Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I absolutely love to read and to write. However when it comes to teaching these things, I admit that I tend to struggle a bit. Maybe more than a bit? Especially with my older ones, who do not have even a touch of a writing bug, I am always looking for materials that will encourage them to become strong writers and maybe even enjoy writing one day. Having the opportunity to review Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers by Everyday Education came at the perfect time too since my oldest son is in a writing class as I type this (and not doing so well if I may be totally honest).

We received this as a pdf download and were able to get this onto our kindle quickly, to use.

This contains over 400 pages of instruction and resources broken down into two main sections. This begins with an introduction to essays and arguments; this is where we learn how to write a good essay. Quality matters. This also helps them to know the main components of an essay and the various types of essays. Here we learn how to put it all together well, to share our perspective in a respectful and informational way. For my oldest son (15) so much of this was a great refresher as we spent a few years in speech and debate (how he misses it too). I love when there are moments in learning where we say “aha”. or “I remember that.”

“Communication is the great goal that lies at the heart of all literature study and
writing. In order to communicate clearly, we must understand basic principles of
grammar, style, and usage, and learn to use them consistently. I have never met a
writer or editor who does not have an ample supply of reference materials at his or her desk.”

This handbook begins by introducing Essays and Arguments; reading through the first few pages we learn the principles that relate to this before moving into the task of Defining the Argument. We also find examples as we go along so we can see (and read) for ourselves. With my older boys, I find they enjoy having a sample nearby as they work – something they can compare their own writing too and self check as they go along.

As you develop your essay, you find additional examples, sometimes of what you should do and other times of what you should not do. It is helpful, is it not, to sometimes see what a poor statement looks like also. As we explore statements more, we are even given an exercise in identifying statements that are useful.

There is a large section that speaks to Defining Key Terms, This is good because I think even I need that refresher as I read and write. Something that really stood out to me was how she wrote:

“…the analysis of an argument requires you to pay the closest attention to any definitions, simply because a devious or inadequate or misleading definition can produce something that looks plausible but which is, in fact, problematic because the initial definition is self-serving or ambiguous.

Is this not true of so much more than just a paper we write? The power and the impression that our words can have upon others; this is a reminder of how important it is for us to be cautious in the words that we share.

As we move further into this book, we find sample outlines for essays and research papers. These can help our less experienced writers to have a model to work with as they write. The second section of this book is very helpful also as it includes many helpful tools: basic punctuation, phrases and clauses, modifiers, logic – This is really a very thorough book!

There are also paragraphs within these pages for the purpose of rewriting to correct, also to make a sentence flow.

I also need to mention the website which is amazing. There is a very large collection of resources specifically for the study of literature and writing. They also host a library of author biographies, poetry, music, and art, as well as so many articles by professors, scholars, and other experts. You can download some great free resources for teaching classic literature at Excellence-in-Literature.com too! I know I get lost on their site whenever I go there. 🙂

We will certainly be continuing to use this as a resource as my oldest especially, moves through his higher level studies. There are many areas where he has weaknesses when it comes to writing and I do believe this can really help him to grow in this area. It is especially helpful since we can customize how and what we use based upon the needs identified.

Everyday Education is on Social Media:

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For my middle and high school level students (even for myself) I find this to be a wonderful resource. This is definitely one of those materials that we can use continuously, especially as we become older and more developed in our writing requirements. Make sure to click on the graphic below to see how other members of the Review Crew used this book with their families.

Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers {Everyday Education Reviews}

Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers {Review}

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Rhythm & Writing {Review}

What kids don’t love to sing and dance? I think, for my kids anyway, music makes everything more fun, and easier, to learn! So when we had the opportunity to review the Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew from Rhythm & Writing we were pretty excited. Handwriting is one of those things that we really struggle with, day in and day out, so whatever we can do to make it more fun for everyone. For this review we received the workbook as well as transparencies; we also received a login for the videos online. In case you are like this momma (totally unsure how to encourage and inspire when it comes to handwriting) they even include Steps to Success, to help us better understand how to make this program work best.Creator, Nikki Wilson, is an occupational therapist, school based, who has seen “first-hand what happens when children don’t learn to form their letters correctly: they write slower, their hands get tired faster, and they have a harder time transitioning to cursive.” This program, through song, helps our children remember catchy phrases that help them to recall the proper way to write each letter.My seven year old daughter was so excited when this one arrived. She does not like to write; she loves to draw and she loves to sing. Because she tends to be quite the perfectionist, I worried about giving her a workbook initially but with the transparency pages, she could trace and erase as needed before she completed the pages. She can be pretty hard on herself if it isnt’ just right so I was thrilled to be able to work with her like this. And sure enough as she traced and erased I saw her growing in handwriting and confidence too.When we started this program, the first step was to complete a Pre-Assessment. This was great because as she completed it, I could see where we were really going to need to focus. We used a special purple pen that smells like grape kool-aid – Just one more way to encourage her to enjoy time spent writing. We have a couple other colors and scents – used only for this – It seems so minor but it really helps her to look forward to handwriting. 🙂After that we were ready to begin! One thing that I loved about this was how every lesson began with a story. We read these together because, much like writing, she really struggles with reading. Since she is so reluctant, this is kind of our “special” time. Momma and daughter. The stories are short and simple; each one focusing on the letters that are being taught.This is also when we get a chance to meet all of the fun characters that make up The Crew. My daughter just loves Jazzy Faith! After we read the story together, we would go to the website to watch the corresponding video for the lesson. While some of the music wasn’t quite her style, she still really got into many of the songs and more importantly, I could tell, as the songs played, that she was gaining a better understanding as to how to properly shape all of these letters. These little phrases were great for helping her to remember the way to go when she writes. The only complaint my daughter had with the music was that some of it had such a quick beat and was a bit loud; she had a hard time understanding and following along in these cases. There are visuals to go along with the song so we tried to focus more on those when we did have some trouble but overall it was still just so much fun! There’s just something about using music that really makes learning go more smoothly.Each story in the workbook also has a really fun picture to color in – some days she would color them in, other days she used them as a guide to draw them herself – as she did feel led to color, I would encourage her to stay in the lines, take her time, pay attention to details. And have fun too! 🙂One really nice thing about the workbook is that each page is clearly marked with a vocabulary work – a reminder of what letter we are writing – as well as a section titled Learn that helps our kiddos see which way they are going. The lines to write on also are colored; this is a great guide for my daughter who tends to really stress herself out trying to either write on the whole line or fit things in to a tiny space. The way these are colored, it is so much easier for her to see how to write. Red and yellow and green. Write the letter from the yellow to the red; write the letter from red to green. Simple little things like that make such a big difference.This is truly a fun, and yet very purposeful, program for kids who need a little extra help with handwriting. Be sure to read what other members of the Review Crew had to say about their experience with Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew. You can snag some sample pages too if you just aren’t sure. It is a wonderful way to see and try for yourself, all the fun that this program has for handwriting.

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High School Essay Intensive {Review}

While I do so love to write, I admit that I really struggle with helping my children really gain a love and a strength in this area. My oldest son really enjoys writing; he can spend hours sketching and writing his own stories and comics. He enjoys a speech and debate group every fall; still we can always benefit from learning how to write stronger and be more confident in our writing. This is exactly why I was so thrilled that we were given the chance to review the High School Essay Intensive from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.



One thing I really love about the Institute for Excellence in Writing is that their programs offer teacher training and lessons that you can use with just about any grade level (this is awesome when you are home educating more than one child!).


From the moment I first learned of Andrew Pudewa, I have just sought to learn as much as I can from him. I love the heart and drive he has for our kids; his passion for home education is so clearly seen. He is fun, and funny, yet also serious, engaging and is a teacher that really holds your attention and helps you to see the value of what is being taught. His passion as he teaches in contagious too!


hse-d_thumb_zps8bhsnfsm  This is a DVD course; it is intended to be used by high school students in order to gain confidence in essay writing. While my son is not yet in high school technically, he does love to write and so I try to take advantage of his desire to help him along the way. Since this is a program that can be used as quickly or as slowly, as you like, this is a wonderful fit for my very active son.


We also received the Portable Walls for the Essayist. This is a folder, with three parts to it, which contain helpful suggestions, specific models, types of essays, the writing process and lots of other great tips for the writer. My son keeps this close to him at all times right now so I can attest to the value of this myself.

There are four parts to this program. My son is currently working on Part One (which begins with a timed essay) and continues teaching: writing strategy, planning for length, development and structure. My son has really been enjoying this part especially since he sees the value of this for himself! He also really appreciated the Five Canons of Rhetoric; I think this helped him to see more clearly the importance of each piece in writing an essay.



Part Two is related to the ACT; this helps the student to understand the examiner, how things are scored.  This is definitely interesting; I wish I would have had something like this when I was preparing for this test. It definitely helps a student to understand how to plan and develop your essay in the time allowed. I remember myself, all to well, how much I struggled with this myself so this is greatly appreciated and will quite likely be used in the future by my children.



In Part Three Andrew Pudewa talks about essay portion of the SAT. He teaches the value of annotating as you write (I sure appreciated that!) as well as planning and editing your writing. I found it interesting that “How to Read a Book” was mentioned here. That has been on my list of books to read for sometime now. Perhaps this was the inspiration I needed to pick that one up.



At Part Four we are taught how to write a personal essay for university application (again, where was this when I was younger?) and how to really write in a way that shows and impresses the readers. Again, this is something that will certainly be of great value to mine, as they get older, and prepare for higher studies. I do so love the value within each portion of teaching on this program!




This is such a wonderful program! Even though so much of it is not where we are, I can definitely see a great benefit from this to students who are preparing for SAT and ACT and the process of applying for university. You do not just hear but also see what is being taught. And it is all done in a way that is clear and concise and engaging too. I think this is a wonderful way to help our students to prepare and succeed as they enter into this stage of life and learning. ❤


High School Essay Intensive {Institute for Excellence in Writing Reviews}

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Loving Logic of English Essentials ~ A Review

English is one of those things I just love! And I love to teach it; my boys however do not enjoy it as much as I have always imagined they would. So there are some struggles we face when it comes to this area. But thankfully there are wonderful materials out there to help us all along, as we journey through home education together. My boys love science and so, being able to share a “science” of reading can sure bring lots more joy to our learning!



Logic of English was designed (simply put) to make it all make sense…my younger son loves because he is big on why. Why is it spelled this way and said that way? This program is a no nonsense approach  to reading and spelling as well as being multi sensory (works great with my night and day boys). As you teach the 74 basic phonograms and the 30 spelling rules…it all begins to make SO much more sense!



The Logic of English program consists of three materials:*Foundations: Complete Language Arts Curriculum for ages 4-7*Essentials: Spelling, Reading and Grammar for ages 7+*Handwriting: Cursive and Manuscript Handwriting InstructionThis review is meant to cover the Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set which includes:*Essentials Teacher’s Manual*Essentials Student Workbook (consumable)*Spelling Journal (consumable)*Basic Phonogram Flash Cards*Spelling Rule Flash Cards*Grammar Rule Flash Cards*Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards*Game Book*Manuscript (or Cursive) Game Cards*2nd Set of Manuscript (or Cursive) Game Cards Boldface*Quick Reference Chart




They also do have The Essentials Reader , this is a digital reader and was not included in our materials, which I stumbled across online. I have been considering getting this myself to go along with this; I do believe that reading is rather essential and think this would be a great addition to this set of materials as, the reading and writing could be a bit more intensive, in my opinion, with this program. I have to say one of my favorite things about this program is the fact that it is multi-level. That means that I can use it for both my younger son (7) and my older one too (11).



Each lesson has sections for A, B and C to strengthen and work at the level of each child using the program. And this program covers so much! There are fun games to play, there is reading and writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and phonics! I was totally impressed with the materials when they arrived. Surprised too. So much to do! In a good way of course. 🙂 We began immediately; I was so appreciative of the sample schedule they have available too. While we didn’t stick to it completely, I always appreciate having a little guide, at least when I am getting started with something new. And being that I was using this with both of my boys, it really helped me keep track of where each one was in the program. I am a huge fan of schedules, while at the same time, being a huge fan of teaching from a state of rest. Relaxed home education. That said, this schedule helped to keep us on track while at the same time, allowing us to take our time as we went through the lessons. My younger son particularly loved the games in this program and since he has struggled a lot with reading (he is my “why” boy) and phonics, we definitely wanted to take our time and have fun. Most days we completed the mini-lessons (maybe 20 minutes in the program) using flashcards and games that are a part of this program. There would be some simple teaching in one of three areas: Spelling, Phonograms and Grammar. There is also plenty of review built into this program so on those days that we just don’t seem to complete the whole lesson or in the case of a struggling learner, it is good to be able to catch those areas early and then go back and work a bit more on them together. Most of the time my younger son really enjoyed doing these lessons; there were days though (who doesn’t have them) where he just couldn’t make it through. But that’s okay because this program makes it easy to teach the lessons slowly. There were days too that he would practice phonograms on the App, this was a nice way to encourage learning on those days he just wasn’t up for a lesson (my daughter who is 5, uses the app as well and loves it!).






With my oldest son we really enjoyed the more advanced level built into this program; grammar concepts and mechanics, latin & greek morphemes and of course reading, spelling and writing too. This new edition also includes morphemes (for level C learners) and this is a fun learning opportunity for my oldest (who loves languages) to learn about the words borrowed from other languages and then learn how to apply the roots in both spelling and vocabulary lessons. I was especially pleased with the placement tests, pre-lessons (to help fill in the blanks; get everyone up to speed), and a Spelling Journal to help keep track and master those commonly misspelled words. This was a great help to my oldest son (although lessons went a bit long for my short attention, kinetic learning boy) and really helped us to see where we needed to really focus. And I admit there were time were we had to go back, quite a bit, to cover material at a lower level. Thankfully this program makes it easy to do just that. Can I say this has also really inspired him in writing and cursive?

As a momma of four children, I do love that Essentials includes 3 levels of instruction in each volume!  Thus it can be used with multiple children at a number of stages, you can customize the program for each child, and use it again too to go deeper in understanding!  For me, this is a big advantage. It is flexible while at the same time clearly laid out for you, to make it easy to use!

The lessons are broken into five days of teaching:

Day 1: Essential Concepts: Phonograms, Exploring Sounds, Spelling Rules.

Day 2: Building Words: Spelling Journal, Spelling Analysis (spelling lists for A, B or C)

Day 3: Words in Context:  Grammar and Dictation

Day 4: Words in Action: Vocabulary, Dictation, Composition, Reading

Day 5: Check Your Understanding: Review




There is always something new being learned, so its never a dull moment and at the same time each lesson is a building block, advancing our children in a slow and steady way towards mastery of the material. My younger son will attest to the fact that, with games like Phonogram Tic Tac Toe and Spelling Snap!, its really tons of fun to learn! This program is perfect anyone who is looking for a more classical approach to teaching English, and also I definitely encourage this for those kids, like my own, who need to know “why”. With a younger son who just struggles with the phonics approach, this has been quite a blessing to him. This is not simple, it is also not independent. But it is so well put together, you really don’t need to know much at all yourself to be able to teach. The lessons are all clearly laid out and very easy to understand. As a lover of English, I love being able to just sit down with the books and get to it. Plus, I learned quite a bit from this program myself.Lifelong learning 🙂    To learn more about Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set, visit the Logic of English website with several online teacher training videos so you can see what a lesson looks like.  For those who are overwhelmed by all of this, these videos will really help you to make sense of it all while also inspiring and invigorating you! You can also take a tour of the program, download sample materials and check out their levels and placement so your children start in just the right place.

Language Smart Level E by The Critical Thinking Co. ~ A Crew Review



We have had an opportunity before to review materials from this company and so we were really excited to get the chance to review their materials once again. This time we received Language Smarts™ Level E by The Critical Thinking Co.™ which we used with my boys who are 7 and 11. And since right now is the season they are active in the local speech and debate club, this was actually a wonderful addition to our studies!





I have to say when this arrived I was SO surprised! I guess I wasn’t expecting this to be as much as it was. Let me say; this is a HUGE book. A couple hundred pages of material (all fun activities too!) to help our kids improve their reading, writing, punctuation and spelling, grammar, even their thinking skills! This is awesome. I promise I am not just saying that; this really is awesome!


Here is a peek at some of the topics covered in this book:


  • Synonyms
  • Analogies
  • How to use a dictionary
  • How to use a thesaurus
  • Plural and Possessive Nouns
  • Perfect Verb Tense
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Compound Subjects
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation – including commas, quotation marks, colons
  • Story Map
  • Comprehension
  • Inferences
  • Themes
  • Genres of Literature
  • Personal Narrative, Opinion Writing and Informative Writing


And there is more yet!



        Let me say before I get too far into this review, that recently I have become a lot more hands-off in my approach with my oldest son. You see, my ultimate goal for my kids is to inspire a love of learning within them.  As time has progressed, this year, I have noticed less and less of a desire and curiosity within my oldest, especially. And so, I have been seeking to minimize the “stuff” in our home (this includes curriculum) in the hopes that I can replace it with materials that are inviting and spark his own desire to learn. That certainly doesn’t mean we don’t “do” academics but I strive to find in everything that we are doing, a way to incorporate those basics that every one of our kids needs, to have a strong foundation academically. This book, I was delighted to see upon its arrival, has been just that!




We found a number of ways to use this, that I was thrilled to see, were independently sought out by my children. My oldest son participates in a seasonal speech and debate club; with him moving to an advanced class this book was full of tools to help him expand and strengthen his skills in this area. There were pages to help encourage him to practice prewriting exercises, as well as drafting, revising, editing and finally publishing writing. Even my younger son enjoyed some of the exercises; learning about syllables.  And while it may not sound like fun, there are some really fun activities to help them learn in this book. My boys both love puzzles and so it was a bonus that this book is full of them! Some were quite challenging too – glad there was an answer key to help us out a few times! ha-ha



I especially loved the pages within that helped us to exercise a better understanding of adverbs and adjectives. Various forms of verbs and pronouns. Even punctuation.



They even have have a section regarding those frequently misused words: lie or lay, way or weigh, chilly or chili.  Because its important for the correct word to be used right? 🙂




I cannot say enough how wonderful this is!  The amount of material and learning within the pages of this book is such a blessing to us! This is such a well laid out book too ~ Everything is so very well organized (and quite colorful too) in the very front of the book.  Even my oldest son appreciated how things were arranged and would seek out specific activities to help him along as he wrote a variety of speeches this fall. Designed for Grade 4 this is a full language arts curriculum but can also be used as a supplement to whatever material you may choose to use. There are over 200 activities within this book so this can easily keep you busy for a school year. Or even more!  You can choose either e-book or print form and the series is offered with a number of different levels for grades 1-4.   You can even peek at some sample pages if you want to see it for yourself. This really is an amazing book!




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Hewitt Homeschooling ~ Schoolhouse Review

    I have learned about and had the joy of exploring, so many AMAZING homeschool resources this year. We were happy, and eager, to give Hewitt Homeschooling ~ (http://www.HewittHomeschooling.com/)  a try when we had the chance. Yet another one that makes learning fun!  My oldest son even chose the material we were to review, My First Report: Reptiles and Amphibians.  It came at such a good time too! This was something he got excited about and considering how disinterested he has been in school as of late, I was happy to see that.

This is more than just a workbook and its more than completing worksheets. Its an introduction  to self expression; helping children learn how to put their knowledge into words and sentences, to share.  There are basic questions given to encourage and direct investigation. Our children are learning reporting skills, they incorporate language, penmanship, and library/encyclopedia/dictionary skills (we needed this!). As they work they create their own reports (with or without a pictures). These come with a set of reproducible forms with varying line heights. There are lots of  suggestions within the pages too, for each subject, for art, music, language, reading, math, social studies/history, science/health, P.E., Bible, and field trips. A list of additional resources is included, as well as other details (scientific classifications of animal and/ or plant kingdoms). The packet we received contained sheets on lizards (our FAVORITE!), iguanas, chameleons, turtles, crocodiles, snakes, garter snakes, rattlesnakes, frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders. The recommendation is one topic per week, thus the packet will last for an entire quarter. The packet is $8.95 and  these were written with Grades 3 and 4 in mind but they can also be used for grades 1 and 2 with assistance or for remedial work with those in Grades 5 through 8.

My oldest son, he is eight, had quite the time with My First Reports.This really encouraged him in a number of ways. Since we have not done much in the way of writing and reports, this was new territory for all of us. Since we really enjoy reading, it was quite fun to explore each page as we went from lizards, to crocodiles, to rattlesnakes. Seeing as we already have two geckos, it was fun to see how much my boys already knew about our little friends. Each page has vocabulary words to learn and questions to encourage creative writing. One question for example read: In what kind of habitat do lizards live in? MY oldest son reported that they live in the desert (some in jungles and rainforests) while my four year old reported that lizards “live in our house.” haha

Towards the back of the report, you will find lots of additional resources to use as a unit study or just for additional learning fun! There are Bible references and discussion for study, History/Geography/Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science/Health, Physical Education, Music, Art, even ideas for field trips. In addition to all the activities listed here (seriously we could go on studying with this for quite some time – likely we will too!) there are lists of books and magazines, as well as companies and museums which have resources available for study. For the report itself they provide three sizes of lined paper with or without space for a picture. My oldest loves to draw so whatever he does, illustrations are a must. The lines are either 5/8-inch, 1/2 inch, or 3/8 inch. We used the 1/2 inch since my oldest son continues to struggle a bit in handwriting.

This really did encourage and inspire my boys both; it was a fabulous way to gain investigative skills too since there were many times we had to look in a book, and in many cases even after the work was done, they still wanted to know more. I especially love how the Word of God is woven into all of this. As they learn, they see His word, and that really helps them to have a Biblical worldview. Which is so very important! We have learned so much; in fact many doors have been opened for other topics through this packet. It has been such a pleasant surprise. Its been a fun addition to our raising of tadpoles and geckos. My boys even found a few toads in our yard that they created a habitat for and observed for a few days before setting them free once more. They are still hoping to find some salamander or newt eggs to raise but for now, what fun we have had already!

Of course there are many other other topics to choose from. This really had been a wonderful tool in a homeschool that was losing its enthusiasm for learning. These are a wonderful way to learn, as a family, even individually for some of the olde children. With so many topics, and so many ways to learn, these are bound to please everyone (even us moms1)


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And the T.R.I.P is Completed

Watch out……coming in for a landing……

trip banner

Can you believe it? We have reached the end of our journey with the Targeted Reading Improvement Program, also known as, T.R.I.P. Well, maybe not the end…:)

For those who are not famiiar with the program, here’s aquick recap:

TRIP was created by Walter C. Waid and Jordan H. Price, teachers with a combined total of 40 years experience working with special needs, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, and special ed students. They received their degrees and teaching credentials from California State University Long Beach and Fullerton California, respectively.

TRIP Contains 20 lessons. Each lesson consists of 3 parts. Plus A How to To Instructional Video With Step-By-Step Teaching Instructions.

There are three parts to each lesson. All of the materials and instruction are simple and concise. An easy program to follow for most any age and level.

Each lesson begins with a word list. We used these mostly for spelling and some dictation during the days since my son really mastered this part of the program. If there was one thing I would have liked to have seen, it would have been for there to be a bit more variety here; maybe a couple different levels. Either way my son breezed through this part of each lesson and that did please him quite a bit.

The lesson then moves on to the flash practice. Here there are three speeds for the student to choose from. They are then shown, flashed, numbers, letters, symbols or shapes which they need to copy. We stuck mostly with the intermediate and advanced speeds; this is excellent for encouraging focus and attention. My son, being rather artistic, had some issues with following direction in this area, he liked to embellish on the “design” he was given, so there were some challenges there (unexpectedly) with following directions. We made it!

The third part is the story card. These were a bit of a disappointment for my son. Since he reads, voraciously, the stories were a bit sipler than we hoped for. But each story had a list of words and we used these for spelling and for handwriting practice. My son read each story aloud, answering the questions at the end of the wordksheets and then retelling the story (narrating) to make sure he got it.

Overall this was a fun and worthy experience for all of us! I do believe that this will be an excellent tool when my other children are ready to “learn to read” as well. This is a simple program that anyone can run and its a great way to determine your child’s skill level in reading too. I really lived the variety of ways I could use this. From spelling, to grammar, handwriting and reading you can really get creative with this. And again the flash practice is a really great tool for practicing focus and attention, and it even gave us the chance to work on how to follow directions.

This was fun! It was different. My son looked forward to each lesson and that does not happen often. I can definitely encourage others to look into this; if there are reading troubles in their midst, perhaps this is the answer that they too need.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this program to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.