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EdAlive {Review}

Does anyone else feel like this time of year we need to get some “new life” into our learning? Right now has been one of those times for my kids – searching for something that will bring their learning to life again. Enter in: EdAlive. I love the name alone because, I want our “ed” to really be “alive.” We were able to review both Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online. Sometimes games are the best way for our kids to learn; these were definitely some that were tons of fun (with lots of learning too)! I like fun and I know it’s a good one when my kids fight over who gets to play. 🙂

I always hated typing when I was younger. I think it was because I never actually learned how to type. Needless to say, my hubby is adamant that our kids learn how to really type. And this, makes typing so much fun!

I used Typing Tournament Online with my two boys and my older daughter. My children all loved the medieval setting that this typing program uses. What boys don’t love dragons and knights? Each of my kids started out with a typing test (you can choose 1-3 minutes). Following the test they they complete practice sets; they can earn prizes and certificates as they go along. My boys loved this! They actually were in competition with each other to see who could complete the exercises and tests the fastest and with the most accuracy. My daughter unfortunately had a lot of difficulty with the timed exercises; she tended to feel more pressure and so she did not do as well. She did enjoy the exercises though and it was a great opportunity for her to get started with typing. My kids worked on this 2-3 times a week; lessons were about 10-15 minutes; this was a great length of time for all of my kids. One thing my oldest son had hoped for was that he could test and go right into an appropriate level himself (he has done typing before) but I also appreciate that they are able to get a firm foundation in their skills as well.

This was my kids favorite! I had all three of my children use this; my boys had a blast with this. Maths Invaders Online is a really fun space game. Choose between a Galactic Campaign and Space Rescue. Start with the Galactic Campaign and earn your way to the Space Rescue.

This is such a fabulous way for our kids to practice their math facts and really know them. All of my kiddos started out at the very beginning because, honestly, with my oldest, I don’t feel like he has that strong of skills when it comes to math. He hates math so …. Since he was having so much fun with this, why not use it to really hone in on those things we all need to know?

My younger son really advanced through this quickly; while we probably could have changed the level to make it more challenging, again, he would get there and in the meantime he is solidifying those basic skills. No harm done! My daughter on the other had fun with this but as we progressed she got a bit more stressed out trying to keep up with it all. After a couple tries we started printing out the worksheets that are available and correspond to each level. This helped her to feel better about what she knows before she went into “battle”. haha

For my older boys it was nice to be able to up the speed of their challenges as they progressed. It gave them something to “compete” with one another over (can be a good thing I guess). Between the available worksheets and the ability to focus the material they are in (fractions, square roots, decimals, percentages) there is definitely plenty to keep them busy and again, this is a super fun way to reinforce those math facts.

We really are enjoying these programs and I am thrilled to see my kids so engaged and excited about something that has never been exciting to them before now. My oldest will quickly tell anyone he “hates” math; whole I am not a fan either, I know that there needs to be a change in his perception of math and so a program like this really helps him see that math can be fun! My younger ones are still working in this and having a “blast” haha My younger two really love being able to print out worksheets to go along with whatever skills they are working in. Especially when he struggles, my younger son is very independent and determined – When its hard he searches out ways to do it all the more so it isn’t so hard anymore. And the worksheets are right there so its no fuss, no mess, no work (unless we want to generate our own of course). How perfect is that! We have so much going on lately in and out of our home – I love something like this that doesn’t require any work from me (sometimes I am a lazy momma) but allows me to set them up and let them go. The fact that they WANT to do the work is a real sign to me, of a great program. We are so grateful for the opportunity to use both of these and are definitely going to continue to do so. If you are looking for something that will make learning fun again, this is it!

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