In all of this crazy stay home time, you would think it would be easier to blog regularly. Yet somehow I feel like it’s even more difficult than before.

Thankfully I have a son who is very focused on doing what needs to be done each day. Especially looks forward to using The Kingdom Code to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. So many ideas he has!

In the third lesson we learned a bit about supply and demand. Using the example of mr. Goodnight and mr. Loving who lived in Texas and had too many cattle, we explored how their problem became a solution and a great business idea was born.

My little artist learned about the law of supply and demand and even drew his own. With quite some prodding.

One of the things I really like about this is how each lesson encourages character. To be a successful entrepreneur you must have courage. It also helps to have an amazing mentor to help you grow along the way.

My son has been super he didn’t have to look hard to find his mentor. There was such enthusiasm when he asked and there continues to be a great relationship being built as he learns more all the time about not just his own business but the general structure and demands of the sports industry.

Another beautiful thing about this program is how it incorporates the word of God into the lessons. Many wonderful reminders to pray to God for wisdom and revelation.

In less than four we moved on to creating your own business plan and logo. Both of these things can help to ensure success. certainly they can both help others to see that you are serious about your business.

My son definitely understands the value of making plans so that he can be successful in the work he wants to do. One thing that he really appreciates his house little there is in our area for the service he plans to provide.

While we are home certainly we can be about our Father’s business. And what this means for my son is working on a logo and a business plan that he can share once we are able to go out again. In the meantime the program encourages him to put together a survey and ask around to see what people think about service he wants to provide. Sir with all of his hockey friends he could get some great ideas about what they would want in a goalie coach.

The Kingdom Code {3/4}

Is there any doubt that music has a power over us? It is healing, it is inspiring, calming, grounding. It makes learning so much more fun! As a family with four kids Bible Quizzing, we have found that what they can learn and hide in their hearts, is unlimited, when it is set to music. I was quite curious about the following CD’s: Prayers and Blessing for the Unborn Child, Math Prodigy and Prayers and Blessings for the Newborn to 99. After all, my younger daughter (4) has her very own CD player and she loves having her own collection of Bible music – This seemed like a wonderful addition to her growing library. We received all three of these physical albums (they are available as downloads too) and have been enjoying them quite a bit too!

Preborn Prodigy seeks to change lives using these CD’s to lead listeners on an amazing journey in their relationship with the Lord. A wonderful background for prayer and meditation. These collections will help our children (perhaps us as well) to learn and take to heart the truths within the Word of God. Their mission statement shares what a blessing these can be:

“…encounter God’s presence…feel His perfect love while you listen to these special albums. May all the promises found in His Word fill your heart with peace and hope, imparting your true identity as one most beloved by your Father”

Our children need to know who they are and whose they are. This music is gentle and soothing, the words are scriptural, speaking His promises. The messages spoken cover our salvation and blessings, health and protection, identity and purpose. What a beautiful way for our children to get the Word of God into their hearts and minds even at the youngest age!

For as long as I can remember, when we read the Bible stories, I strive to place my own children’s names within the words written so they know, so they understand, that this was written to them. I want them to remember as they struggle and grow, they are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are the apple of God’s eye. There is power in our children understanding that God’s word does not return void but will accomplish whatever God pleases and shall prosper in the thing which it was sent for.

She loves her blessings CD.

These are such beautiful prayers and blessings recorded for everyone. Something beautiful and calming to put on at night while the children are not quite ready, but it is time for bed. Or even during quite time as we build or color. While the albums may say for the unborn, or for a newborn, they also remind us that these prayers and blessings are for us too. From Newborn to 99. The blessings of the Lord make us rich. ❤

We also received the CD for Math Prodigy; an introduction to basic math skills. Each of the five tracks on this one cover tips and tricks for learning math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). There are also tracks covering decimals, fractions and orders of operation. This is definitely a unique teaching tool; I think my older children were more engaged with this one as the lessons covered more mathematical terms. Fractions and decimals were especially interesting tracks for my older boys. We didn’t listen to the whole CD in one sitting but the voice and the gentle music in the background definitely were welcomed as we listened to some of the facts and values of math that perhaps had not been thought of before.

I have to say, these are such unique products! It really has been an honor to have the chance to listen and review these with my children. With each album about an hour in length, this is a great way to help children fall asleep (or just calm themselves on those difficult days). My youngest daughter who is four, loves to share how God loves her and how he made her body, all of it, so special too. These are blessings! Powerful ones. To know and believe that God said it and He means it, always and forever, really makes a difference in how we live. These are some beautiful ways to help our families live in God’s love and purpose.

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Preborn Prodigy {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

In my years as a homeschool momma, I like to think I have learned a couple things. One of those being, do not move forward in math until things are fully mastered. A good foundation is vital in this area. While three of my four kids do quite well when it comes to numbers, my oldest has struggled for so long. If I could go back, we wouldn’t rush the way did through things – I would take his strong dislike of math and find ways to slowly help him to find it more pleasing. When I had the opportunity to explore Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction from Math-U-See with my daughter (8) I was happy to work with her so she would continue to enjoy math as she does right now. My 14 year old son also took part in this review because its always good to invest in a stronger foundation. This is recommended for kids 8-16 who are struggling with gaps. Also, this is a supplemental program that can be used alongside other curriculum.

We received the following materials as part of this review:

  • AIM Resource Guide with program overview/instruction

  • Math-U-See Integer Blocks

  • Math-U-See Colored Pencils

  • Math Fact Strategy Posters

  • Fact Check Cards

  • Code for 12-month access to AIM Addition and Subtraction Digital Pack

Before you begin, there is a video to watch that will help you to complete a “Before” AIM Assessment with your student. This is different than others we have used, with this, we ask the math facts verbally and the student has three seconds to answer each one. Once you have completed the addition and subtraction assessments, you will know for sure if this is the right program for you.

With the AIM (Accelerated Individualized Mastery) your students will work in three ways:

  • Accelerated – Students are able to move quickly through skill sets not yet mastered
  • Individualized – Mastery of the skills they need at their own pace.
  • Mastery – Student can recall ALL math facts using little mental energy, being engaged in the problem solving process.

Within this program are 22 lessons covering single digit addition and subtraction. With each lesson there is a video lesson to watch and then problems to practice using manipulatives and the included workbook. These didn’t take long for my older son however for my daughter it would range from 20-30 minutes. Plus we were able to make this lots of fun – brother testing sister and vice versa – nothing like a little competition to see how well they really know their facts.

This program truly is a great way to increase our kids confidence, while they learn and work at a pace that fits them. I love that there are manipulatives able to be used (bright and colorful) as you work (for my oldest these become a fidget tool but my daughter loved these and they helped her so much). Add to that lots of visual aids, step by step video instruction and lots of other resources to help gain and maintain mastery. With this I am certain that we will have a firm foundation and their future relationship with Mr Math will be a more positive one.

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Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction {Math-U-See Reviews}

Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) Addition and Subtraction (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I love to read! My kids love to be read to! I am always on the lookout for books that help bring the Bible to life, especially this time of year. we are nearing Passover, a favorite time for many in my home. This is a time when it is good to look back, to remember all the good that the Lord has done, for us and for those who have come before us. Needles to say, because we have always been so pleased with the books we have received from David C Cook, I was more than happy to take the time to review a copy of The Easter Storybook: 40 Bible Stories Showing Who Jesus Is. This is recommended for ages 4-8 but I think we can all appreciate the simple stories and learn a thing or two if we can be “like as a child.”

What could possibly be more important than our children knowing just who God really is? Do they know that Jesus is God in the flesh, come to be the perfect lamb, sacrificed for us? I think we need to know this. We need to really know. God promises us, throughout the pages of His Word, that one day, a rescuer will come. We will see His perfect plan come to fruition and this plan will give us the opportunity to walk with God, for eternity.

There are 40 stories within this book; one to read each day. Beginning with The Promise, we read and learn of of creation and the fall. We see how things once perfect became broke, how God sent a promise. So many promises! Even in the darkness, there was hope. Because of how greatly God loves us, He made a way, a korban (what we call a sacrifice). Then, when the time was right, He came and made a way.

We begin with Jesus, in the temple, amongst the teachers of the day. Each story is only one page long and includes scripture references (my younger son loved being able to look these up and see them in his Bible) as well as questions for discussion. Every page is a work of art. The pictures are just beautiful; for my younger girls they really enjoyed exploring and discussing what they saw.

Since my oldest is 14, the stories were a bit too simple for him, we decided to use these as a way to begin some journaling. After each reading there are questions such as:

  • What do you worry about? 
  • What is impossible with humans but possible with God? 
  • What does it mean to repent? 
  • How is Jesus healing different from a doctor’s healing? 
  • How did Jesus change Zaccheus’s life? 
  • Have you ever had a second chance to do something good? What happened?

Something I really appreciate about the books from David C Cook is that they always keep Jesus at the center of things. They do not veer off course but rather stay in the Word of God. The many references within the pages help our children learn how to use this amazing gift, given to us, so that they can connect the dots. What a great way to increase our faith.

I don’t know that there is anything that is more important than for my children to know Jesus, to have such a close relationship with Him that they have no doubt of the love He has for them. And for them to know the sacrifice that was made for their sin, so that they can recognize the wrong done, confess it and then rejoice in the goodness of God and their salvation.

As I read this morning in Deuteronomy, I was reminded of how important it is for each generation to tell others, of God’s goodness. Of His truth and His great works. We cannot keep silent for how can they seek God if they do not hear. We need to pray for God to stir up in our children a desire to search after Him, to love and know those secret things that are there for us. May every one of our children be able to say, “Behold the Lamb of God….”

‘Ideas shape the world.  The truth sets it free.’  ~David C Cook

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The Easter Storybook {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I am always trying to find ways to make history really come alive for my kids. I love history. My husband loves history. For our kids? It can be a bit harder to understand what is so cool about stuff from long ago. But when you have amazing materials such as these, from Home School in the Woods, we can really get our kids engaged! I was so excited to review Time Travelers The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression. I was certain too, that as we learned we would have some amazing hands opportunities to get hands on with all sorts of fun and creative things!

One thing I have always really appreciated about this company is that there products are overflowing with things to do! It seems like a lot in the beginning. We download the files and, for a moment, are a bit overwhelmed, but then we see the lesson plan schedule that is so conveniently put together for us, and momma breathes a sigh of relief. We can do this! These history studies are like nothing we have ever experienced, outside of this company of course, whatever you are looking for, a little or a lot, they have a product that will not only help your kids learn about but also immerse themselves in, the time being studied.

This is so clearly organized even someone as unorganized as myself can do it!

The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression, includes approximately 25 lessons designed to be covered in 5-10 weeks. Just a few of the topics covered are: The Transcontinental Railroad, The Indian Wars, Innovations & Inventors, Immigration, Growth of the Nation, People of Interest, WWI, The Roaring 20s, The Dust Bowl, and so much more! There is just a TON of stuff for our kids to explore in this!

  • Creative Writing
  • Fact file Cards
  • Depression Era Recipes
  • Notebook Timeline/Activities
  • Three-dimensional Projects like making a Suspension Bridge, a Wright Brothers “Flyer,” a “Flip Book,” and a “Turn of the Centuries Scenes” Game
  • Authentic Crafts such as Paper Tole, a Penny Rug, a Yo-Yo Quilt, and WWI Silk Postcards

I confess, without this, I am not sure we ever would have covered some of this stuff. Not really. I mean, Some of these things, I do not think we would have explored, or maybe we would not have gone as deep as we had without the many topics that were included here. There were an endless number of projects to create, lists of books and audiobooks to enjoy together and movies too!

For example, my daughter, who is a little fashionista, loved that there was a portion in this that talked about the changes in fashion. She now loves “flapper dresses.” Since someone is learning how to sew right now, she may just manage to make her very own dress. She spent quite a bit of time looking at images online of dresses and hats, headbands with feathers and beads. She even managed to find patterns she could use to make her own. House dresses, travelling clothes, street wear, tea dresses… So many, so pretty!

1923 Tea Gowns or Formal Day Dresses

What would an immigrant see? My oldest son has been dying to get out and explore the world. At fourteen, he wants to go to different countries, live and study there. So it was fun to talk about what it would be like for someone who is a stranger in the land – How would things be different for them. Food, language, music, work, clothing. Many things we often take for granted. While the activity here spoke more of sites such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, there were lots of opportunities to really see with new eyes, even right now. We often host exchange students, sometimes for a summer, sometimes for a year but this was a nice relatable experience for my kids, to imagine if…. 🙂

Do you know who designed them?

My all time favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright even got some attention in this study. I found this to be an excellent time to share with my own kids all the amazing places he built (some even in our own city of Racine). When we are able, I plan to take my kids to a few, perhaps Taliesin, to experience.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to see this myself many years ago 💕

My younger son? He was happy to spend his time exploring weaponry and the advances it made in this time. He is the one who loves all the war games, strategy, hunting, maps and battlefields. This was a real introduction for him to World War I but he really took off with it and while he isn’t crafty, he enjoys as many videos and stories as he can get his hands on to help understand the many ins and outs of war. Did you know that the yo-yo was once considered a weapon of war? And how about those Rough Riders? Here is even more for him to really explore!

Imagine the time spent learning about the history and the design of each one of these.

There is just so much involved in the Homeschool in The Woods materials. We could enjoy these for quite a long time (I believe we usually do too). With the upcoming Presidential election, now is a great time to get your hands on Home School in the Woods U.S. Elections Lap-Pak for grades 3-8. This includes twenty-one projects meant to help our kids understand: political parties, caucuses, stump speaking, campaign advertising and more. What a great way to get our kids involved in, and seeing the importance, of elections.

Some of the members of the Review Crew even had the change to review this very Lap-Pak. If you are curious about this, and the many other materials available, be sure to click on the banner below to learn all about what we used and how we used them with our families.

Home School in the Woods {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Why does math have to be such a struggle? For two of my kids math is fun and they enjoy doing puzzles and worksheets and games. For my oldest son (who is almost high school) it is a constant struggle. He hates it. And he dreads and avoids math as much as possible. For that reason when we were given the chance to try out a couple resources from Math Galaxy I jumped at it! We received a set of four eBooks as well as access to a variety of math apps (these are available for iPhone and iPad) ranging from Prek to Algebra and even SAT Math.

We obtained the apps we chose to use easily enough. What issues we did have, were quickly resolved. These are all very simple, nothing fancy, no cute cartoons, but lots of basic concepts and review to ensure mastery of the topics being worked on. The apps include videos that help increase understanding. Again nothing fancy, just a whiteboard being used. Perfect for any kids who are easily distracted really (like my oldest son).

For each problem you have three opportunities to get the answer correct before it shows you, not just the correct answer, but also how the solution was obtained. I appreciate that, although I had to be sure to make my son take the time to look over things.

These cover a LOT of material!

What did we work on? With my older daughter (8) she chose to hunker down and work hard on telling time and money. My oldest son (14), we focused on the Prealgebra stuff. We also worked to solidify those fractions and decimals, some of the basics that really make a good foundation. My younger son (10) dug right into the word problems – most of what he did was the basic math. Again, we are focusing on foundations. Basic skills make such a difference!

What time is it?

The eBooks, were downloadable files which included:

Whole Number Riddles eBook Bundle

Fractions Riddles eBook Bundle

Prealgebra Riddles eBook Bundle

Algebra Riddles eBook Bundle

Google Slides Riddles Bundle

Riddles are always so fun and sure enough, my three older kids had a blast working through sometimes one page, sometimes lots more, each day. Okay, maybe all three didn’t have a blast. With my oldest son we used Fractions and Prealgebra and he struggled. He really did. It was still a battle BUT he loved the riddle part of things. He likes to make people laugh so at the end of each math day, he always had some new material to try out on dad. 🙂

What do lazy dogs gl

What a great way to encourage and inspire our kids; they can see how fun math can be with these 30 different ebooks. So easy to use, just download and print what you need and you can really have fun as you practice math facts and solve riddles.  Each ebook is a PDF download with approximately 40-50 pages of riddles and answers. You can even make these interactive worksheets using Google. Awesome!

Between the apps and the worksheets, these are such amazing tools to help share the benefits and how fun math can be! As we continue using these materials from Math Galaxy, I am enjoying seeing my kids all excel in various areas of math. I love how excited and eager my older daughter is – she really enjoys all of this practice and tells me this is the most fun she has ever had doing math! As for my oldest, he is getting there, the

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3rd Grade -Algebra Fundametals Math Apps {Math Galaxy Reviews}

Math Galaxy {Review}

So we are progressing slowly but surely that’s my son learns to make and manage money, God’s way.

Now we are beginning to prepare to build the treasure.

I choose to work!

Here we learned about the value of a true entrepreneur: John Deere. My son really enjoyed reading about how he began and managed his business. My son has a great admiration for the hard work farmers do. We actually spent quite a bit of time looking up and learning more following this. Amazing stuff!

As we worked we learned what you need to build a good business. he also got a greater understanding of the economy and how goods are bought and sold. He even got a basic lesson in capitalism. I like this a lot and so does he!

My son learned that in a free enterprise system he can build a better business if he seeks wisdom.

Treasure builders make money by selling inventions, services and goods.

Already my son has a basic business plan in place as well as a mentor who is excited to guide him along the way.

His plan? To become a coach in ice hockey for kids wanting to learn, skate and be a goalie like he is. It’s looking good so far! 👌

The Kingdom Code {2}