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Do the unending obstacles you face make you feel like you’re in a constant spiritual battle? Arm yourself with 100 prayers that will uplift and encourage you during the difficult moments of life.

It can be difficult to find the right words when you’re praying through hard times. In Battle Prayers, find a classic model to lift your prayers to God, not only for yourself, but others.

Each prayer is woven together with Scripture, reminding you that the answers to your struggles can be found in God’s Word and by listening to Him. Battle Prayers:

1. Shows how the power of prayer can lead you to find lasting encouragement

2. Provides inspiration and theological accuracy

3. Offers prayers ideal for helping move the mountains that can sometimes stand in between us and God

Whether a gift or for yourself, this volume of 100 prayers features:

1. Specific Scriptures and cross-references to other prayers in the book for additional encouragement

2. First-person prayers addressed directly to God, ideal for reading aloud during morning, evening, or devotional prayer time

3. A helpful and encouraging Appendix: “The 10 Essential Qualities of an Effective Battle Prayer”

Prayer doesn’t stop with the “Amen,” and is merely the beginning of deeper, daily, more meaningful communication with our Creator. Find peace in stress, healing for broken relationships, and protection for your loved ones in this essential volume of prayers.

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My soul yearns, even faints,

for the courts of the LORD; 

my heart and my flesh cry out 

for the living God.

(Ps. 84:2 NIV)

Dearest Jesus, I bring before You what is both a request and a gift.

A request, because it benefits me. A gift, because it pleases You.

My heart’s desire is for more of You. I readily confess that my ceaseless wanderings have proven that, apart from Your presence, I am spiritually bankrupt. Only in You have I found eternal life and truth (John 14:6). Only in You have I found the way to the Father’s heart (John 14:6), and apart from You I have no good thing (Ps. 16:2).

You were the one whom the psalmist longed for:

Whom have I in heaven but you?

And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my

portion forever.

(Ps. 73:25–26 NIV)

Jesus, I desire only You because you are the strength of my heart and everything I will ever need— forever. My soul cries out for more of You, because only in You do I find true purpose and meaning. You alone fit perfectly the God- shaped hole I so often try to fill with worldly and selfish pursuits.

So, I echo John the Baptist’s words: May You increase, and I decrease (John 3:30). May You grow in me as I become less. And as I become less, live Your life through me. Only in that kind of life am I truly pleasing in Your sight.

Taken from “Battle Prayers” by Michael Klassen and Thomas Freiling. © 2022 Michael Klassen and Thomas Freiling. Derived from material previously published in Prayers to Move Your Mountains  

(ISBN 9780785286523, © 2000). Used with permission from Thomas Nelson.


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Battle Prayers: Blog Blitz

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God’s Mail: Volume 3 {Review}

For some time now God has been speaking to me; reminding me, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death (Rev 12:11). I know these bones have been a bit dry, I know that my fire does not burn as hot as it once did. And I remember that there is power, great power, in testimonies. Faith comes by hearing and our faith grows when we hear the Good News and how it has changed and touched lives. Needless to say, I just knew what I needed was to read God’s Mail Volume 3 from God’s Mail written by Ronald Hardin. This is a collection of poems intended to encourage, instruct and comfort those who are walking with Christ; even those who have not yet come to the knowledge of the faith. These books are available both in print form as well as Kindle. For this review, I received the Kindle edition.

God's Mail Volume 3 Book Cover by Ron Hardin

God’s Mail: Volume 3 addresses some rather deep topics such as suicide, healing from abortion, and a variety of every day struggles we face as believers and unbelievers. It also reminds us throughout the pages of promises God has made to His people. This is, most of all, a book for, “saints and sinners, as well as saints with sinners problems.” I love that because I do believe that I am that saint living with sinners’ problems. I tend to be pretty raw, pretty real, pretty awful at times. Struggling, leaning on God as I fight to press on. If I struggle n this way, surely there are others who are messy, ugly, awful and in need as I am.

Each poem within the pages of this book is followed by scripture. Quite a few scriptures, which relate to the topic of the preceding poem. For those who love to write the scriptures, this can be a great way to get those words in your heart and mind each day. Read the poem, write the words. Pray and meditate on them. There are a variety of translations used, so be aware in case you tend to prefer one over others. I admit I am a pretty staunch believer in KJV. I can appreciate poetic writing, flowery descriptive sing-song as well – there is a place for all things. The verses and versions here did fit in well with the poems so it flowed nicely.

Some of the titles for these poems really made me chuckle – Blessing Pirates – Reminding us to guard the gift God has given us. For there are those who come to steal and kill and destroy. We must be ready, we must be alert.

Commitments Door is a reminder of our all to lay down our lives for Him; to trust HIm and put Him first in ALL things. How true it is, when walking through that door, we must be prepared to face – fiery darts, persecution, separation – it is not a walk for the faint of heart. It will be lonely. It will be hard. But Jesus will be with us and will bless us with joy and peace like nothing else.

While some made me giggle, others made me weep – Dead Homie memories of old friends, foolish choices and dangerous ways. Yet we can be free. Jesus made me free, cleansed from all my past – I don’t feel clean – sometimes I feel guilty, anger – so many still stuck – whether pride or blindness – they will not come. They will continue to live until their way brings them death. Some already gone – There is such a power when we believe. Such a change when we give it all to the Lord.

I have been in a season of anguish, darkness – people I thought were friends, watching them self destruct – Feelings getting in the way of sensible behavior. So many friends (family too) that make choices that make me want to (honestly) slap them silly. I forget, I wish – I cannot save you, I cannot change you. I cannot convince you. As we grow we become more stable, more faithful and we receive more than simply “scraps from the Master’s table.” Obedience and persistence can bring us to a place where we can receive those Deeper Blessings.

These poems are short, they are simple to read. I often found myself enjoying one while waiting in a line at the store, in between watching kids skate, or just when I really needed a little pick me up. There has always been something comforting and peaceful about poetry. The flow, you can hear it sing in your ears as you read. It’s like a friend whispering just what you need to hear, just when you need to hear it. Reminders, “pray much for others; plead for God’s mercy upon them, give thanks for ALL He will do for them.” It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It is all about Jesus and when we know, and believe, really believe, we will be free and we will worship and we will serve Him forever.

You can click on the image below to read the thoughts of other Crew members who received this book.

Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women {Review}

My daughter is not yet a teenager but I am always eager to find ways to learn and grow with her because I know that the years pass quickly, and so, when I had the opportunity to review Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women, from Zondervan I was not going to pass it up. We have quite a few books from them and we have not once been disappointed. I am a big lover of books; always on the lookout for ones that will encourage and inspire my children at every age, to look to Jesus. One thing that matters so much today, is knowing our identity. We need to know it; have our own experience and relationship with Jesus.

Do we really know whose we are?

I did not grow up in this. Jesus was just another name to me for so very long. And I struggled as a girl, the older I got the harder it was for me. Finding my way, finding my identity. Without Jesus. I cannot imagine today how much more difficult it is. For girls (boys too but for now, this is about us gals). For my daughter, I am grateful that I know what I do and can share with her, so she can be more confident and sure as she grows into the woman God made her to be.

Can I just say what a beautiful hardcover book this eat ways? My daughter is only seven but she fell in love with it immediately when it arrived. Pink is her favorite color and this is nothing but! A dainty, feminine, flowery devotional, page every packed with loveliness and the power of God too. There are definitely so many great ways they could be used. Whe

Every day there is a short devotion to read, along with a verse of Scripture. These are both inspirational and educational. Some of them are very simple ( the Bible is for girls too!) and others can be a bit more in depth (modesty, body appreciation, dangers or distractions to be aware of in life).

Gosh, I wish I had this when I was younger! To know this truth deep within, that is so powerful and peaceful.

The simplicity of each reading; how it clearly ties it to our life today.

I think of how in our kids Bible Quizzing group they are always taught:

“Learn it, Live it., Quiz it.”

We have to do so much more than just learn the Word of God. We must live it!

This is definitely not something my little girl is ready for. Not yet. But one day this will be a great blessing, helping her to understand and see her place in His plan. In a few years this will be something wonderful for us to work through together. Great gain comes from being secure in our identity; confident in who we were. When our girls can embrace who they were designed to be, we can see and experience God in everything. We can be truly free to worship our Creator in our life.

There is a devotion for every day of the year; there is also a space to journal (I do wish there was a bit more space) as we ponder all we have read.

I love how we learn about Esther and Ruth, Abigail and Mary – these women, their stories instruct us in the way we are to go. Sometimes they warn us against things like vanity or pride.

Our daughters can experience their life, the blessings and the trials, they can see what it looks like to cast their cares before Him. And they will see how, again and again, He cares for every one of us. This is such a precious tool for our young women today. In a crazy world where there are so many mixed messages and so many challenges, from what to wear to who you know; it is vitally important for our girls to know they are chosen. They are valued. They are adored.

This is definitely something that every teen girl can appreciate. I know when mine is older this is definitely something we will enjoy each day, together, with some tea and sweet treats. It isn’t easy walking this path; Jesus says that trials and tribulations will come. The storms might rage around us but when we know who we are, and whose we are, we will not be shaken. This is a wonderful resource for every young lady to have; that she may see and experience for herself the examples of her Sisters of long ago. Because Abigail and Ruth, the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, they are all a part of HIs body, as we are. When we see how we are all connected it is then that we shall be able to walk in faith and in victory. Growing in grace. Strong and bold for Jesus!







Going “All In” {Giveaway}

There is nothing better than having some good tunes to sing and worship while we drive here and there.

Especially with all of the longer distance driving we have been doing visiting family and taking our younger son to hockey games all over Wisconsin and Illinois, it is nice to be able to get in some prayer and worship – as a family, together! Powerful stuff!

I tend to be pretty particular about what I listen to. There are some artists who we just LOVE and Matthew West is one of them. 🙂



All In - By: Matthew West



Matthew wrote his new album All In with the goal of encouraging himself and others to get up off the sidelines of their faith and really live it out – to go all in in your time with God, all in with your family, all in with your community, and all in battling your fears that may hold you back from becoming who God made you to be. Along that same theme, Matthew will be launching a 6-week All in Challenge on his social media starting 9/18, and each week Matthew is challenging his fans to go all in, in a different part of their lives.









“What does it look like when a heart that knows Jesus takes a step and holds nothing back? How can we go All In in the places that mean the most?”





My oldest son, who is learning drums right now, really loved this CD! In fact it has been continually playing in our van since we got it about a week ago!



One of his favorites is “Power Love Sound Mind”.  It is a reminder that “we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power love sound mind.”  One of our favorite verses of scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7.


My daughter, who is a little worshipper, is all about the house as of late singing “1 Song” In fact shortly after she heard this she had to ask her choir teacher at church is this could be a song they sing.  She loves it – “One song, I would sing it for you….”




My younger son’s favorite right now is “All In” and it is funny how he understands so much of the meaning and importance of being all in. Without a doubt this is a very valuable lesson for every one of us to learn. Can we be faithful?



I received Matthew West: All In compliments of Capital Records, Christian Music Group and FlyBy LLD. You do not want to miss this one. Thank you to Capital Records and FlyBy LLC; don’t forget to enter below for your chance to win a copy of this amazing CD! You will be blessed ❤


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Patterns of Evidence ~ Exodus { Review & Giveaway}

One of the things we have been talking about lately, a lot, in our family, is how there can be so many out there who just don’t believe what the Bible says. Certainly there is an amazing amount of evidence showing those stories within its pages to be true. That said I was so very excited about the opportunity to review, with my family, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.





This is an award winning documentary by Timothy Mahoney exploring one question: Did the Exodus event actually occur? This film follows his team as hey search for evidence to prove that this actually happened! There is also included, a special DVD that goes behind the scenes – some neat information about the people involved, behind the music and lots more.



With so much debate over the credibility of the Bible; in a time when it seems that there are more and more people questions the validity of our God and our faith, we need to have all the information if we hope to give an answer to those who are lost out there. This video is a wonderful resource that includes not just a telling of the story of the Exodus but also scientific information from the investigation and while showing a pattern of evidence. This evidence was the result of his twelve year journey around the world searching for answers. Truth matters. We need to know for ourselves what we believe and why.




Getting Social

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Caught or Taught?

There are many times that we have students in our home who come to study through international exchange programs. This year is no different. We have a sweet young lady from France who recently arrived. She is soft spoken, gentle, curious about all these new things she is being introduced to. Church, food, children, home learning….It is all so new and exciting for her! (and us too truth be told)



Today, to celebrate two of our children’s birthdays we headed to Green Bay; it was a day of riding amusement park rides, eating pizza and cotton candy and visiting with grandparents and great grandparents. Since we see them so seldom it is always a treat for the children to get to spend a day with them. Card games and cribbage and so much to talk about!


One of those things is Jesus. The great grandparents are not familiar with the joy of the Lord; they know nothing of this great life changing faith.  Nor do our exchange students most of the time. Often there are some awkward moments (mostly with my mother in law) who unfortunately (?) sees every encounter with others as an opportunity to tell them what they must do to be saved. While some may admire the way she “preaches to all” I fear it catches very few.


No doubt we are commanded to go and teach and preach boldly the message of the Gospel. Yet I ponder as I listened to her today telling our student and “unsaved” family about how they just dress and what they must do . .. Are we teaching or are we catching, for Jesus?


There is a difference. We are called to be fishers of men, We are called to teach. Certainly there are many out there who have a need. The question is, do they see this need? We can preach to every person we meet, every day, every place but if they do not see for themselves, this need for Christ…


Humility. It is humility that draws other to see a difference and to desire what we have. Certainly I do believe that we are to dress in a way that is pleasing to the Lord; I believe that there is a way to be saved and I have no doubt that we must be obedient to the commands of our Lord.



But what does it profit, to tell someone who does not even know Him, how they must be saved? We cannot preach modesty, spiritual gifts, salvation or any other, to those who do not yet desire the milk of the Word.



I jokingly said to someone that the difference between catching someone and teaching someone is that, when you catch them, they aren’t completely willing. Perhaps they sit and listen for a time; maybe they agree with some of what you say, but they are not seeking. They may be pacifying – seeking to keep peace – they do not feel invited though so much as they perhaps feel trapped.



Teaching on the other hand, is something that happens when someone is pursuing a curiosity. Those we meet, as we learn of them and they learn of us, we are teaching. They are teaching. We learn and share, gently, together. We show the humility of Jesus. It is our work to encourage and inspire them; just as he served so ought we to serve. In humility.


Perhaps there are times we believe we are being humble; we ought to be cautious though. Why are we speaking? Is it out of pride because we feel we know more? Do we speak in a way that makes our faith sound tiresome? I consider the times I have engaged in conversation about the things I do, the ways I do them … Was I glorifying Him or me?




Can we stop and consider if we are being gentle and patient. Let us not be as the Pharisees – telling others all that we do and seeking glory from man – let us rather show grace. To them and to one another. We all have so much to learn. As I read and study more and more about the meekness and humility of Christ, I am sure, that there is so much more I must learn. I have no doubt we must pray more and more for humility and for meekness, of Christ, within ourselves.



And so this is my prayer. I do not want to catch them. I want to walk with them. I do not want to be in a hurry. I do not want to be bothered by all that they “need” to know and to do. I want to know them, as He knows them. Learning of them as they learn of Him. Walking by faith in patience and in love. One step at a time. ❤



It’s Beautiful to be Brave

As a mother of two little girls, I often ponder – what does it really mean? To be beautiful … what is beauty really? My girls often tell their friends that they are beautiful; they tell each other too. Beauty is deep though. I know that. Because I have struggled with this concept in my life…Haven’t we all?


In our world today girls are ” bombarded (overwhelmed?) with “thinspiration” messages and pressure to “do it all”; they become skilled at wearing a mask of perfection. “



So many women struggle with feeling left out, not good enough, lonely and unsure of themselves.   Are we really brave? How can we possibly be beautiful?





In Brave is the New Beautiful, Lee Wolfe Blum shares stories from  women who are beautiful and brave. Who have struggled, questioning their own beauty, and in their search, have found true beauty. This is a read you cannot put down; woven in is her own journey along with inspirational stories from everyday women who bravely took off their masks and live an authentic life. With reflections and call-to-action questions, we are all  encouraged as we read to be brave enough to be who we really are and who God has for us to be .





“…bravery is at the root of true beauty…”

Blum pin1



As I read this brought back so many memories – of clients I worked with long ago – lost and empty souls who seemed so far from what the world would see as beautiful. Yet they were stronger, lovelier than so many. They were real and raw; there was nothing hidden. So are the women whose stories are told within the pages this book. These stories, these reflections, they redefine beauty for us. They make us consider for ourselves what beauty is and who we are striving to be beautiful for. Are we authentically who we were created as? I really enjoyed this book! Really. I read it in one day!



Shannon Ethridge says, “Vulnerability breeds vulnerability, bravery breeds bravery. Beauty breeds beauty.” ❤ ❤



This really is a wonderful and powerful read. It reminds of us the value of being our situations and experiences through the right lens. Are we looking at everything through the grace and love of God? Again and again, as I read the stories told within this book, I had to stop to wipe tears; I had to get paper and pen to write down notes and thoughts that came to me. How beautiful every one of the women whose stories are told in these pages.



“To reinvent myself, I had to quit.”


Read this. I mean it. See grace in action. See God’s love and true beauty. Real, raw life. That is what you will find in these pages. No filters, no pretend, no masks. Can we quit? So we can begin again. The right way? God’s way? We all have to realize, He has a better way for us. If we just trust Him.



  • How do you define beauty?
  • Do you think of yourself as a brave woman?
  • Why do you think it’s so difficult to forgive others?
  • What does it mean to you to trust God?



Read this. I mean it. See grace in action. See God’s love and true beauty. Real, raw life. That is what you will find in these pages. No filters, no pretend, no masks. Can we quit? So we can begin again. The right way? God’s way? We all have to realize, He has a better way for us. If we just trust Him. Let us be courageous ladies; let us be brave as we go forward to find the new beautiful within every one of us!




Live On Forever CD Review ~~ TheAfters

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a copy of The Afters CD for review. Honestly, I tend to be one of those old fashioned types; I prefer the simple and sweet music. No bells and whistles for me thank you very much. But I will say this impressed me with their constant and bold messages of faith; continual reminders that God alone os our refuse and fortress. It is in HIM that we are strong.




The Afters were founded by Joshua Havens (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Matt Fuqua (guitar/backing vocals), when these two musicians (previously baristas at Starbucks in Mesquite, Texas) began to play for customers at the local coffee shop. I can only imagine how amazing that might have been; to be present with a delicious and soothing cup o java and some praise and worship music right at the side!



The Afters emerged out of some amazing circumstances with a testimony to speak. This is their fifth album and is beautifully entitled Live On Forever. Through the  loss of a loved one, a bad diagnosis, The Afters continue to stand strong. It is through their hardships, heartaches and pain that they emerge stronger than before in their faith, in their relationships and as a musical group too. The group is such a telling reminder of how our trials can only increase our strength and trust in God! How great is HIs faithfulness and mercy to those who are faithful to Him.


I love this quote from Haven:


“It’s about standing up against fear and knowing God is always with us.  It’s one of the takeaways we hope people get: ‘Don’t give up to fear.’ That captures the theme of the whole record and stands out as representing what we want it to be.”





These songs really are so good! I love how again and again the message remains the same; we are strong in Christ. We need only trust in Him, turn to Him in all situations. It is a bit more “rock and roll” than I would like but we did enjoy this CD and continue to enjoy the messages within every song. It is a constant blessing in its own way to al of us (my oldest son who is 10 and my daughter who is 5) just love singing along to these precious and powerful messages!




The Afters are scheduled for a 40+ City Tour with the Newsboys starting September 22nd. Check the links below for Tour Dates and cities near you.


Where to Buy-links:


Google Play:




Get Connected with The Afters:

Official website:

Hunting Hope ~ Book Review

Where would we be with out the darkness? Too often I think we forget about the light that shines in, and through, the darkness.  Certainly all have experienced times of great sorrow and pain; there are days of hopelessness and helplessness. But when we look back on those times, after we are through them, do we see the hand of God that was there with us? Do we acknowledge and testify of the plan that He used that darkness for?



Hunting Hope

There is great power in having hope! Much like faith itself; hope is something that can be seen in our life. When we have it we are stronger, we are more sure, and have greater patience. Life isn’t easy and it certainly cannot always be fair yet there is power and peace in knowing that we are in God’s hands. And living a life that is full of hope. “Every moment in my life proves God’s faithfulness, not just the winter ones. The spring and summer days speak of Him, too.”



When author Nika Maples was 20 years old, her family experienced that moment that changes everything. They were tested and tried and they had hope. You see, while Nika was attending college, one day she had a brainstem stroke , suddenly, unexpectedly and was left a quadriplegic. She only had 48 to live, said her doctors.  But God had other plans for this young lady and now some twenty years later, you can read her story in Hunting Hope – Dig Through The Darkness To Find The Light. Her story is powerful and inspiring, as she shares how important it is to have hope – that we can move beyond whatever situation we may be in and find G0d’s hand in it. As she tells this story, we see and are reminded of how great His plans are; that very hurt can be what brings hope. If we simply keep our eyes on Him.



Hunting Hope is a such an encouraging read. Perhaps you know someone who is in darkness and needs a bit of light; this could help them to grow in courage and strength. As we read we see how important it truly is to think on right things for certainly: “If we’re out in the cold long enough , we’ll forget how it feels to be warm, to be happy. We’ll start to believe that winter will last forever.”



Nika Maples


Nika Maples is the author of Twelve Clean Pages, the memoir of her survival of lupus and a stroke that left her quadriplegic at age 20. After learning to walk and talk again, she became a public school teacher, winning 2007 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. She holds an MA in English Education from Columbia University and currently is pursuing an MDIV from The King’s University. When she is not traveling to speak, she lives, writes, and laughs as much as possible in Fort Worth, Texas.




Visit Nika’s Website.

Connect with Nika on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the Hunting Hope Blog Tour Page.

Bearing Witness ~ A review

I think now and then about persecution and how different it is to be persecuted for the name of Jesus Christ here, compared to other parts of the world. I strive to pray daily for those who are suffering for His name; especially in times when I feel the sting of offense and persecution myself I remind myself that we are told in His Word to rejoice in these things. For we are partakers of His sufferings. Sobering reality.




Bearing Witness Image


Bearing Witness: Stories of Martyrdom and Costly Discipleship is a book, one of the many in the Bearing Witness Stories Project. 


Throughout the pages of this book we read of and learn about many different martyrs; all persecuted for His name. We hear their stories, some from times long past, others quite recent, like Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria who continues to suffer in this present day.


It is said within the pages of this book that “we should continue to tell stories of courageous witness because persecution is not just an ancient story but a contemporary reality” (p. xii). I was pricked in the heart when they said “North American Christians need to tell stories of persecution and martyrdom because remaining silent, or willfully forgetting, or averting our attention from the reality of suffering, is simply unchristian” (p. xiii).




These are very sobering words for so many of us here; I question often whether I am truly doing enough for the cause of the Kingdom. So many, I fear, live for Christ in their free time and fail to really appreciate all that He did for us. And what it really means to be a called and chosen child God.



Within the pages of this book there is much that should bring us to our knees; the words written in these pages should make all of us question and seek from the Lord what more we can do to fulfill His will in whatever place we are in.




There are four parts to this book: Part I: Early Christians; Part II: Radical Reformers; III: Early Modern Witnesses and Part IV: Recent Witnesses. Within the final pages of this book, there are Questions for Reflection and Discussion.  Again, these are very sobering questions.  For example: “If you were called to give an account of your own faith, would you be ready and able to do so?”  Another says, “How does God use persecution to spread the Gospel?” We should be able to answer every one of these, I believe, as followers of Christ.


As the author says: “… truth cannot be killed” (Introduction p. xvi)


As a home educator I encourage you, if you have older students, to consider this book even, for your students. This could make a great addition to any study on history and faith.


You can purchase your own copy of Bearing Witness here.