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Do you know that I just love book! Especially books that are related to the Bible; stories that help us to see the value, truth and power that is within the Word of God. With kids ranging in age from 6 to 15, it can be a challenge to find stories we can all enjoy. Pursued to Eternity by John Riley is one of those books; about 150 pages, this is a wonderful way to engage our kids and help them to see that God wants relationship with every one of us!

Pursued to Eternity tells the tale of a six-month adventure, two brothers, Dr. Alan Bridges, a younger atheist, and Connor Bridges, biology teacher and older brother also a Christian. This story travels from ancient times to present day exploring dinosaur hunting, an Egyptian diary written in Moses time, and an oil field in Kenya. Through of this we explore the origins of man and the eternal.

Recommended for middle and high schoolers, yet every one of us can find something that will test and increase our faith. For our younger readers they can begin to see what it means to defend our faith, all ages can explore and begin to develop their own answer, when asked, for the hope that they have. throughout the pages of this small book, we are shown how our Creator desires for every one of us to learn of Him and love Him with all of our heart and mind and soul and strength.

It’s such a delight to find a fictional story that uses bible evidence as its core foundation. These kinds of books not only take us on adventures to places and times that keep us engaged and wanting more but they do so with a solid message that touches our lives and changes how we think about the world.

Pursued to Eternity chronicles the six-month odyssey of two brothers, Dr. Alan Bridges, the younger atheist brother, and Connor Bridges, a biology teacher and older Christian brother. The story takes us on an adventure that spans ancient times to the present as it explores dinosaur hunting, an Egyptian diary written during the time of Moses, and an oil field in Kenya all while exploring man’s origins all the way to his eternal future.

John Riley has also designed a course at SchoolhouseTeachers.com, Apologetics: Creative vs. Evolution, a 14-week, video-based course recommended for grades 7 to 12. This is a great addition to this book, the course further shows evidence for Creation and encourages our students to examine the evidence and know for themselves. We are very slowly working through this (there are worksheets to print for each lesson) and as I go through this with my boys, I am excited to learn so much alongside them!

My younger son loves timelines and maps. He is very detail oriented and likes to see things, in order, everything in it’s place. He always appreciates materials that are well organized. As we delved into the first chapter, my son was so glad to see how it was organized in timeline format. Each paragraph covered a period of time starting at about 5 BC and going all the way through to 2020 and Beyond. Each timeframe, has a short and simple summary of that time along with scripture. So much scripture!

This is definitely not your ordinary book; the storytelling within this pages makes you want more and more. Every page has facts, and scriptures shared, complimenting the portion of the story being told. I myself love all the historical and scientific details that are included – the word dinosaur was first used in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen- the complicated design of the human heart. Every page, in my opinion, only helps to confirm the existence of a Creator.

As you read you gain a clearer understanding in regards to the systematic development and propagation of things like: racism, violence, war, abortion, atheism. If you are curious, study out Haldane’s dilemma.

I have to say, I was impressed, my boys were impressed, with how full of excitement and revelation, this small book really was! So many lessons within; every one of them tugging at your heart. moments you hear Him call to you to seek His face, feel after Him.

Every page reminds us that when we “draw near to God, He will also draw near to us.” His love for us is everlasting and His desire is that ALL be saved. But we cannot ignore His commands given within the pages of the Bible – Every word calls us to us to choose obedience, to choose the blessings.

Whose report will you believe? Test all things so that you will know and believe, the report of the Lord for He is good and His love and mercy endures!

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I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We love to read. I think anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about stories. There are just so many amazing stories out there and so many things we can learn along the way. For so many reasons, I was beyond excited to explore One More Story, having been blessed with a one year subscription. This is so much fun; like audiobooks, but with beautiful, eye catching illustrations (which my younger ones really love).

One More Story can be accessed on any computer or mobile device; there is also a free iOS app. Their is super easy to navigate, after one quick lesson my girls (6 and 9) were able to login on their own, locate books they wanted to read and enjoy one story after another. only one login is needed for access, whatever method you prefer to use.

There are two options for your children to choose from: Read Along offers a real read-aloud book experience for your child and I Can Read It allows older children to read the book themselves.

For our beginning readers or little ones not yet reading, as they listen to stories in Read Along mode, each word is highlighted as it’s read. What a fun way for them to start learning and recognizing letters and words.

In I Can Read It mode, there is no music or narration so they can focus on the story they are reading. No distractions! great for my older girl. If there is a word they do not know, they can tap or click it, and the program will read the word aloud. Isn’t this a fabulous way to learn, or just grow, in reading skills.

In the Parent’s place you can track stories your children are enjoying; they also provide a handy list of words learned. I found this a great way to see what my girls loved (that we might want to add to our home library) and also to encourage reading independently with physical books too.

Scanning the books myself, I was thrilled to find some of my favorites from when I was a child, like The Snowy Day and Whistle for Willie. Always have loved that author!

My girls were thrilled with books like Kiss the Cow and Ladybugs Can’t Be Tall. They have Black Beauty too – a favorite for all of us! We love horses around here.

There are just so many (I think 80+ books in all) to choose from! While my girls tend to choose the same books each time they access our account, I strive to encourage them to find one new book to try. Personally, I plan to enjoy, with them, every one of the books on this site before we are through.

One More Story on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifelongReaders
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarlyReader

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One More Story Online Library [Review}

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We love music in this house and through the years I have seen for myself how much music can help increase and engage our kids in learning. Having spent many years with kids in Bible Quizzing, where music was a huge part of memorizing hundreds of scriptures each year, I can attest to how quickly we can memorize information when it is set to song. Since music is my favorite tool, I was so eager to begin using Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool by Cross Seven Ventures LLC. If you are familiar with the Claritas Publishing program, this is aligned with that. We were provided with a one-year subscription for our whole family to this amazing program for grades K-6.

Wonder what is included in this program? There are lessons in Scripture, Hymns, Timeline, History, Science, Math, Grammar, Latin, and Geography, all using a 4-year cyclical program. Each cycle has 28 weeks — easily an entire year of learning for your family! The tunes are upbeat, fun and you will soon find everyone singing these songs.

There is also a Parent Dashboard for tracking your kid’s progress as they work through
the program and the interactive quizzes. And these quizzes, my kids say they are so much fun! They even have a variety of badges and certificates kids can earn as they work through the subjects and complete quizzes. You even have the option to stream apps like AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV, so you can all watch and learn together! 

Each day’s class begins by listening to a hymn, followed by prayer, and then saying a pledge to the American Flag, the Christian Flag, the Bible and also reciting the Lord’s prayer.

As you can see below there are a couple ways to move forward once you are logged into your account. You can go through the individual badges for each topic OR (my favorite) click on the Weekly Memory Work banner at the bottom and ….

Isn’t this awesome? Here is every video for the week for every subject. I love that my kids can login in and there is no confusion as to what they need to do.

There are also links to book lists for every cycle to help further expand on what is being learned. She provides a pdf download to help walk you through creating your own timeline. She also gives game recommendations. What can be more fun than singing as you learn? Playing board games as you learn. We don’t have this one – not yet – definitely planning to add this to our collection!

There are also lots of Fun Links included which range from videos to reading material along with games and coloring pages. So many of these are good for “hours” of fun! I know when it comes to learning Latin and grammar, geography, these kids and the fun links that are included make a huge difference in how we learn!

For my girls we have been working through Cycle One, together, slowly. Because there is so much more that you can do we enjoying exploring each lesson as much (or as little) as they like. My older daughter loved the videos that were done by kids. She enjoys dancing and theatre herself; always asking questions and pondering things, there were so many great ways she could learn beyond just the music.

My younger daughter loves music, especially hymns and it’s amazing how much you can learn. From history, to geography and everything in between, there are so many old hymns that we would do well to learn of and from. She may be small but if you ask her, she knows it all. ha-ha

When it comes to geography, my son loves all the visuals were a real treat. He loves learning about different parts of the world, especially how they live. A big fan of woodworking, survivalist stuff – as he explores history he can see how things have progressed. Another thing he enjoyed were videos from The Skit Guys, that had covered various Bible topics. Again, this kid is very big on the what, where, when, why and how of things. So he appreciated the variety of links throughout the program so he could dig in more.

I have to admit we didn’t do as much with math and grammar (because we do have a few things we love to use for that already) but I found the videos were still good to watch and who knows what they will catch right?

There is so much I have always loved about the classical education model; at the same time I really enjoy being able to allow my children to lead the way, per se, as their interests guide them. I was wary in the beginning that this would be too much but this is put together in such a fabulous way – the material is gently presented. The quizzes even are fun and not at all stressful to take. We didn’t do them consistently but when y kids did they found them to be unlike any quiz they have taken before.

If you are looking for something new, hoping to inspire your kids, this may be for you! They have a FREE 1 day trial so you can explore their program and see if this is something that your family will enjoy! We are really hoping to continue working through this program, as summer is upon us, we will certainly be relaxing things a bit, but this really is one of those programs that you enjoy!

Cross Seven  – Musical Memory Work on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrossSevenVentures
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cross7Memory
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crosssevenventures/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CrossSevenVentures/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CrossSeven

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History is one of things that is so important yet so challenging to teach. How can we encourage our kids to love history? By bringing it to life with amazing books such as Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Storybook Life from YWAM Publishing. These even include unit studies that can be used to dig deeper into the life and times. This is just one of 26 stories you can choose from in their Heroes of History collection. I know I am really trying to, slowly, collect them all. 🙂

If you have ever gotten your hands on one of these books, you already know how amazing they are! I think these are wonderful for read aloud time; seeing they have so many available as audiobook too, these are a wonderful addition to those times that we spend on the road. I let my older daughter (9) choose which book we would review this time and I was thrilled when she chose this one because I love this lady too!

We have enjoyed every one of the Little House books in the last year or two and when quarantine happened, it was such a pleasure to find every one of the series available to stream. Below, you can see one of the things I really love about this! If you follow this timeline, you have a complete history curriculum from the beginning of a nation to the future of the nation. While we have not previously followed this (I honestly think this is the first time I have seen this) I think this will be our plan moving forward for history studies. They even provide detailed suggestions for how best to use these in a group or a regular classroom so these aren’t just for homeschoolers! LOL

I know my younger son and older daughter especially love those stories and movies that are “based on a true story.” I mean, that makes history so much more meaningful! And since we are in Wisconsin this one was close to home and my kids really loved that. One day we have to plan a way to travel to Pepin Wisconsin, which has a really neat museum (I hear) as well as the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society, Inc., which was organized in July of 1974.With a reconstruction of her home and lots of materials to explore like tools, and clothing that were of that era, what a fun experience that would be!

So, the books are fabulous! The resources that they provide you with, so you lots of great learning out of these books. The unit studies – I am loudly singing their praises! I love books. My kids all love when I read to them. Sometimes they will read independently but many times, it is a great way to get some learning in when we have “one of those days.”

There are eight sections within the unit study (which is a pdf download in case I didn’t mention that before). My youngest just turned 6 and my oldest is 15 but he is often working at our family business with my husband – Suffice to say, with the wide range of ages in our home, these books and their accompanying unit studies never disappoint. Every one of my kids finds something (usually lots of things) that they enjoy doing and discussing as we read these books.

  • Key Quotes: We really enjoy these quick quotes. Great for discussion or just a little inspiration.
  • Display Corner: A fabulous way to have visuals – tangible items related to the story and times.
  • Chapter Questions: Ranging from defining a word to retelling a portion of the story, great for contemplation; a chance for us to consider how something made one feel or why they did a particular thing.
  • Student Explorations: This is where they can really dig in deeper; show comprehension of what they are reading. Whether researching something on their own, or even creating something (a cardboard wagon) related to the story. This could be a written or public speech given. Lots of different ways to show what you know.
  • • Social Studies: Here are timelines, mapwork. My younger son loves maps; being able to see visually the travels they took – just one more way to really make history come alive. They even have a Heroes of History Maps of the United States reproducible workbook. Not included, but definitely considering purchasing this for future use.

There are just so many activities to choose from in the unit studies they provide! I always like we complete so much and yet not enough. Fortunately we can pick and choose what we most enjoy exploring. My girls love to bake so they were excited to find things that involved making butter, hardtack, corn cakes (my youngest is hooked on these!) even lemonade and johnny cakes. They even found a website that had plenty more recipes all related to Laura Ingalls Wilder so there will be lots of baking for quite some time in our house I think.

There is so much you can gain from books like these. And when my kids say that they aren’t sure what to explore, or perhaps they are bored – we pull out this – a wonderful diagram in the unit study to inspire them to adventure into other areas. So many I think we would not have considered without this. You really can keep learning forever with the Heroes of History!

YWAM Publishing is on Social Media:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YWAM-Publishing-482973445102/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/YWAMpublishing
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ywampublishing/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ywampublishing/

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My children love to draw and paint and create! I want to encourage them, help inspire them and for that reason I am so very grateful (always) for ARTistic Pursuits. This is one of those things that we just love to use because there is something for every age and stage in the creative process. This time around we were blessed to receive a copy of the hardcover book: Beginner Level Art Core Classes – Painting with Watercolor Pencils.  Since my girls love watercolor paints, this was the perfect chance to get ahold of some watercolor pencils. This is available comes in online (2-year access to the course) and physical format, the book includes 2 instructional DVD’s (regular and blu-ray), and is recommended for fourth grade on up so we can all enjoy this together!

Personally, creativity is one of the most important things – next to reading – learning how to express themselves in new ways, explore different forms, gain confidence and just have fun! So many wonderful things our children can gain from time spent developing their artistic skills. 🙂

Yet I will also admit that I tend to try to avoid the “mess” and art can be very messy at times (okay, all the time around here anyway). We have to plan for it, we need to have the right materials – how can I encourage this, allow this, without losing my mind?

Maybe ARTistic Pursuits doesn’t solve the “mess” part but they definitely provide lots of guidance, material lists and tons of inspiration! With my creative kids, it makes me feel so much better when I have a book like this that lists EVERYTHING we need right away so there is never a moment where I have to say no when they want to get creative.

This includes four types of lessons in each unit too. Start out learning how to use the materials you have (videos are about 6-10 minutes in length) and then see how to observe and connect the lesson to right where you are. Perhaps you find a colorful item from the sewing box or particularly colored items.

We also have the chance to build our visual vocabulary – this is where we learn about primary colors, tertiary colors; we may explore neutral colors or color tints. Explore the value of colors and what it means to contrast different colors in your art.

What better way to enjoy art than to have a little history lesson as we progress? Each lesson shows how the topic was used in a famous piece of art; we learn a bit about the artist and the time they created in. This can be such a fun rabbit trail too as you go off and explore even more about these artists, their topics in art and where and how they lived. I think this was my favorite part of each lesson – I love history!

There is also a final master lesson included in each unit – here we apply al that we have learned using various objects, landscapes, photographs as we create our own masterpiece. Definitely the part that my girls loved most of all. 🙂

There are nine units within this book; each unit contains four lessons per unit, so there are thirty-six lessons in all. It is recommended to complete two lessons per week and most of the time that is what we did. However some days my girls just wanted to keep going.

Because we tend to lean more towards unschooling, I am always appreciative of resources like this that my children can and do enjoy exploring. My girls loved being able to put in a DVD and spend some time learning and creating some days – other days they enjoyed looking at the images in the book and just attempting their own drawings as they were inspired.

Every time we use on of the books from this company, we learn so many things! From exploring the art of Eanger Couse to learning about the inventions of the early 20th century, we can explore so much more than we did before. Light colors, dark colors, shadows and shades. I do believe that after all the lessons we have completed, we have developed greater habits of observation as eyes have been opened so much wider to see all things.

Artistic Pursuits Inc. on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtisticPursuitsInc
Twitter: @ARTisticPursui1
Instagram: @artisticpursuitsinc
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk75eIpDhZUqbr1On5xEQJQ

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My girl (9) has recently started learning some multiplication. My younger son (11) loves math but still struggles a bit in this area so I thought it would be fun to give them both the chance to build their skills using Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division, a product from Math-U-See designed for ages 10 and up. This uses a multisensory approach that includes: manipulating blocks, writing, and verbalizing the facts to build their understanding.  

Included with this kit is:
● Integer Blocks
● Resource Guide
● Math Fact Strategy Posters
● Fact Check Cards
● Digital Pack – this includes lesson videos, instructions, solutions, and
printable resources

This program follows a mastery-based approach. That means you go at your student’s pace- one 15-minute session per day. With my younger daughter we would repeat a lessons until she felt she got it. With my son, there were days that he would do two or three lessons; working quickly through the ones he had mastery of and taking his time working on those he struggled with more. There are ten multiplication lessons as well as two lessons designed specifically to bridge the gap between multiplication and division. This was very helpful for my son!

There are three modes of instruction used:

  • Accelerated – Students have the opportunity to move quickly through a skill set they have not yet mastered.
  • Individualized – Every student is different, their learning preferences are too. Using various approaches, this program creates an environment enabling the student to master the skills needed.
  • Mastery – Here, mastery means a student is able to recall all math facts using as little mental energy as possible, engaged in the process of problem solving.

For my daughter I have to say this approach is very much helping her to build her confidence as she slowly masters multiplication in a relaxed way. In the past we have used this program for addition and subtraction (again with great success).

The build, write, say method used here directs the student to use the manipulatives to “build” the problem. They are then to write the problem (my daughter has a cute notebook for this very thing), then answers the problem aloud when it is repeated. This is the structure for new lessons. Simple right?

Once we have learned it, it is time to demonstrate it. After taking some time away, we come back to the problems to ensure that the information is still well known. In some situations I could see that my daughter had mastered the information, other times we would go back and review material as I would see her uncertainty.

Next comes transitioning these math facts to the visual memory. How do we do that? This is where we draw, write and say the facts from the lesson. Here we can have some fun with the math fact cards included with this set. And of course CELEBRATE those facts that are known as you go along (we have some yummy flavored cocoas that my girl loves to treat herself to).

You can have so much fun with the math fact cards. Shuffle them really well and then see how many you can get right, how quickly you can answer. I know my girl had fun quizzing me some days too. I guess I need to master my facts a bit more too.

This program has so many great resources additionally, both online and off, to help encourage your struggling students in a fun way. You can even generate your own worksheets! This was great for encouraging all of my kids – without even knowing they can gain mastery and understanding as they quiz their sister and play math games. Learning CAN be fun!

Find Math-U-See on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathusee
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mathusee
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mathusee/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mathusee
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/mathusee 

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Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

My younger son (11) has been wanting to learn how to use a scientific calculator ever since he found my husbands very old, big and clunky, one from his college days. Not having a math head myself (or a science one really) I was rather uncertain how to help him follow this rabbit trail. But then we were given the opportunity via, Triad Math, Inc., to learn how to use the TI-30Xa scientific calculator using an online course and a softcover book, Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator Augmented Intelligence for all 21st Century Students. How exciting when things come together like this right?

Typically I have drawn a hard line when it comes to using calculators; I don’t remember ever using one when I was in school. However, my son also pointed out how much I struggle to this day, with math and after looking over the foreword in the work book we received, I was certain that learning how to use a calculator like this would actually be a huge benefit to my son and his educational journey.

The book we received contains twenty five lessons in all; this includes the accompanying online video tutorials using the platform, Moodle. There is also a short online course help you learn how to use Moodle if you need it. The first 13 lessons should take about 10 minutes each. Each lesson contains: a pre-test, notes (pdfs you can download), video lesson, exercises, answers to exercises, post-test, and a forum. The pdfs in the lessons are also within the work book included for this course.

The first fifteen lessons were a wonderful “warm up” and confidence builder for my son as he refreshed his understanding of things like: real numbers, negative numbers, multiplication and division, percentages, squares, fractions, and fraction to decimal conversions. As we progressed, he would often comment on how much he liked Dr. Del being so clear and concise. My son likes those folks who know how to get right to the point, 🙂

My son had no problems, or hesitation, digging into this course (especially online) as he started out learning the many benefits of knowing how to use this scientific calculator. Referring to this calculator as the power tool of math was an analogy my son could really understand since he loves to build and use tools. He really loved the analogy that was made in the very first lesson that:

“Math is like a contact sport, You must play and practice to master the necessary skills and knowledge.”

When it comes time to begin trigonometry, the lessons following will be extremely helpful and lessons 21-25 are designed specifically for future STEM students. We are not there yet but I know we will be, all in good time. This program excellent for any student (in my opinion) in pre-algebra/algebra but also as an introduction to higher level maths. Seeing as we had no really delved into these, I was pretty impressed with how quickly he picked up on all of this.

Triad Math states that their mission is to deliver an effective, appropriate post-elementary math education to every individual who wants one—quickly, easily, and inexpensively using the many math programs created for middle and high school students to assist them in learning many varied math skills. They are not wrong. As I watch my son progress through this program I can attest to how quickly and easily he is gaining math skills and also having fun “playing math the sport.”

Find Triad Math on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearnPlayConnect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TriadMath
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/triadmathinc/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2wNPnArm66nzIicv_QUiw

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In this current season, it has been on my heart for my children to learn and grow into well-informed citizens who hold a strong understanding of our judicial system. But how are we to go about this in a way that engages and invites our youth? With Homeschool Court we are provided with an easy-to-use Christian curriculum to hold your own mock trial, government or civic course, in depth. This is recommended for grades 4-8 but is easily adaptable for high school students; there are also supplements available to go deeper in learning. For this review we received downloadable pdf files of the following: Student Worktext, Teacher Manual, and Case Summary materials, as well as the supplemental high school materials.

The very first materials we dug into were the Homeschool Court Student Worktext, the Teacher Manual and the High School Supplement.  (The supplement comes with student and teacher materials needed)  We also starting exploring right away with the Case Summary: Dog Bite at the Dog Show. Since my kids are all huge dog lovers, I guess this one really got their attention. We often have conversations about dogs and safety, this was an unexpected but fun way to reinforce that.

My oldest son (15) has taken part in various speech and debate programs throughout the years. He very much enjoys creative opportunities; from writing and performing various musical song to instruction in language and Bible.

My younger son has begun exploring apologetics and although he is definitely not one for public speaking, he is very much someone who needs to understand more deeply. He has a great curiosity about how government operates, why things are the way they are.

While I was concerned that this might be a little over our heads, I have to say that all of the materials provided for this really helped to make things simple and enjoyable (even though this is a more complex topic to study). Reading over the Teachers Guide, I was thrilled to see there was even a “script” of sorts I could use (hoping to do this with our co-op in the near future) Public speaking is definitely not my strong suit so I always appreciate guides that I can precisely follow.

Right away we had to explain what a mock trial is and why we would ever want to participate in one. Mind you my three older children (9, 11 and 15) would make excellent lawyers with how they argue with one another about so many things. In some ways I admit, I saw this as an opportunity for my older kids to learn and grow together in understanding and growing together.

There is quite a lot to explore as we learn the basics of laws and legal vocabulary, as well as the Biblical foundation our laws are based upon. We also explore the different positions within the judicial system and the components that make it all up (including the state and federal courts, criminal and civil courts). There is also discussion about various trials and persuasive arguments (my older sons favorite from speech and debate days). Lastly there is discussion about preparing and running your own mock trial.

She includes a lovely section that helps you to prepare and assist various types of students within small group settings. From the very shy to the competitive, those with special needs – there are quite a few suggestions she offers for how to keep every learner at every stage engaged and actively involved in this. I love that because while it is only our family, we are still a small group and we do still have three very unique learners we are hoping to engage in working and learning together. 🙂

My boys read through the Student Manual individually) to get an introduction to things. As they read about the value and purpose of various laws they were also given a couple examples and asked to consider – what are the reasons behind the law and what could happen if this law were not in place. Of course this topic had us on a few rabbit trails as we talked about speed limits for example – my younger son remembering stories of the Autobahn in Europe – exploring the history of this famous stretch that once truly had no speed limit.

Typically it is advised that once you complete the Homeschool Court Student Worktext you then choose a case scenario to work through. We kind of jumped the gun however and dug into one of the cases at the same time. Some things just get really exciting and I have such a hard time telling my kids to wait when there is so much enthusiasm towards something!

Back to the Student Worktext – there are many different activities to help our children grow in understanding. Some pages require them to write definitions, others may encourage them to go deeper: write a regulation, locate a newspaper article regarding a lawsuit of some kind. There are additional books mentioned for them to read – quite a variety of ways for our kids to expand their learning and put things into practice.

Especially powerful (I feel) is the Biblical worldview that is woven into this program. It is always so refreshing to find materials that help our kids to see how things all connect back to the Word of God. I have felt very strongly myself in the last few months, the importance our own kids having a worldview that is Biblical, Jesus at the center of it all. Also so very handy to sneak a little bit of history into things!

Imagine the fun we had as we read through various vignettes given and using the information provided, to determine whether or not a crime occurred. What an opportunity to try to see both perspectives in the case and try to “get in their head” to imagine how they are thinking and feeling – Then being able to determine, fairly and justly, if and what crime was committed. This also led us on a bit of a trail, learning about ethics and how important it is for us to not see and involve our own personal experiences and feelings in decisions of this sort. That can sure be tough!

Are you ready to have your own mock trial? Grab one of the case scenarios provided (we chose the dog bite summary) to review and enjoy. These summaries are only a few pages in length but they have everything you need to hold your own trial. Witness statements, law statutes, evidence related to the crime – take all of this and consider it for yourself.

What fun this could be in a larger group setting I think! I mean, we are still really working through so much of this because, I fear if we go too quickly we might lose something and I really feel like this is something my kids need to understand as best as they are able. This is vital information for this day; as a people commanded to do justly, to love mercy, and to humble thyself, to walk with thy God understanding and connecting one to the other is vital. This is a wonderful tool for guiding our children in the way they should go and how they can God willing, care for the least of these, the orphans, the widows – Seeking truth and justice always.

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Homeschool Court {Review}

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We recently received a one year subscription to LeapFrog Academy® by LeapFrog® . Who doesn’t love this stuff? All four of my children have enjoyed their products in one way or another through the years. My youngest loves their videos as she learns to read and do math. This is one of those names that just guarantees fun in learning so naturally, it has been a blast working on this program!

My soon to be six year old daughter was super excited about this! From the moment we logged her on she has been working away and learning math, reading, science, problem solving skills, and more.  There are even lessons on music and art which encourage creativity in all kinds of ways.  Some days I literally have to “make” her take a break from this program. With all of the different activities that are here, she can some days get really consumed by this. Not such a bad thing really I suppose.

There is a handy parent dashboard so I can see everything my girl is working on and she can even download materials so that when we are on the go she can still play. We really like that feature since we spend as much time as we can out and exploring. There is also the option to choose a learning path and also to restart a path.

As you can see, there is just SO much to do on here and while I tend to be pretty strict about keeping screen time to a minimum, the various learning opportunities on this program are just amazing. She has so much fun, even her nine year old sister will come and sit with her for a time and they learn together. A handy way to build my older daughters confidence, when I hear her showing her little sis how to spell a word or helping her to sound out different things.

Did I mention how easy this is to use? She has really developed some amazing skills in regards to her independence since we started this. Able to click her way onto her learning map she will come downstairs many mornings and ask if she can play while she has eats breakfast. Some mornings I will let her (so I can read a little longer); she knows exactly how to get where she wants to go. Of course I remind her to work on her learning map before she goes and plays in the section where all of her favorites are saved. 🙂

We tend to try to be paper free for a lot of the work we so but I do like being able to get her off the screen to learn as well. Some of the fun printables we found included mazes, coloring pages, masks to color and wear; global eats are so fun (my girly loves to bake) There are worksheets for all sorts of fun!

It is truly impressive how much she is learning – I always say that songs and games are the best ways for our kids to learn- this definitely encourages that concept if you ask me. From the Aardvark Adventures to Bubble Buccaneers, there are some super cute names to go along with some very engaging activities. All guaranteed to be so much fun!

This is an amazing program for ages 3-6, and has so much more than you could begin to imagine. It is a fabulous way to encourage and grow a real love of learning in our younger kids as they play the day away learning all sorts of things. This is definitely a program I would recommend if you are on the look-out for something gentle for your little ones. Learn and grow in fun new ways!

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LeapFrog Academy® One Year Subscription {LeapFrog® Reviews}

LeapFrog Academy® One Year Subscription {Review}

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

My oldest son (15) is working towards his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. His siblings loved watching him at practice when they were able and later trying to imitate his moves. Since we manage to stay pretty  busy (even now) there wasn’t really any opportunity for them to learn in a formal way but recently we were given the chance to review Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Preschool Mixed Martial Arts from Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos. Each lesson is taught by Miss Cheryl of Yamane Championship MMA. The entire program is digital and so that means we can do as much as we want, whenever we want.

As we began with this program, I was impressed with the emphasis that was placed on character development. This program was designed for children from ages four to seven. After we are introduced to the instructor a simple supply list is provided (basic materials such as a towel or (yoga) mat, ball, pool noodle, football). There is also a clear, simple explanation of the terms used and the fundamentals within this program.

The course contains sixteen lessons; you can complete these as quickly as you like and as often as you like. In some cases my girls chose to repeat a lesson until they felt like they really “got it.”

There are five pieces to each lesson. Lessons begin with a greeting and warmup, then moves into teaching of technique which is mixed martial arts (MMA)), next is the character lesson, review and a fun game (typically they work on the skill learned), also some fun exercises, and finally they finish up with review. They lessons can be completed in about twenty minutes, give or take.

The program provides a time stamp for each section of the lessons so you can always go back to a certain area as needed. I especially like to go over the character section of each one with my kids so we can discuss together what it means, what it looks like, why it matters.

While my girls did enjoy certain aspects of this program, they were not as attentive to it as I had hoped. They definitely enjoyed the warm-ups and the lessons on character; my older girl really appreciated learning how to defend herself. Certainly we will be continuing through this, albeit slowly, as we explore all that this program has to offer.

In a time when many seem to be “stuck” at home, perhaps struggling to find good opportunities to get our kids up and moving, keeping them physically and mentally alert, I definitely see this as being a great alternative to in person classes. And as things we progress and see so many skills woven together (from social and emotional to physical and mental) certainly there is a great benefit to our youth in this.

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