Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.

Tis the season to be thankful…falalalala As the holidays draw near, I feel like it is so important for us to take a step back from all of the commercialism, all of the worldly stuff that it is so easy to get caught up in and to bless the Lord. The Bible tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights – We are also told that God loves a cheerful giver. Perhaps now is a good time to revisit what it means and how we can be that cheerful giver. WorthyKids has developed a wonderful way to do just that with The Giving Manger.

So what exactly is The Giving Manger and how does it work? This is a super sweet set that comes with a hardcover book, a manger, straw and a Baby Jesus. We can help our families to shift the focus from getting to giving as we seek out those opportunities to be a blessing to others. For every kind deed that is done, we place a piece of straw into the manger. What a beautiful tradition to begin with your whole family. Maybe even some close friends!

The storybook, written by Allison Hottinger, shares with our children how much joy can be had from giving. Follow Anne and Ben whose family doesn’t have much financially but always enjoyed a special gift each year made by their father. One morning their father announced their new tradition – the gift of giving – developing the heart of a servant. Just like that of Jesus.

While in the beginning this giving manger didn’t seem like such a wonderful thing to Ben and Anne – as we walk with them we see how both begin to learn and grow. As straw filled the manger, eyes were opened to how simple it is to give – folded laundry, a hot meal to eat, a kind note to a sibling. As they begin to give, they experience a joy within that grows them all the more into the image of our loving God.

Every day beginning on the first of December, look of opportunities to do a kind deed or look more closely for your children’s kind deeds being done to others. Keep the manager in an open space, a reminder of the heart off the Lord, finding ways to bless others wherever you may be. Not sure how to give? In the back of the book explore Manger Moments. This is an amazing list full of ideas that can really help our kids (adults too) to get those giving juices flowing. 🙂

Matthew 25:40 says, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Having grown up in a home which service work was simply a part of what we did, I know how powerful those experiences can be. To take time, to go out of our way some days, to be a help to someone in need. Certainly this has become much more challenging in our current political climate however, this is the time that it means so much more to offer someone your time and your service. Thinking outside of the box, we can be sure to find many ways to reach out to others, showing the love of Jesus.

We have read and continue to read this book together! I love how much my youngest daughter especially enjoys this story and the lovely, simple illustrations in the book. One example is a recent connection with made with the director of From Home To Heroes, a small but love filled project to give to our service men and women. We are working with our little hygge group to become involved in this one!

But it doesn’t always have to be about the “stuff”. With so many distractions, we must be intentional about how we spend our time and our money. For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness and joy and peace. There are simple, powerful ways that we can share that every day. Without a doubt materials like this can be enjoyed all year round. We may even keep this out as a vivid reminder, all year long, that to give is better than to receive. ❤

Colossians 3:17 Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,

The Giving Manger Giveaway!

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Start a New Christmas Advent Tradition with The Giving Manger

The Giving Manger {Review}

Who Doesn’t Need A Car ?

(this is a sponsored post)


When we found out we were expecting with our last child, it was such an exciting moment. Also a realization that – we have a large family.

That means we need something to drive that fits all of us. (We often host exchange students as well so, add one or two more!)

This is something that my husband does – splendidly.
I am so very blessed that he takes the lead in this and, every time, brings home an amazing vehicle that is safe, and fun and so comfortable too!


One resource that I do not think we could do without, whenever we are searching for a new vehicle, is Cars.com.




There is so much to learn as we go about seeking to purchase a new vehicle for our families. Is it safe?


Are you looking for an SUV? Not sure what you are looking for? Compare them side by side.



Truth be told there is so much out there to learn; unless you are one of those folks who know all there is to know about how cars work and what to look for (and what so many different things mean) Cars.com is a where you want to be.  They are a leader online in educating shoppers and owners in all things related to ownership.



They are also one of the largest automotive platforms, connecting consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere. Through trusted expert content, on-the-lot mobile app features, millions of new and used vehicle listings, a comprehensive set of research tools and the largest database of consumer reviews in the industry, Cars.com helps shoppers buy, sell and service their vehicles.



What could be better than having one place where you can do it all?  Sell, trade, buy.


What do you need? Get a service estimate. Or see how to do it yourself.


When you are unsure of what you need or what you ought to do, visit Maintenance 101. All the answers (maybe not all of them) in one handy place.


See a trend here? This site has it all. In one place. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?


Mommas, do you know that this week is Car Seat Safety Week? Make sure your little ones are safe; these car seats are anything but easy and there is help for you here!

















Jarro-Dophilus Women’s Probiotics {Review}

Not long ago I became a part of Moms Meet. I honestly wasn’t sure if this was something that I would really enjoy being a part of but as it turns out, this has been such an amazing blessing to us. The variety of products we receive, all so natural and health based, is amazing. I have learned so much about so many things I may never have come across without them. That is the case with this review item as well: the Jarro Dophilus Probiotics for women.


Probiotics are something that are pretty new to me. I have heard so much about the benefits of using them; the value that they bring to the body and even the mind. But I tend to be wary of spending the money that is required to get those probiotics that are so good for us. Our health is priceless though right? Needless to say that made me extra excited to be part of this review. And the box I received for this one from Jarrow Formulas was packed full of good stuff !

There was the Jarro-Dophilus Women, Fem-dophilus (designed for vaginal and urinary tract health) Yum-Yum Dophilus (a chewable probiotic for children) and the Jarrow-Dophilus Infant (probiotic drops for babies.)  Something for everyone in this house (except my hubby maybe!).




I got started on the Women’s formula right away. My youngest daughter (who is 2) was the recipient of the infant drops and my son (who is 7) was eager to give the Yum-Yum’s a try. He is all about health and wellness and since he sometimes has issues with his digestive tract this was  great opportunity for us to see how it worked for him too.

Of course since I have been feeling NOT at the top of my game lately (perhaps its all these busy summer days; meals that aren’t quite what they ought to be; too much sun and heat?) I knew there was a need for me to do something to get myself clean and refreshed and feeling new! This, they say, is the way to good “gut-health”. 😛


This is a true probiotic for women containing four patented probiotic Astarte strains. These are strains that are isolated in clinical research from women in their third month of pregnancy. The specific strands found include:  L. crispatus, L. jensenii, L. gasseri, and L. rhamnosus. That said, this is the only women’s probiotic that is comprised solely of vaginally-derived strains vs. intestinally strains selected for research demonstrated, desired probiotic attributes to support vaginal, urinary, and reproductive tract health as well as safety.


Jarro-Dophilus Women’s probiotic and Jarro-Dophilus are both room temperature stable; the Fem-Dophilus is shelf stable. That said these do need to be kept refrigerated at all times if you are in a warmer climate (this keeps probiotics alive).  The Jarro-Dophilus Women’s probiotic and Jarro-Dophilus should only be taken within two hours of each other daily. Just thought I would share these details; neither was a bother to me personally.

I admit to noticing quite a difference after I had been taking these for a couple weeks. While I often have bouts of insomnia, I actually slept really well when taking these. My younger son and I both have tummy issues (him more than me) but since he began taking these he has had fewer issues himself. He giggles and says “he poops better now.”
This is one of those things that you may not think you need. But once you start using it  it’s amazing how you see the benefits. Or feel them rather! Its like a bit of peace but in your gut. Its crazy sounding but its true! And the fact that they are as affordable as they are, makes such a difference in my mind! With such a big little family, we need to be wise in what we do and what we use. This is definitely a winner in my book!



To locate Jarro Dophilus Women’s Probiotic in your area, click here. 



Jarro-Dophilus Women’s probiotic can be found online:

Website| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

To locate Jarro Dophilus Women’s Probiotic in your area, click here. 


If you have some favorite health tips; best probiotics in your home, do share below. Love to hear your comments. 🙂 

Teach Me Some Greek {Greek ‘n’ Stuff Reviews}

We all love languages! I especially love the old ones, Latin, Greek. Yet studying them can be a real chore. Its hard to find materials that really help you to enjoy learning whether as an adult or as a child. Thankfully you can learn Koiné (common) Greek without breaking a sweat, using Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 set from Greek ‘n’ Stuff. We received a CD for pronunciation , the workbook for this level and the answer key to go along with the workbook.



I have to admit I was a bit worried when we received this, because we were totally new to this program. I am one of those “have to start at the beginning” people – So receiving level 2 when we never completed level 1 – I admit I struggled a bit with this. But I have always wanted to study ancient greek (my oldest son too) so we determined to just do it.



I was so pleasantly surprised by this material! As soon as it arrived I went ahead and got the materials out, popped in the CD – I was like a kid in a candy store you could say! This is the kind of things I get so very excited about 🙂

Level 2 of this program introduces the alphabet and as you progress, it also begins to teach some simple words.

We completed one lesson per week; that’s about 5-6 pages in the workbook provided. There are also flashcards in the back which should be used daily to help really reinforce each week’s lesson. There are 30 lessons in all – I almost forgot to mention, the audio CD provided included level 1 and level 2 pronunciations and reader. Nice, right? 😛

While initially my boys found the CD to be “for little kids” (never mind that my younger one is 7) they soon began to enjoy listening to this. Now and then we would use it while we were in the car running errands or going from one place to another. Being that my oldest loves to Bible study, I reminded him of the great value this could have for him, in studying the Word at an even deeper level. And what blessings could come from his diligent studies too as he learns and then shares the fruit of his labor.




This is recommended for grade 2-4 but due to the content of this level it is great for anyone of any age who wants to learn Biblical Greek and has no prior experience. I love that the goal of this program is to help students in their studies of the New Testament so that they are better prepared to discern faulty theology. It’s also a wondercul way to encourage the study of vocabulary since there are just so many words in our own language that have roots in the Greek.


We are having so much fun with this! Well, mostly me honestly. My oldest son doesn’t mind doing pronunciation work and he uses the flashcards plenty, but he isn’t big on the workbook. Often I will read the questions and have him tell me the answers; narration of a sort. My other ones are a bit young and not quite seeing the benefit but my younger son does have fun learning new words – since he is a very curious one – and even learning where some other words come from.  Plus he thinks speaking the Greek sounds kind of funny. Not totally sold on it but I think in time he will find a greater appreciation for this. In the meantime, this momma is really having a wonderful time learning Greek. 😛


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GreeknStuff/


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Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste {Mom Meet Review}

Lately I have been trying to find some simple ways to move my family into healthier and more natural products. Not just what we eat but what we use to keep our bodies strong and healthy on the outside. It all began with some essential oils last fall and since has included natural alternatives for oil health care; home made shampoo (dry shampoo), cleaners for the home and laundry too. One step at a time….It gets so exciting but also overwhelming. So many different products out there, all touting themselves as the one for you and your kids.


I was really excited to be given the opportunity to try the Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste.


Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste are available in 7 flavors:


  • Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint
  • Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint
  • Complete Care Simply Peppermint
  • Simply Mint, Simply Cinnamon
  • Simply Spearmint and the
  • Original Neem
  • Pomegranate


Himalaya Botanique’s Toothpaste has none of that SLS, Fluoride and Carrageenan; they offer a more natural approach torah care with healthier ingredients (they are also gluten-free).


Their ingredients all offer amazing benefits the natural way!



  • Pomegranate supports healthy looking gums.
  • Neem Leaf cleans the teeth and gives a little sparkle (my daughter loves sparkles! haha)
  • Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic formula of three fruits for clean teeth
  • Papain & Bromelain are enzymes from papaya and pineapple that help to remove stains on the surface of the teeth



These are just a few of the benefits that come from Himalaya Botanique’s toothpaste.  😀



I am not a big fan of the dentist (who is really?) and that could be due to the constant battle I have had through the years due to an overcrowded mouth; super sensitive teeth and gums. And dentists only tell youth brush and floss. How does that help to win this never-ending struggle for a healthy and clean mouth? We brush and floss – I recently took up oil pulling – in the hopes of strengthening my teeth and doing a bit of remineralizing too! Its only been a few weeks but so far I think I notice a difference. 🙂



When our package arrived we were super blessed with 6 boxes of Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste and a coupon to save on more toothpaste (I shared this with my friend!).




My children loved this toothpaste. My younger son really liked the cinnamon spice that he said “tingled in his mouth” and my girls just loved the mint. They would brush their teeth and then spend quite some time, breathing on each other while the other girl said “you smell yummy!”



I was really impressed with how little toothpaste was needed; even though we used small amounts of this paste, it was amazing how clean and fresh our mouths felt. And how long the feeling and taste lasted too! I especially appreciated this for my younger kiddos who tend to use too much or too little.  With this toothpaste there is no harm come from using too much since there aren’t any nasty ingredients in them, and too little? I don’t know if there is such a thing. A little goes an amazingly long way, as I said before.





Did I mention that my package of goodies also included a bamboo toothbrush (I always wanted one!!) and a really cute tote and cosmetic bag (my two girls snagged these – one for each of them I guess?). This is one of those review products that the entire family really did enjoy (my husband does suggest an alternative to regular mouthwashes out there and perhaps something for more natural and simpler flossing).



A big thank you to both Himalaya and Mom’s Meet for this great package. Such a blessing!!


Want to try for yourself? Save 25% on any Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste with AMAZON COUPON CODE:  IZACRDZX
*I received these product free for review purposes, as part on the Moms Meet Blogger Ambassador Program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mapelle Films ~ Trust Fund {Review}

My family love to watch movies! And while I am not a fan of television (I go out of my way to not watch the screen) because of how much my boys love to watch stuff, I need to be on the look out for things that are “good food” for them.  Trust Fund, from Mapelle Films is one of those. We received the DVD, widescreen, for this film along with the book, Love Was Near.


     Want to hear something really neat about this film? One of the main reasons I was up for this review, is because Issac Alongi, producer and cinematographer, was a homeschooler back in the 80’s. Read his story in this article on Midwest Parent Educators. This was a time when homeschooling was not even legal in most of the country. That said, I always love to watch, and share with my family, the great things that many of these grown up home learners, are able to achieve today! What a great way to inspire our kids right? 😛





Remember the story of the Prodigal in the Bible? (Read Luke 15 if you need to review the story) Well, this is a modern take on that tale. If we aren’t sure exactly what that looks like today, this movie definitely helps us to see. Instead of a son though, this is the story of the Prodigal daughter. Reese is an aspiring, young writer. Her older sister, works for the  family business, responsible, faithful. Not at all like her carefree, dreamy eyed sister. Reese has a dream of her own to pursue. After learning a rather deep secret, she takes off and in Italy chases after love, seeking for her dreams to come true. Her older sister Audrey, as the story goes, is aghast at her father for allowing Reese such freedom; for his allowance of her adventures. And when Reese comes back heartbroken, lost and full of regrets, we see that anger and hostility in her older sister (just as the Bible story goes). Through it all we see the father, showing love and forgiveness, to his prodigal daughter, welcoming her home and celebrating her return.






For some there was an extra blessing in that we received the book, Love Was Near, along with this DVD.  Written by Sandra Martin, this is meant to be read after the movie has been seen and is recommended for girls ages 12 and up, as a way to help them understand the deeper meaning of this story. There is also a study guide that they put together, perfect for small groups. This is about twelve pages long and includes lots of reference to scripture; there are numerous references to clips from within the movie and then deep thoughts. What Do You Think? Compassion, condemnation, restoration and celebration. There is just so much that we can learn from the story of the Prodigal Son and you see this in action, within the film, then read Reese’s mindset within the pages of the book.





We watched this with my boys, mostly because my 11 year old son recently became inspired to make movies (Stopmotion Animation style) and I thought he would appreciate seeing a movie made by someone who started doing this very thing, at his age. The film is rated PG and received the Dove Seal for ages 12+. Since the only time I am really willing and eager to watch a movie, is when I feel they are educational or inspirational, I was really very hopeful for this one. Also, since my oldest son often tugs at my heart strings (prodigal to be perhaps?) I was very hopeful that this would relay a strong Biblical message. While the storyline was easy to follow, there were many object lessons here for my children to learn from. I do believe that this was a good movie, however because it can be confusing with so many other conflicts within the storyline (immodesty, not being married but living together, overall childish behavior in some scenes) it is important to watch this with your children, whatever their age may be, as there are e things that perhaps we can use for discussion points on what exactly we ought to see in those who are living for Christ.


While it may be a bit hard to relate to Reese’s plight in this story certainly if we all look back we had a time in our life where we were unsure of who we were or what we were truly meant for. Although this is more dramatic, less realistic of a situation perhaps, if we focus on the overall lesson within this story, of love and forgiveness, it can be a worthy viewing for a family with older children. Certainly this can be a great launchpad for some gal discussion about life and gratitude and relationships. Consider taking some time to watch the trailer here. It’s a great way to encourage our own kids to see what home learning can be in their future and also to support what seems to be an amazing husband and wife team of movie and story telling. 🙂



Trust Fund Movie {Mapelle Films Reviews}


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Posted in Virtual Curriculum Fair

Loving the Moment! 

Its a new year! So many things to be excited for right?  I am especially excited to be a part of this. The Virtual Curriculum Fair. Whether you are new to homeschool or have a couple years under your belt this is truly a wonderful treat.  A homeschool convention….but you can stay in your jammies. Hehe

The one thing I love most about home education is also the one thing that I struggle with the most when it comes to home education. Can I hear an amen?

I love how free we can be. Here in Wisconsin there are very little requirements so we really do have so much freedom when it comes to learning at home with our children.
The challenge comes in not allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed or controlled. by all the good stuff that’s out there!


No automatic alt text available.

Our first year or two as home educators we stuck to a very strict schedule. We got our curriculum in the mail every year (Love My Father’s World).  And while it was a wonderful program and I still use some of their materials to this day, at the same time it was stressful trying to keep up some days. Especially as I went from having one child to two and then three and then four!



As the years have gone by we have gone from box curriculum to classical schooling, Charlotte Mason style, unschooling and delight led learning. All of these are wonderful ways to encourage and inspire a love of learning in our children. And as each one of my for gets older and their needs change it is good to have so many different options out there. Again that is one of my favorite things about home education!



As we have grown and progressed Through the Years I have learned and I’m still learning how to use those materials we do invest in without thumb controlling our learning.  I have learned to slow down and worry less. It truly has been an exercise in my faith.  Most importantly I have learned to teach from a state of rest.




In the last few days I have pondered and prayed over what are home education ought to look like in the coming year. And if I have prayed again and again God has placed in my mind the value of rest and the value of mastery.  So this year as we slow down I’m focusing on living and loving and learning together as a family. I am focusing on stronger relationships and building greater character within my children ( and myself too)!




We will still do math drills and we will still do copywork each day.  We will study together and memorize from the Bible the Book of Acts.  We will read together draw and paint.  My girls and I will spend more time baking and learning to sew.  My boys will spend more time on coding. We will draw our way around the world.  We will do all kinds of crazy experiments and handicrafts.  We will write poetry and make music and go for a walk exploring God’s creation.




We will not be bound by a schedule or curriculum. Instead of worrying about staying on track instead we will learn together in a state of rest. We will not be afraid to take a day off to go to the museum or to explore a local park.  We will strive to have more conversation about what we are learning together.





For my oldest son I seek to become more of a mentor and less of a teacher. To inspire him instead of require of him.  In an attempt to encourage him to learn a bit more independently and to become a bit more responsible for his time we are setting goals. We are making a roadmap. In this way see how making his own video game or his own app really is possible by breaking it down into simple steps.




There’s so much for our kids to learn and aren’t kids naturally curious and eager to learn?  I think of the many things that I have learned simply by having the time to explore them on my own.  And I know that this is something that my children can getting a great deal from. Therefore in the year to come they shall have more time to really explore their own interests. And who knows what could happen when they are given time to find those fires within!





It has always been my goal to inspire my children to see learning as something that is life-long. And for them to see the great value and the opportunities that surround them everyday.  Because learning isn’t something that only happens for 12 years and it isn’t something that we can just fit in the hours of 9 and noon.  Learning is a blessing and a joy. It is a lifelong pursuit.. ❤




As you begin your New Year going home education be sure to take your time and enjoy the journey!





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FlipStir Puzzle Fun ~ Schoolhouse Review

Shake. Stir. That’s all you hear my kids saying while they try to figure out how to complete this latest review product. My younger son is always trying to figure things out so puzzles are one of his favorite things. My oldest is very creative and while he enjoys puzzles; they don’t take him long. And us girls? We do enjoy a good challenge. And watching our boys attempt to solve various puzzles together. So I was definitely interested when I learned of this new and exciting puzzle – great for home or out and about – no worrying about lost pieces or anything like that. Since the boys love puzzles too, we didn’t have to be asked twice to try theTyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC.






FlipStir Puzzles Reviews  

Flipstir Puzzles are something quite unique.  Its a 3D puzzle, inside of a clear cylinder.  At the top of the cylinder there is a metal “stirrer” that you use to move the pieces about on the inside, as you try to get them in the right order.  And while this sounds easy, it really isn’t! ha-ha


There are a couple different levels to choose from: Level 1 and Level 2.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex that we received for this review is a Level 1 puzzle.  Two other Level 1 puzzles available are the Solar System and Rainbow Pencils.  Level 2 puzzles available are the Statue of Liberty and the Periodic Table.  Don’t those sound fun?





Since I am big on limiting screen time and really like to encourage my kids to choose games and puzzles, this sort of thing is right up our alley. I always enjoyed doing puzzles with my grandmother when I was a kid; I remember them often having one laid out on the table when I would be visiting with my parents. It was addictive! And it was so fun; a way to exercise the mind, while also being able to engage with others in conversation. What a fabulous exercise in critical thinking and problem solving skills too.




No doubt this is mind boggling! Lots of fun too! No lost or damaged pieces either (and with a small one in the house that is a huge bonus). While my little ones — almost 18 months and 4 years old — really were to young for this, my youngest loved shaking this. Ah the noise it made. What joy it brought to her! My four year old daughter loved rolling it about but definitely is a bit too young for this kind of thing. So it was mostly my boys who are 6 and 10; I dabbled with it a bit as well I admit.



I have to admit, we have not yet been able to get this puzzle in the correct order. It’s definitely a challenge; not for those who are easily frustrated! Regardless, this is one of those things that I know, you could do again and again. Never getting bored. Every time we have shaken this up, tipped and tilted it this way or that, it has been an all new experience in trying to get things into the right order. And while we have not to date been able to successfully complete this, we are not done trying.



We really are enjoying the FlipStir puzzle.  My boys have already picked out the next ones they want to get, and I can definitely see it being worth it to get every one of these puzzles.  As we are out and about more (and have a big road trip coming up in the winter) I can see these really helping to keep everyone engaged and focused (no fighting in the car please!) while we travel down south for a little vacation. These are fabulous! What a great idea ~ An excellent example too of what it means to be creative and innovative.  Not just fun but inspiring for our creative kids; what will they think of next?



FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

FlipStir Puzzles
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Enlivenze LLC
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“I Love You Just Because” Review

I Love You Just Because
by Donna Keith is a book about a family of bears; all very different yet all together in one place, for God’s purpose.

“Three very different bear cubs live together in one place,

Each chosen for these parents by God of love and grace.

And when the cubs ask why they’re loved, their parents often say,

‘We love you just because you are God’s gifts for whom we prayed.’”


This is such a wonderful lesson for all of us when we feel we just don’t belong or perhaps we cannot understand why we are where we are. Our family is such a blessing; God knits us together. How priceless, for our kids to know, that God chose them. To be my son and daughter. God chose them to be the brother and the sister. He chose their momma and their daddy. All things are by His design and for His purpose.


This book is full of sweet, gentle illustrations by Alison Edgson and rhyming text, “I Love You Just Because” will help little ones understand their parents’ love for them and God’s too.  That love isn’t something to be earned but that which is given. It is simple and unconditional. A true gift. With the same friendly bear family from Donna Keith’s first two books — “I Love You All the Same” and “I Love You Even When” — the sweet story of this book will remind you that family members love each other … just because. No matter how different we may be; no matter the struggles we may face, we all love one another. Always.


This 20-page board book is for children 4 to 8 years old and was published by Thomas Nelson on June 7, 2016.



Learn more about this book and others on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn more about Donna Keith on Facebook.

Don’t Miss the Wonderfully Made Giveaway

 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Psalm 139:14) 

My kids love babies!  And they were so excited that we had the chance to review this book! You may recall last fall when we wrote about “When Lightning Struck: The Story of Martin Luther”; perhaps you know of and love, the Bible curriculum she designed for grades K-12, Bible Road Trip.  Wonderfully Made, is Danika’s latest and quite lovely, work. Written for ages 5-11, this is a beautiful way for our kids to journey through design and see that truly God has made them. From conception through birth this is very tastefully done, and full of the scriptures that confirm what a blessing children are! How amazing this is to be able to see and read about each stage of this beautiful gift called life. Since reading this, my children have such a new appreciation for one another and life itself; they are also all praying for a couple more blessings in our family too! 🙂  This truly is a wonderful book to help share how we are knit together by the hand of God!





To celebrate the release of Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth by Danika Cooley, I am hosting a wonderful giveaway with the rest of the launch team. The giveaway includes a hardcover copy of the book, along with several other books and products your family is sure to enjoy. The total value of the giveaway is nearly $600!
Wonderfully Made Giveaway
Here is what you could win:

Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth by Danika Cooley – hardcover $9.99 value

Wonderfully made is an excellent book that introduces a young child to the wonder of God’s creation – the wonder and miracle of birth. From conception in the womb through the nine months within the mother’s womb Danika Cooley takes us on a journey of discovery… the discovery of life.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

Touch of Life First Trimester Fetal Models $89.95 value

Sculpted from real-life photos, these four fetal models representing weeks 7, 8, 9, and 10 after conception have a personality of their own, and the life-like feel of the skin brings home the humanity of the preborn baby in its first trimester of life. Accurately portrayed thanks to medical descriptions and photos, these little samples of life are a great educational tool for helping to understand the wonder of the early stages of human development.

Bible Road Trip Year One Curriculum (includes Lower and Upper Grammar Notebooking Journals $60 value

The Bible Road Trip Year One Curriculum is a 463-page digital PDF download of the full Bible Road Trip Year One curriculum for all five levels, preschool through high school. The Bible Road Trip Year One Curriculum includes the Parent / Teacher Guide and 32 weeks of curriculum schedules for all grades.

$100 Amazon Gift Card $100 value

Enjoy shopping amazon.com with a gift of $100 + an adorable bookmark.

Big Bible Science: Experiment and Explore God’s World by Erin Lee Green (Ages 5-11) $12.99 value

Big Bible Science helps children and those who teach them to explore God’s World and God’s Word through real live science experiments. There are twenty-one different units taking students through scientific concepts such as Gravity, Friction, Animal Classification and the Nervous System.

My 1st Books and More by Carine MacKenzie and Philip Ross (ages 4-7) $15.99 value

Who is God? What does he do? Can I know Jesus? Why did he die? Children always have questions about God. They want to know what it means to be a Christian and who Jesus is. My 1st Books and More gives a year’s worth and more of bible readings, devotions and memory verses.

Living Water in the Desert: True Stories of God at Work in Iran by Rebecca Davis  $8.99 value

One man was overcome by the missionary’s kindness. Another was stopped by a vision of men in blue.  One became sick and tired of his own religion. Another saw a man named Jesus in a dream, coming to him on a donkey.  A girl found a strange book on the floor of the library and visited a secret prayer meeting. All of them eventually came to Jesus Christ for His full and free salvation, becoming missionaries to their own people. Seventeen chapters tell true stories of the Living Water pouring out on the country of Iran, even up to the present day.

Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories of God at Work in Colombia by Rebecca Davis (ages 7-12)  $8.99 value

Colombia has been known as a land of violence, but God is at work! Even though the Colombian people have reacted with violence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, God has delivered people from burning houses . . . God has healed ones who cursed . . . God has given people dreams and visions . . . God has rescued kidnapers . . . God has conquered demons of darkness. Read fourteen true stories of the Light of the World shining in the land of Colombia, South America.

Jungle Doctor’s Monkey Tales by Paul White $8.99 value

The wisdom of monkeys is proverbially small. They never could remember not to get too near to the hind feet of zebra, nor to throw coconuts at Chewi the leopard, nor to look into the eyes of snakes. Luckily for his little nephews, Uncle Nyani, the only survivor of a family of seven, is always near at hand to tell them how they can live to be as old as he is!

Jungle Doctor’s Tug-of-War by Paul White (ages 5-11) $8.99 value

Even by monkey standards, young Toto is pretty dim! Those baddies of the jungle, Crunch the Crocodile, Mbisi the Hyena, Slinki the Jackal, Vibi the Vulture and Gnark the crow look as though they are going to have an easy time finishing him off. However, Toto soon finds himself in the middle of a tug-of-war, for his real friends, Elephant, Giraffe, Parrot and Hornbill are determined to rescue him from the clutches of the jungle underworld.

The Bible’s Big Story: Salvation History for Kids by James M. Hamilton Jr. $4.99

With easily remembered rhymes and Bible verses take your child through the span of Salvation History from Creation to the Fall, the Flood to the Exodus, the Exile to the Crucifixion and beyond… James M. Hamilton writes about real history, God’s Salvation History, and our future.

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership $97

1000s of topical pages, themes, and designs . . . Perfect for any subject or study A to Z!
Art Study ♦ Copywork ♦ Character Study ♦ Famous Men & Women ♦ Geography (state/country studies, continental, world maps) ♦ History of the Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Modern Times ♦ Music Study ♦ Nature Study ♦ Science ♦ Timelines ♦ and more!

Mom’s Toolbelt Lifetime Membership $24.95

A customizable home management planner for every area of your life that craves order.

Hal and Melanie Young: Mom & Dad Special: Raising Real Men (book + audiobook) plus a free registration to both Boot Camp 9-12 AND Boyhood Boot Camp. $101 value

If this is God’s chosen gift to us, then why does it seem so hard? How can we prepare these boys to serve God when we can barely make it through the day? Isn’t there a better way? The answer is yes.

When You Lie Down: Lullabies and Scripture Songs CD $12.97 value

These twelve songs remind us that true rest, comfort and hope come from God alone. This music is an awesome way to experience God’s Word with your baby, kids and family. You will discover that this album will be a powerful addition to use in your personal time with God.

Seeds Onesie- Psalm 139:13-14  $14.97 value

Seeds Family Worship Onesie featuring Psalm 139:13-14 on the front with a small Seeds logo on the back.

Cultivating Responsibility: Parenting Wisdom for Ages 9-12 by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN $14.99 value

The later elementary age years are among the greatest times to build responsibility in children. Heart transformation takes place when parents use other tools than behavior modification.

Elementary Foundations: Parenting Wisdom for Ages 5-8by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN $14.99 value

Many new things happen during the ages of 5-8. Children start school, develop significant friendships, learn to think abstractly instead of just concretely, and have a greater ability to draw close to God. Parenting during this stage produces a number of challenges and opportunities so you’ll want to be prepared.

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