Schoolhouse Review Crew


I had no idea how much fun it would be when I was invited to join the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I knew I would have so much fun (my kids too!) with all the latest and greatest home school materials we would get to try. I had no idea this would be such an amazing group of ladies. Or such a great experience for my rusty writing to sparkle and shine.

Since joining we have had  fun with a few different science programs; we have tamed our reading and writing, begun the journey into cursive writing, seriously studied piano instead of watching the keyboard collect greater levels of dust. haha Without a doubt this is opening eyes and allowing my children to experience so many different styles of learnings and subjects for study too!

Then there are the ladies that are a part of this group. I have a wonderful mentor who assists me in writing great posts for every product we review. She gives inspiration and catches those little things I miss; reminds me of the things I forget or am careless of on those off days. Its a process and something that I know is causing me to grow. And to help share my experiences along the way. Of course there are many other amazing ladies; all a strong and beautiful group here to lift one another up. It’s like a bit of fellowship for us moms in need. 🙂

Home education can be a great journey. Many ups and downs; days of joy and days of sorrow. Times we struggle trying to figure out how to keep it fresh…Days we must just press on and know that there its gonna be worth it all one day. This is an amazing group, a fabulous opportunity and I just had to share how fun it is and how blessed I am to be a part of it all!

Schoolhouse Review Crew

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