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Can We …. Together?

We are made alive. Together. ephesians-2-iphone-background_v2

I don’t think I ever really realized how often and how heavily, this word is used until the other day.

I am a loner; I admit it. I tend to shy away from social gatherings.

It isn’t that I don’t like people, it’s just that…I am one of those highly sensitive people.




We were quickened….together

Together…..we are raised up ….


It was said  in a recent sermon that, “Our eternal destiny can be determined by how we treat just one person.”

What we have done to them  (did we give them drink, clothe them, feed them?) is as we have done to the Lord.

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


Our relationship with others – does it reflect a right relationship with Jesus?


We are told in Proverbs 27 that we need the wisdom of God. This family of faith He has brought us into … We need them.

We can only do this TOGETHER.


As I am listening to this message that is so powerful (yet also scary to me because I am such a introvert!!) I turn to see my oldest son, talking -in the pew – with his friend. They aren’t all  that quiet. This boy doesn’t often come to church – my son has befriended him (or maybe its the other way around) Regardless they are talking in the middle of a sermon ..


I am horrified.


My husband says. They are together. They are doing what we are hearing being preached right now.

They need to talk more quietly.

Perhaps outside of the sanctuary. Away from where a message is being delivered.


Yet in all of this, they are fellowshipping – they are together – they are building up and encouraging one another.


In the faith.


I cannot always see these things. I admit it.


I see two boys being disrespectful of the house and man of God.

My husband sees opportunity.


What God has put together…His great wisdom!


One day…..

We who are alive, we will be caught up TOGETHER.


It is this community – the common values, the unity – which will enable us to endure to the end.


We will spend time talking. Ministering to one another. And it won’t always look like we expect it to. It won’t always happen when and where we feel it should.


I remember, this is our safe place. This is where we come to grow and learn and become strengthened. And it is always how God desires it to be.



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