version 3) features new design, copy revisions, the addition of 25 student devotionals, and an accompanying project kit (sold separately). P2P is designed to help parents discuss love, sex, and relationships with their preteen children. The Passport2Purity kit includes a parent guide (Tour Guide), a student guide (Travel Journal), and five audio sessions on CD with special projects.

Session One: Beginning the Journey

Challenges, Traps, and Choices

This session lays the groundwork for the weekend. Discusses challenges adolescents may encounter and choices they will have to make.

Session Two: Running with the Herd

Friendships and Peer Pressure

Session two leads the child on an evaluation of their friendships and an evaluation of themselves as a friend. It asks them to consider the influence their peers are having on them and the influence they are having on their peers.

Session Three: Ready for an Upgrade?

Changes in Him, Changes in Her

Session three discusses the physical changes that are going to occur in the child’s life. It encourages him or her to treat the opposite sex with respect. Separate sections are addressed to the young men and young women. It also explains the act of sex and how it is a gift from God to be saved for marriage.

Session Four: Destination: Lé Pure

Setting Boundaries
Session four talks about setting boundaries both physically and emotionally and deciding beforehand how far you will go. Encourages parents to set boundaries on the front end with their child and discusses the consequences of not having boundaries.

Session Five: Crossing the Date Line

Seeing Dating Differently

Session five is a summation of the weekend. Parent and child hopefully will reach an agreement about when a child will date and what that will look like.

Passport2Purity® is designed to be used by a mother and daughter or a father and son when the child is a preteen. It is suggested that the materials be completed over a weekend away from home, as the child may be more open to discussing the topics away from his or her normal environment. If this isn’t possible, the material can be completed over a period of four or five weeks.

Also available is the Passport2Purity® Project Kit which features materials needed to do the weekend projects; and the Passport2Purity Replacement Kit for parents wanting to take another child through the P2P experience (includes one Travel Journal and one visa sticker). Both are sold separately.

About the Series:
CD and Paperback: one Tour Guide (parent), one Travel Journal (preteen), and eight CDs (5 sessions, scripture memory songs & MP3s that can be downloaded from the CDs)
Publisher: FamilyLife Publishing (May, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781602005228
Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.25 x 1.5 inches

This kit contains a total of 8 CDs by Dennis and Barbara Rainey who are your personal coaches as you go through these challenging topics.  From Ready for an Upgrade to Destination, Le Pure these deal honestly, and Biblically, with the issues that our children will have to face. They encourage and inspire us as we teach them how to be wise and live according to God’s standards. If you do cross that line? There is a way to address that too. Wihtout a doubt they cover so many of the concerns we as parents have and I am sure, our kids will experience too. Before they are in that place, they need the tools. Consider this our way of not putting a stumbling block before them. We all need to have a plan; we ned the wisdom so that we know what to do before we are in a bad situation. Or just a questionable one even 🙂

Each topic on these CD’s is divided into two parts and runs about an hour each. There is also an activity that goes along with each lesson; reinforcing what has been taught in a more tangible way.  By using this we can equip our children, we can prepare them for things that are going to come their way. And we cn build our relationship with them at the same time. Its about faith and trust, its about purity of heart and mind, body and soul. Our children need to see and know that even the little things matter when it comes to keeping our selves pure.  We must teach them about that comparison trap; we must teach them about how uniquely they were created.  God has a purpose and a plan for every one of our children; we need to help them grow in that purpose with a surety and a foundation that is not going to be shaken. 🙂


If you are interested in purchasingthis series, receive 25% off the “Getaway Kit” by using promo code PASSPORT on their website. This promo code is only good through 08/31/15, so be sure to order soon.



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Give Them Grace ~ Chapters 2-4

As you know I have been reading Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson in the Family Discipleship Facebook group. If you missed the discussion of the foreword, intro, and chapter one, you can find that here. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you are reading along. If you care to join us this is the schedule we’re following in the group. Although as you can see I am a bit behind. No pressure though; join in as you can and where you can~

We'll be discussing Give Them Grace May-July 2015. Here's the schedule!
In Chapter Two, these ladies talk about How to Raise Good Kids.. this was so very revealing, and difficult, for me.  Fitzpatrick and Thompson discuss here the difference between goodness and righteousness. And what a huge difference there is.  But how many times are we tempted to tell our kids they are “good” or that they need to be “good”? How often do we shower them with praise? Yet if we are honest with them and ourselves, apart from Christ, there is no good thing to be found in any one of us. Romans 3:9-13 (KJV) says:

 What then? are we better than they? No, in no wise: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin;

 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.

They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips:

And then in Mark 10:18 Jesus says:

” Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.”


Jesus alone is good. Whatever we have, be it finances, home, family, peace, health or righteousness  – it comes from Christ alone. It is through Him alone that we have our salvation. If we praise our kids for being “good”, are we not then giving them a false sense of righteousness? —What can we do to encourage and inspire them to do well, without giving them the impression that it is them alone who can do “good”?

Every word we say to (our children) during the day will be shaped by our view of their ability to be good and how to get them there. Every responsible parent wants obedient children. But if we’re confused about their ability to be good, we’ll end up lying to them about their desperate lostness outside of Christ. We’ll tell them they are good and that they can obey God’s law. (Give Them Grace, page 47)

Certainly as I train up my children, I want them to see their need for a Savior.  I want them to know that we can not do any good thing without Him! The truth of the Gospel can be so powerful if we allow His Word to speak for itself. Let us not interpret it or water it down for our children. Let us trust that as He works in their lives they will gain an understanding and love of His Word.  The truth is what sets us free and it shall set them free as well if we trust in Him.

Are you Sure?

(10) Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

“Conventional wisdom” is not really wisdom! It is what is generally held to be true by many, yet it may, in fact, be fictitious. Some may be able to convince themselves that they will be safe from what lies ahead because they are with the right church—rather than being right with God. This is extremely dangerous, as it indicates do you trust in the wrong thing?

The letters to the seven churches each are concluded with Jesus saying, “he who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”—plural—meaning we should glean all that we can from each letter rather than focus on just one.

One cannot conclude that, just because he fellowships with a particular faithful group, he will be carried along in its positive momentum and benefit from the promises of protection and other blessings. An unfaithful individual in a faithful group will reap what he sows, not what the rest of the group sows.


Are you sure you’re on the right side? What evidence do you have that you know Jesus? How will Jesus respond to your laundry list of “Christian” activities?


Please understand…I ask for the same reason Jesus gives the warning. It is the most loving thing I can do!


“Many” will go to hell even though they thought they’d waltz into paradise. Jesus will say to them, “Depart from me, I never knew you (Matt 7:23). The most frightening thing is that word “many” …. Will you sound like the “many” calling out in desperation, “Lord, Lord, did I not….in your name?” (Erasing Hell, Francis Chan)


Be sure you are on the right side. We CAN know.


Matthew 10:22: “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved”.


He makes it clear, this is an individual thing – How is your relationship with Jesus?



Give Them Grace ~ Intro & Chapter One ~ Talk Time!

It’s May! And so our 3 month discussion of the popular Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson in the Family Discipleship Facebook group has begun! It’s not too late to join us if you would like to.   Check out the schedule below, and then let’s talk about the foreword, the introduction, and Chapter One!  🙂


We'll be discussing Give Them Grace May-July 2015. Here's the schedule!


I absolutely love the quote Pastor Tchividjian begins the foreword with from Michael Horton in Christless Christianity:


What would things look like if Satan really took control of a city? Over half a century ago, Presbyterian minister Donald Grey Barnhouse offered his own scenario in his weekly sermon that was also broadcast nationwide on CBS radio. Barnhouse speculated that if Satan took over Philadelphia (the city where Barnhouse pastored), all of the bars would be closed, pornography banished, and pristine streets would be filled with tidy pedestrians who smiled at each other. There would be no swearing. The children would say, “Yes, sir” and “no ma’am,” and the churches would be full every Sunday… where Christ is not preached.” (Give Them Grace, page 11)


Tchividjian goes on to say that we are not meant to train our children to be externally obedient, “nice” “good” people, but rather that they are able to grasp the truth of the Gospel.  What good is the law after all if it does not point us toward God’s grace?  Sanctification or becoming holy, is not possible without justification through faith, by grace, in Christ alone. We are able to change because of Jesus. And Jesus is the one who changes us.



This reminds me, painfully, of how often I tell my children that they need to “obey”.  I expect them to apologize for wrong doings and be polite; I tell them to use kind words and to speak in love. When they are being stubborn, or disobedient, I remind them (too often) of the need for them to “just do it” because it is what needs to be done. None of us mean to teach our children things that are contrary to the Word of God but when I think about it, as I read, ultimately, I am teaching them (unconciously) that they need to do these things on their own. Truth is, they need Jesus with them, because it is through Him all these things can be.


Introduction ~ by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson


Fitzpatrick and Thompson begin, no holds barred with the following question:

…should a Christian’s response differ significantly from what we might hear from a loving Mormon mom or a conscientious Jewish father?


What do you think? I didn’t have to think hard on this one. Of course, the gospel should be the center of all that we do.  If it is not, what does that say about our faith?


We need to give them the Gospel.  It should be something that we love so much, we desire to give it to our children again and again, seeing the great value within it for them. Its how we help them to live for Jesus – ensuring that they can see their NEED for a Saviour, just as we once did.  Can we remember the feelings of relief and joy that came from knowing that this battle we are in, He is there, fighting for us? How much peace did it give us knowing that this is not about our ability but rather His power.


Chapter One ~ Sinai to Calvary

I was quite compelled by how obedience was divided into various areas in this book such as: Initial Obedience, Social Obedience, Civic Obedience, and Religious Obedience. Certainly these are all necessary to learn to live successfully in the world, to be safe, and to develop strong relationships in our family and community. But none can save a child; if we consider their value eternally, there is so much more to all of this.

I loved the examples they share as to how we can communicate the gospel to our children, rather than focusing on their obedience to the law. (It’s what most of us do; not meaning to perhaps, but still….)


I love how they write:


Yes, give them God’s law. Teach it to them and tell them that God commands obedience. but before you are done, give them grace and explain again the beautiful story of Christ’s perfect keeping of it for them.


As my children get older I see more and more the value and need for Biblical training in their lives.  And I see, glaringly, my own imperfections, in them so often.  Training our children is so important. Consistent, grace filled, loving, Biblical training.  We cannot use the Bible as nothing more than a rule book rather we must use it as a way to share the complete message of the Gospel – the love and mercy; the grace and the law.  We cannot have one without the other.  It isn’t just about “being good” and they must know that (we need to too!) so that hearts may be transformed. ❤






Trusting Him Tomorrow

My husband doesn’t go to the doctor very often. Truth be told, neither of us do. We have been quite blessed in our health.

But shortly after we came home from the hospital with our latest little blessing he was telling me of a racing heart; he could feel it like it was going to jump out of his chest or explode or something.  A heart beating that fast – we all know (its common sense) that no good comes from that.  Only so long before it stops.


He went to the doctor two days ago and they reported that his heart rate was 170. His doctor is calling it supra ventricular tachycardia.  According to what I read this means that from time to time his heart beats very fast for a reason other than exercisehigh fever, or stress. It is said most episodes are caused by faulty electrical connections in the heart.  There was no mention of any type of treatment other than surgery.


He had to go in the day after that as well for an appointment with the cardiologist who determined that it is actually a narrow complex tachycardia he has.From what little I could find on this, it basically means that there is a rapid activation of the ventricles via the system itself, in turn suggesting the arrhythmia originates above or within the bundle (ie, similar to the a supraventricular tachycardia). The site of origin may be in the sinus node, the atria, the atrioventricular (AV) node, the His bundle, or some combination of these sites.  That’s quite a mouthful.


Anyway so they sent hi home with instructions to take aspirin daily; they scheduled an ECHO for later this month.  They advised him to go to the emergency room immediately when this happens again so that they can see this “in action” before determining any definite treatment (thus far surgery is the treatment from my understanding).


In all of this, we have a wonderful group of prayer warriors praying and believing in a good report!  Its a reminder though, tomorrow is not promised. Today is the day of salvation. Today.

Certainly we would love for God to give us a glimpse into His plan for us in all of this.  We would love for Him to tell us that He is going to heal his heart and all will be just fine again as of May 3rd at 2:44 pm.  But we all know thats not how this works.  And thats okay.


“Those who wait for the Lord gain new strength.” (Isaiah 40:31)


This is the time to surrender, completely, to His will.  This is the time to give it all to God.  To give him my husband’s heart and body and mind and soul because – he is God’s child.

This is the time to dig deeper into His word, the time to worship and praise more than before because while His plan is not always our own, it is good because He is good.


And we know that ALL things work together for good to those who are His.  Now is the time to show some faith:

Because”faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

And  trials can only make us stronger; they build up our perseverance,  perseverance builds our character, and character hope. (Romans 5:3-4)

There is no testimony without the test.

Let us fix our eyes on Him; remembering that He goes before us.  Where we are going, He is already there.


When we falter, when we feel like we are growing let us remember how far He’s brought us. His love never fails.

It may sound crazy but I look forward, a bit excitedly, to seeing what He will do in all of this.  What report will we have to share with the many we know who so need to know our great God.  How is He going to use us, use this, for His glory?


We all know He is into “the impossible”whether its miracles or healing, or grace, the impossible is His specialty. 


Interestingly my husband  mentioned that the clock on the doctor’s office wall stopped around the very same time he was told all of this information, on his very first visit.


Prayers are greatly appreciate; of course we are trusting God in all of this. ❤

Time for some Small Talk

I have been looking back a bit lately. Reminiscing on all that God has done for me, for my family, in the last few years.  My oldest son likes to go deep. Sometimes his questions and his insight, it just astounds me. Pretty profound for a child. And then I think, as one created in His image, in the likeness of God, why does it surprise us when they understand things that are really so simple. Except that we complicate them.


I was happy to read and review Small Talk by Amy Julia Becker.

This is a must-read for everyone because parent, or aunt, or cousin, friend, or caregiver – we all love and nurture these small ones.  And this book is so encouraging: may we more and more talk with our children, at the same sharing our faith and life; and gaining a greater understanding ourselves of what it is we believe and why.  Historically was this not how so much was passed along from one generation to the next? Small Talk is  Amy Julia Becker’s memoir. A mom to three she shares so many conversations she’s had with her children from birth, disability, faith and grace. What a precious way to teach our children the value of honesty and love.

John 17:23   I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

There is such beauty and transparency as she shares how she responds to her children’s questions; simple ones, hard ones, silly ones .  Isn’t it amazing how beautiful and hard motherhood is? Perhaps the greatest calling and yet one that has so much power within it too. We have to consider, we have to be willing to go deeper, in and of ourselves, to bring train these children up. For Him and His Kingdom.


Sometimes God uses the smallest voices to teach the greatest truths.


It is so important for us to treasure these moments; little ones and big ones. The time goes so quickly. We must cherish the days; we must embrace the opportunities to have that small talk with our children. For there are amazing truths that they hold; there are deep topics like the death of a loved one, a friend moving away, challenges that will come – Let us take the time so that they can be ready to face these things that will surely come their way.



This is a fabulous, inspiring, and refreshing read. Even has a great discussion guide on her website. (I love those myself  hehe)
Follow Amy here: 
Amy’s Website:
On Twitter here
Her Facebook page is here
Matthew 19:14 (KJV)
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Who Don’t you Love?

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26-27).

So great should be our love for Jesus, that every other relationship falls to a distant second in importance. We must be willing to sacrifice everything, lose everything, forfeit everything in this life for the furtherance of the gospel and His Kingdom. We must be willing to bear that cross and live by the two greatest commandments: love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40). Its sacrificial love (John 15:13). Whatever we are unwilling to give up in obedience to and for Jesus Christ (even relationships) it is an idol. And idolatry is a sin against God.

If we refuse to share the gospel with a friend or family member because we fear we will lose our relationship with them, we are saying we love ourselves more than we love them. We are saying that our relationship is more important than their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Unsaved family and friends need to hear the truth; we cannot withhold what we are charged with by the Lord himself. Do we not want to see our unsaved family and friends get saved, before it is too late? We cannot be indifferent, and refuse to share the gospel, EVERY WORD OF IT, for in that we are not truly loving others. And many who believe they are sharing in a “friendship evangelism” only show that they care more about their relationships than they care for the eternal souls of those who do not have the only one that really matters.

If we truly love them we will do all we can to snatch them from the fire; let us go:

Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him. (Acts 28:31)


Minister at Home

We do a lot of ministry in our home. In fact I have hard it said that the best preparation to be a missionary is to be one at home. In your community and your neighborhood.

Of course we have three children 9 and under and one more on the way come April so – We like being home. After all home education allows for a great deal of adventure and flexibility but there is also much to do in the home. And we have many days of fun, at home.

We also enjoy hosting foreign exchange students. We have done this off and on since my oldest was 2. And the things we have learned; the connections we have made. The youth that have been led to a hunger for Christ especially. It is beautiful to be His hands, t be the boots on the ground, introducing these young ones to something that is completely unknown to them. Then watching what He does in their lives while they are with us.

For the last two years the kids we host have been from China. We have a young lady with us now in fact. One I am really struggling to connect with. It grieves me that I feel such constant frustration with her. I need to continually remind myself that this is likely her only experience with Jesus Christ and His truth. I need to try to let go of the things many inconveniences and distractions; the plumbing disasters and all of the common sense things that she just does not know. I need to show rather than say because language and understanding, its so very minimal with this girl.

And I admit, guiltily that I am running out of patience with one more young one in our house that needs to be trained in every single thing. Cleanliness, baking and cooking, proper eating, cleaning and dressing appropriate, electronic use (this girl is always on an iphone or her MacBook – grrrr) Her interactions with our children; with us. It feels impossible for this to work if I am totally honest. I cannot communicate with her in a way she understands and vice versa. She is afraid of everything, has no real connections with anyone and while she is completely reliant on us, she also desperately wants to not be and so – Imagine the many disasters that have ensued because of this. lol

In all of this, as my husband and I try to figure out the best way to make this successful for everyone involved, I pray. And pray more. I seek to remind myself of the  many differences, big ones, between our family and hers. Between our country and her own. At the same time I hear that voice reminding me that even if we cannot speak with her verbally, we can always show her, even if it is in deed alone.  For whatever reason, the Lord has placed this girl into our home and our life. I remember that it is His way, not mine. I can either that salt and light when I am called, or I cannot. Its a test of faith. Do I trust Him enough to let go? To follow His lead with this stranger who is in our home yet not really a part of our home? An adopted daughter, even if only for a year, that is nothing like any of us, not a part of us, not eager and excited, desiring every moment and experience but desperately trying to make a way for herself. By herself.

I imagine my children at her age and I admit I cannot see having any of these issues with them. But how silly of a comparison is that? Really. We speak the same language, we have always been family; trained up and taught at home, in the ways of the Lord. Different than this one who has grown up in boarding schools, been given her every desire, has never known the need to make a meal or clean her clothing, care for another – Experience in life is so powerful. We need it. And in some cases we need someone to come along side us and train, or mentor, us, in the way that we need to walk. When someone does not know what exactly, real life looks like, someone needs to come along side them and show them, offer to guide them. Mistakes will always be made, but its that much easier when you know someone is there who cares. And yes, I need to care more. I need to see this for what it is; I need to pray for Go to give her a teachable heart, a desire for what we can share with her, and until that desire comes along I need to just press forward; focus on Jesus and do what I can and must to show the way. Just in case she happens to take a glance.