Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Math can be so much fun for some kids. For others it can be a nightmare. I have one of each of those and I myself have always struggled with math. Since I am always glad to try out different programs, to see my kids hopefully love and learn, I was happy to use MathandAlgebra.com with my younger son. This is an online subscription program; we received  a one-year family subscription that includes four complete math courses. Elementary, Intermediate, PreAlgebra, and Algebra 1. Cool right?

I think my son was most excited about this program because of how easy it is to use and how simple it all is. Each lesson includes a video (most of these are about 5 minutes in length) and then worksheets to practice what is being taught. No bells and whistles, just good solid math teaching. The instructor even uses a whiteboard so as he teaches you see him working through the process. My son really loved that!

We did start out with Basic Math. Prior to this we had been working through long division and while I wanted him to continue there, he wanted to firm up those other skills. So we started with addition, subtraction, multiplication. It was nice to see him really watching the lessons; sometimes he would back a video up or watch it again. I would see him using the video alongside the worksheet when he was struggling. This is the stuff that makes this momma glad.

This are quizzes and tests built into each lesson; my son tends to be a rather anxious kid when it comes to these things so we really tried to just focus on them as being extra practice. At times we would go back and do these again; other times he really got a chance to build his confidence and crush it! That’s a great thing for encouraging and maintaining a love of math I think.

As you can see there is just so much here that is designed to simply encourage and gently instruct our kids. I am really hoping that we can get through more advanced math using this program during our subscription because I see my son getting so much out of it. He is rather particular so the fact that he wants to do this each day is a testimony to the program’s goodness in and of itself. Our kids know what they like. When we trust them and listen to them, we can learn so much.

Math matters so much! Whether its angles when my son is in the hockey net, measurements while he is working out back with wood or cooking his favorite snickerdoodles, math is everywhere. And why not enjoy it if we can?

I encourage you to click on the banner below and read reviews other members of the Crew wrote. With there being four courses we had access to, this is a great way to see what they looked like in action, for those who used them.

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