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For I time, my oldest son was involved in a local speech and debate homeschool group. One of the things I loved about them was how they wove the news into different activities assignments helping our kids to look and see things going on in the world around them. When we were no longer able to do this I pondered how to continue encouraging my children to get their daily (r weekly sometimes) dose of the new Needless to say, it was with much enthusiasm that we grabbed the opportunity to review WORLD Watch. This includes 10-minute daily news videos from a Christian perspective, a perfect opportunity to explore all that WORLD Watch includes and to get my kids curious and involved in exploring life in the world they live in.

Meet Brian Basham, program director and host. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two daughters. He began broadcasting over 15 years ago at NBC in El Paso, and has been a meteorologist and news anchor since then, in Tucson, Memphis, and Charlotte. Fun facts: He went to college on a trombone scholarship. He also worked as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland! He is full of enthusiasm and so very engaging (as is the whole team that is a part of World Watch.

For this review we received a six month subscription for our whole family to WORLD Watch. My boys, from the start, enjoy their 10-minute newscast, every day, on the news presented from around the world, with a Biblical focus. Since how we see things really matters (we have been studying a lot about worldviews) this is quite encouraging to find!

Some of the stories are a little heavy – talking about the Taliban. Others are lots of fun – using legos to explain budgets. Choose from headlines, news briefs, and feature stories. There are so many good ones to explore! Go into the archives and bam – now you’re doing history! 🙂

My boys especially appreciate all the stories that cover sports and technology and science. Did you know that Google Tech helped a visually impaired marathon runner? Signature Science always has so many amazing scientific stories about studies that have been done, are being done…think of squirrels.

Some videos make you hungry:

Others might make you want to hurl:

Some of the stories are so fascinating and lead you down all sorts of rabbit trails: the sculptor of Wall Street’s famous charging bull dies. Oh the places you can go as you explore the story behind the statue and the sculptor and the bulls!

There is also What in the Word? This is super cool for my younger son who ponders the reason for something being the word that it is. Here we can explore the meaning of certain words. And this is lots of fun!

So grateful to World Watch for allowing us the opportunity to explore all the good things they have to offer! This isn’t just keeping up on news but also a lesson in thinking Biblically, discerning things well. And there are so many ways this can help us to grow and learn in a plethora of topics of all sorts! Materials like this are such a blessing for helping us learn to see and think critically about the things taking place in the world around so that we can properly watch and pray!

WORLD Watch on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldwatchshow
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldwatchnews/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhlnq_RLfpSdQ8Fm6VEEjw

WORLD Watch has a 30-Day FREE Trial also so you can try it out and see if it is a great fit for your family!

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WORLD Watch News {Review}

What about Jerusalem?

If you watch the news its always there. The Gaza Strip, Jerusalem .. the Middle East – its a story in itself. one that many of us, i think, do not truly and completely understand. its a rich and dangerous history; full of prophecy that is currently being fulfilled and much that is still to come.

As a Bible believer I am all too aware of the value of Israel; we are told often in scripture in fact, to watch and be ready. It is sad that this little spot of land, such a small country, is an important time piece in the End Days.

I was given the chance to read Dateline Jerusalem; Chris Mitchell, a reporter for CBN stationed in Jerusalem does quite a good job pulling together various details for us in this book. He shares history, as well as what we see and read in the news each day. While at times I found the reading a bit dry and hard to follow, it was not due to a lack of information. Sometimes I think there was almost too much; overwhelming at points.

As one who very much enjoys studying the End Times, I was hopeful I would see more scripture; that he would tie things together a bit more than was done in the pages of this book. I do commend him though for all that is within this one.

“We live in a world where we cannotafford to be ill informed. What happens in the strategic Middle East, Israel,and Jerusalem is critical. It matters to you. Today’s news might focus on Washington, New York, London, or Moscow, but history’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem.”

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It Could Happen Tomorrow-Review!

I remember reading somewhere that we should all live each day as though it may be our last. Is that not such a true statement? Especially for we professing Christians? Christ spoke of impending wars, famines, earth quakes, famines, etc. in the last days. Sound familiar? The rapture of the church is coming and it could be tomorrow.  Do not be one who is here wishing he had been ready.

Gary Frazier’s book was definitely not what I had expected however I have always been pleased with what I have read from this publisher and this book was definitely not a disappointment in any way.  I tend to be very wary of prophecy in literature, there are many things that can not just lead us astray from His word but also take time away from Him – distracting us. This book was not such a read for me. The variety of topics within too were very in line with scripture as I read from this book and the Bible as well. We must always confirm, with His word right 🙂

Chapters range from discussing America’s place in the End Times, to the Islamic “effect” let’s say, on this day in age and their place in things Biblically. Plenty of scripture as you read to go back and confirm with His word – lots of opportunities to dig in even deeper to both His word and the world’s current events.  I applaud the author as well for not overstepping in wisdom – at no point does he define a clear path in these days but rather shows in a very well written fashion – what possibilities could unfold as things progress. Again this is definitely not something I consider to be a “light” read.

If you are someone who enjoys studying prophecy, or even has doubts in regards to the prophecies written of  do take some time to read this book. The connections between current events and all that was and is spoken of in the Bible, very telling indeed.  Many connections I myself would not have considered too – definitely gives someone a lot to chew on.  For anyone with any doubts whatsoever, this is definitely a worthy investment of your time. Consider the world as it is today, and the truth itself in His word – It cannot be ignored – there are far too many things neatly in line at this current time. Let us be wise, and ready.

I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher but the opinion of it is my own and was not solicited, nor was a positive review required.