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I love to Bible study (ask anyone who knows me) I always seem to have a variety of studies going. After our church shut down I decided to start a podcast specifically to share the things that I am learning as I study at the feet of my Jesus. Of course I was more than pleased to participate in a review of Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Romans bundle and Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Philippians from Julie Naturally. Hallelujah! Always Jesus provides what we need – time in Philippians is always so good for us too!

Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Romans Bundle is approximately eight weeks in length; there are videos to go along with with this too. The videos are about 12 to 15 minutes and length.

This includes memory cards, coloring pages (my girls love coloring and so this is a great way to get my younger girls involved).

Each day there is a portion of scripture to read and then there are some great questions to really get you thinking about what you read and what it means. It is amazing how much the scriptures reveal when you slow down and certainly the questions that are included in this study really help with that.

“As Paul starts the Book of Romans, he describes himself. What phrases and words
does he use? How does he describe what he represents?

The Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Philippians (Digital) is a four week study; this one also includes daily readings, questions to consider, Bible coloring pages and memory verse cards. Personally, I find this particular book to be a real healing balm. Especially in times like this where there is so much distraction, lots of things pulling our eyes and minds to other things.

What could you do right now, within your limitations, to be a light to
others? (Can be as simple as making a phone call or a visit to someone
who needs the love of Christ).

While I have to admit that I do prefer a physical book in my hands, I did very much enjoy both of these studies (especially when my girls would join me). As I worked through these I was pleased how they encouraged (almost demanded) that I slow down and really meditate upon the words that I was reading.

We need materials like that. Ones that challenge us to go deeper, to really take the time to taste and see that the Lord IS good. In this season especially, it is so good for us to soak let the Word of God overflow within us. We need His truth in our hearts and minds now more than ever before. ❤

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Julie Naturally {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My two girls are so much fun! They love to dress up and dance and be as girly as they can be. I appreciate their desire for modesty even at their tender age and I regularly seek out resources they can enjoy that encourage and show a Godly example. We stumbled across a number of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz books not long ago and my girls just love them! So we were so thrilled to be blessed with the latest one, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS from Truth Becomes Her.

We received quite a few books for this review. The Journal for Mothers and Daughters; Ringleaders: A Devotional for Girls; Ringleaders Coloring Book as well as the hardcover book itself, with 208 pages of inspiration and adventure for our girls to enjoy.

We’re setting out to present women in the Bible in a way that has never been done before. We want girls to connect with them and find out what being truly beautiful is all about. We want girls to remember their names, their stories, and how special they are.

The time has come. Get ready.

It’s time to teach girls everywhere what it means to be a Bible Belle.

My oldest girl is nine; she struggles with reading but she does love to curl up and read a good story with her momma. I especially love finding her reading to her little sister, who is five. Since she does struggle with confidence when it comes to reading, I know how important it is for her to not just find quality books at her level but also to find stories that are meaningful to her and really come alive. I know when i was young a quality book made all the difference and such an impact in my life.

We have always been SO impressed with the quality of the books, the pictures and the stories themselves. This was definitely not a disappointment. My girls both love this book (and the others we received).

“How can you bring their words to life?”

In this story Rooney learns about her five superpowers: prayer, patience, loyalty, bravery and leadership. She also learns how powerful her voice is (so like my oldest daughter) and when she does she also learns what it really means to be a messenger of the Lord.

So often women are loud, bossy, pushy and assertive – I know in the world these are considered to be positive qualities – God’s ways are not our ways. He has a purpose for his daughters; one that reminds us of the power of a meek and gentle spirit. I love how this is a lesson in being different; in being kind yet also standing for truth and righteousness. For leading in a way that represents the love of God.

Then there is the devotional – what a great way to start the day! Daily devotions that highlight six heroic women in the Bible – this includes memory verses, prayers and activities to help our daughters learn and live out the life God has for her. There are also some great questions for discussion and room for our girls to take notes too. 🙂

The journal and coloring book were huge hits too; the coloring book in particular. My girls both love to draw so not only did they enjoy coloring but also trying to draw for themselves some of their favorite characters and scenes. Always so glad for my girls to have inspiration that points them to Jesus. It sure helps that it is hours of fun!

Certainly as my girls get older and as they deepen their understanding of these stories and how they relate to our life today I am sure we will really enjoy the journal a lot more. Full of questions to help us see how we can be more like these Belles of the Bible we are reading about, it is good for them to begin considering how to encourage others, how to be bold and stand for what is true and right without being unkind.

Let’s say yes to God in more of our lives and live in a way that helps our girls to do the same, making a different kind of noise. A noise that is beautiful and points others to the glory of our great God!

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Truth Becomes Her {Review}


My oldest son is fifteen and he is always up to something on a screen. I am always looking for ways for him to gain new experiences and so I thought it would be great for him to explore the Python for Beginners: Learn Coding at Home course from Homeschool Code Academy We were given ten months access to this course. As I understand it, coding is a pretty big deal so why not learn some and see where it leads?

Using this course and an app called Thonny, instructor Matt Bohn will lead you through 150+ lessons as you learn this very foreign language, Python. This program was designed by a homeschool parent (I love this!) business owner and software engineer. With plenty of hands on activities this is a course that is on demand and (in my home) in demand too.With students as young as 5th grade completing this course, it’s interactive and arcade style makes it quite inviting.

Initially I meant for this course to be something for my oldest to do but when he got started, his younger brother took an interest as well and so while my oldest is the one who really used this, his brother sat alongside him for most of the course. My oldest is all about the video games and graphic design, he has even done some courses in videography – Coding seemed like a natural thing for him to learn! And my younger son, he has taken a real interest in building a computer himself so he is just starting to really grow an interest in computers. You never know how this will grow them and bless them (hopefully others too) in the process.

With every lesson there is a video that walks students through the topic at hand in a way that is so simplistic – as a carrot to encourage them so they know what amazingly awesome task they will be able to complete at the end of the lesson. In some activities it is making your computer speak, in others it may be 2D drawing, create their own arcade style game. From working with variables to using Python for Math, this provides so many ways to encourage our kids to get creative and learn what I am told is a valuable skill.

It definitely makes a difference in how enthusiastic my son is, when he is able to learn, and then use that information to make something himself. It drives him to keep going – I always tell him we reap what we sow – this is tangible example. The design of this program is fabulous – it builds our kids confidence and the more they are able to do the more excited they are for what is to come.

One of my son’s favorite things was making the computer speak (although he didn’t really like the voice) and because he loves to draw and design, he was driven to work his way quickly to Turtle Graphics (you cannot skip around in this course – complete one lesson at a time). He has dreams of designing apps and a video game or two one day – I feel like this is something that can really help him to see how possible all of that could be.

I wish they had other courses available because my younger son is hoping to complete this course one day as well. If there is anything that speaks to the quality of this program it would be how quickly both of my boys took to this course. The excitement and enthusiasm with which they tackled this course. This is the sort of thing I am always looking for – something that lights that fire within my kids! These are the things that make real learning happen!

Homeschool Code Acamdey is on Social Media:

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Python for Beginners: Learn Coding at Home {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

We LOVE Drive Thru History – Dave Stotts has a way of just drawing in young and old as you explore history! A recent Bible study we were doing together touched on archeology; how it can prove the Bible. For that reason my kids were extremely interested in checking out the new, Bible Unearthed from Drive Thru History® Adventures (we even have lifetime access)! What a blessing to us all!

Like I said, we are big fans of Drive Thru History® Adventures. Slowly building our collection, we have had so much fun learning history, and Bible too, in this adventurous way that brings it all to life! And Dave Stotts fun loving personality makes my kids love it all the more! In this series, I think I heard my kids a thousand times say, “He should put that down before he breaks it.” And my daughter would often ask why he was never taught to “see with your eyes.”

This is a 12-part series that explores the history, importance and impact of archaeology so that we can better understand the ancient world and of course. defend our faith! If you are familiar with Drive Thru History you are familiar with the travel involved as you go and see the places and things being discussed. This is different, but not in a bad way; in these lessons Dave sits with Titus Kennedy, PhD and Drive Thru History writer Randall Niles, as they look at the artifacts. Although we are not going, seeing the location for ourselves, we are still able to Dig Deeper with links to all sorts of relevant articles in the last section of each Adventure / episode. Each article is written by either Titus, resident Archaeologist or Randall, lead writer for Drive Thru History. These prove to be great for my son who tends to get quite curious and seeks to dig in all the more. I love his drive when something piques his interest.

This course is designed to be completed in 12 weeks – they even provide a course guide to help you stay on track. I do love though how they remind us that students all learn at different rates and so we should seek to find our own approach for our family. My very technical son especially enjoyed the section in each lesson titled Getting Technical. He is a boy who very much appreciates those little details. He even got ahold of a nice Biblical Timeline (another thing that he is extremely fond of).

So each lesson contains a video as well as a scriptural reading, further information including images, a worksheet with lesson summary, and articles you can read to dig deeper. There are also optional activities that come with most lessons. You can go as deep as you want; in some cases we even explored beyond this course, seeking out even more.

Whatever age your children are at, this is an amazing course, giving them the chance to learn about archeology and what it means in our life today. We are told in the Bible that we should be ready, always, to give an answer to every man for the hope that is in us. I do believe this is a wonderful way to increase our faith as we explore the world and see the Bible come to life. Perhaps you have a child who wants to get involved in archeology? They even have a lesson for that; not just how to get involved but also what life as an archeologist is like. This course finishes up with the question, What is Left to be Discovered? This is such an inspiring way to get our kids thinking about what “ancient garbage” there is still to discover.

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Bible Unearthed {Review}

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Math can be so much fun for some kids. For others it can be a nightmare. I have one of each of those and I myself have always struggled with math. Since I am always glad to try out different programs, to see my kids hopefully love and learn, I was happy to use MathandAlgebra.com with my younger son. This is an online subscription program; we received  a one-year family subscription that includes four complete math courses. Elementary, Intermediate, PreAlgebra, and Algebra 1. Cool right?

I think my son was most excited about this program because of how easy it is to use and how simple it all is. Each lesson includes a video (most of these are about 5 minutes in length) and then worksheets to practice what is being taught. No bells and whistles, just good solid math teaching. The instructor even uses a whiteboard so as he teaches you see him working through the process. My son really loved that!

We did start out with Basic Math. Prior to this we had been working through long division and while I wanted him to continue there, he wanted to firm up those other skills. So we started with addition, subtraction, multiplication. It was nice to see him really watching the lessons; sometimes he would back a video up or watch it again. I would see him using the video alongside the worksheet when he was struggling. This is the stuff that makes this momma glad.

This are quizzes and tests built into each lesson; my son tends to be a rather anxious kid when it comes to these things so we really tried to just focus on them as being extra practice. At times we would go back and do these again; other times he really got a chance to build his confidence and crush it! That’s a great thing for encouraging and maintaining a love of math I think.

As you can see there is just so much here that is designed to simply encourage and gently instruct our kids. I am really hoping that we can get through more advanced math using this program during our subscription because I see my son getting so much out of it. He is rather particular so the fact that he wants to do this each day is a testimony to the program’s goodness in and of itself. Our kids know what they like. When we trust them and listen to them, we can learn so much.

Math matters so much! Whether its angles when my son is in the hockey net, measurements while he is working out back with wood or cooking his favorite snickerdoodles, math is everywhere. And why not enjoy it if we can?

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Math & Algebra Family Subscription {MathandAlgebra.com Reviews}

Math & Algebra {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

This summer finance became something big in our house – both of my boys started working. My younger son developed his own lawn mowing business in our neighborhood and my oldest son got a job working on a local horse farm. I didn’t see this coming but I knew that now we needed to start learning some lessons in financial responsibility. So you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on Personal Finance Illustrated® Homeschool Edition from PEM LIFE. We received access to the program for a six month period.

This program is designed to be used over the course of a high school semester. There are two ways to use this program. As the parent you can choose to become the instructor using the many resources that are included within this course. My kids chose the second option: working their way through the program independently. There were plenty of lectures for them to listen to before then moving on to assignments and quizzes. With one boy who is very driven and independent in his learning and another that requires some prodding now and then, this was a good opportunity to see if they could perhaps encourage and motivate one another along the way.

Once we received our login information we got right to exploring the dashboard which I could see was definitely overflowing with tools and resources for our kids to really get an understanding of, for themselves, financial literacy and finance management.

My boys downloaded the Personal Economic Model, Student Edition, pdf that was 150+ pages of information covering I imagine, just about everything that there is to know about finance and management. Did I mention this is also a Biblically based course? So there is lots of us to learn about what God has to say about this topic too. I admit I had to peek in on this course myself because, I fear I am definitely not very well educated in this area myself – And what is the best part of homeschool? It’s learning right alongside your kids!

Something really neat they included for this review was a Participants tab; here is where members of the Review Crew using this were able to come together to interact as a group. As the course progresses there are opportunities for students to respond to various discussion questions in the group. It can be challenging right now finding ways for our kids to learn with others so this, I believe, is a wonderful addition to the course. An opportunity to learn and experience others perspectives on the material. Mine however just did not feel secure enough in their understanding to immerse themselves in discussion. Not yet anyway.

The best way to not get overwhelmed with all of the materials available in this program, is to simply start with Unit One. There are eighteen units in all; from the very beginning our kids are reminded of the importance of this information for both now and their future. As we begin, we are shown the flow of money and what the personal economic model actually does. A big bonus is that as you listen to the lectures there are also lots of visual aids so you can see – Since we tend to NEED those visuals, these are great for helping us along.

I love how the videos speak to the value of pleasure in your work. I think of how we are told in the scriptures to do all things for the glory of God. I often am telling all of my children how good it is to find a work that you love. Perhaps my younger son has been blessed in that he has found a love and an amazing group of mentors eager to help him get there. My oldest however, he is still struggling to find that thing he loves and can turn into a career. As he works through these lectures though and sees with his eyes the importance of it all, perhaps this alone is inspiring him to seek. Also, there is an instructors guide that accompanies each unit – Wonderful for gaining a brief understanding of the things being taught and then notes to summarize it all.

Interactive Resources – here alone you could spend hours! I think my boy really got curious here. Looking up various annual incomes, mortgage costs, loans, general living expenses, tithing, interest rates… There was plenty of time spent here getting a rather realistic view of what life looks like and fitting it in to see. What an experience for our youth to have. And what a way to see and set some life goals.

I have always believed that our kids learn so much more when they understand how what they are learning applies to their life. Maybe not the life they are living right now, but also that is to come. As we work through this, I am amazed at all they are learning. So much that I did not know myself (how I wish I had a course like this when I was younger!) but that matters so much – When do you pay cash and when do you finance? What is debt and what is it not? Temerament and finances – this was quite revealing – as you complete your own individual communication strengths profile, you really see:

How do you solve problems
How do you process information
How do you manage change
How do you see rules

There is definitely some heavy stuff to be contemplated throughout this course. While I am sure there was quite a bit of this content that was over my son’s head, I also do believe that there is a great deal that he has gotten out of the material. When he first began this course, I asked him to remember that this was an opportunity. Perhaps some of it would make little, maybe no, sense at all, but perhaps other aspects of this will give you understanding and vision. There is always something we can learn from every experience if we are willing to be taught. Certainly, here are a lifetime of lessons to be learned. I am grateful for having access to this!

I love the opportunity to discover uniqueness and also develop unity.

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Don Blanton | Founder, PEM LIFE

Personal Finance Illustrated® Homeschool Edition {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have always loved music! I have played myself for many years; my children love music and study themselves. In my humble opinion, music just makes such a difference in our life and spirit! Everything is better when we are doing it with song. For that reason we were all pretty pumped to have the chance to use the Smart Kidz Radio: Member’s On-Demand Radio Program Library from Smart Kidz Radio. In this season of life where things are just all sorts of crazy, we are eager to find creative ways to have fun each day!

When I was a kid there was always music playing; ethnic music, classical music, audio books (although back then they were all on records from the library). My mother just made such a point of exposing to me to things from all over the world. And it really helped me to grow and learn to appreciate the differences that make us this world we live in. Even more, an awe of the God who created all of us, and gave us the gifts and wisdom to develop these things for all to enjoy. Suffice to say, this love and curiosity for the great big world we are a part of, I want that to develop in my own children. I want them to explore new things, to be open to different things. How can we love what we do not know? 🙂

My youngest is five and she loves music SO much we recently gave her an old phone of mine that we loaded with her favorite songs. She carries it everywhere. She turns it on at night with a timer and falls asleep to worship songs. She was thrilled to find so many other songs to learn and sing on here. While most of what she enjoyed was in the Bible Sing a Long section, she also did explore others songs and stories that were on here. I think we listened to An Elephant in My Bathtub a couple hundred times. And who doesn’t just LOVE fairy tales. We were both so surprised by how much there was to enjoy on here!

Now my older daughter is nine and while she does enjoy music, she is much more finicky with what she will listen to. Being that she has been wanting to learn Spanish we decided to try out the Smart Kidz Learn Spanish. The songs were so catchy; the little stories they tell in English and Spanish – It was fun to be able to turn this on and my daughter could listen (maybe sing along now and then) as she played with her slime or did some handwriting or drawing. Hoping she sticks with these for as the time we have access to this. Curious to see how much Spanish she really learns from it. 🙂

My younger son, he has developed a real love for audio books. And Latin. Since he really likes science we found the Exploring Your World Through Science section and worked through these. As he plays his war games, he is able to listen. Insects and ocean creatures – he is another one of my animal lovers and so when it comes to learning about them, there is no limit. I thought Cool School was a fun place too and so we checked that out as well! It was very helpful, the songs Learning to Multiply. While he is quite a math nerd, he does still struggle some with this. He didn’t necessarily love the music but he seems to be stronger in his multiplication facts so, we say that makes things a win!

My oldest son surprised me! He really got into Music Styles & Forms. What fun stuff they had in there! I really enjoyed when he would tune in as well. This had music from all over the world – France, India, Caribbean, Russia, Japan. I could go on … This was an amazing discovery! With my oldest having aspiratons for international travel one day (we have hosted many exchange students through the years too) this was I suppose a fun way to explore different parts of the world. There was even a bit of discussion in regards to the methods and style of music in each part of the world you were listening too. Music is so amazing!

In addition to all of this amazing stuff, there is also the Smart Kidz Foundation whose mission is to encourage young people to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and in the global community. A portion from Smart Kidz Radio’s membership fees will be donated to the Smart Kidz Foundation—a non-profit foundation that will financially support programs giving opportunities to young people to make a difference by following their dreams and using their talents to make the world a better place.
We can all get behind that!

This is a phenomenal resource. We only have access to this for six months for this review but I definitely can see the benefits! I love materials where, I know things are safe and so, my kids can just explore and see what lights them up! Be sure to click on the banner below though so you can read the reviews written by other Crew Members who are using this.

Smart Kidz Radio Member’s On-Demand Radio Program Library {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Math facts matter! As we are getting into higher math with two of our four children, I am seeing how valuable really knowing these facts is. Since my kids are not fans of worksheets or flashcards, I am always on the lookout for ways to engage with math and my kids, while having fun! Perhaps you have heard of GameSchooling? I think it’s a fabulous idea and so when I had the chance to explore Math Sprint  – The Mental Math Game from Byron’s Games I think we were pretty excited!

So colorful!

 Math Sprint is designed to be played by 2-8 players (or teams) from age 7 and up and up; one complete game is approximately 30 minutes. This is a great way to have fun with math as we make sure to challenge ourselves (and each other too) as we race to the finish!

If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics. – Galileo Galilei

How do you play? There are actually quite a few ways to have fun with this one! I love the variety of ways that we can play Math Sprint, with my younger and older ones. The object of the game is to get to the finish line by answering mental math questions.  There are 4 types of cards provided: 92 addition and subtraction, 106 multiplication and division, 30 wild cards, and 30 challenge cards. With all of these options you can really make the game fit each one of your kids, where they need the most practice.  With the wild cards you use dry erase marker to write the problem you have created.  For my older boys this was a fun way to expand play using more complex multiplication and division. 

The game board is designed in the shape of a running track (fun right?) and comes with little runners as game pieces; you can meet the runners and choose to be Carrot McArrow or Crystal Reaction (there are eight in all).  Will you try the 100, 400 or 500 meter dash? If you only have a little time (or a little attention span) make the game a shorter race. I know I already said it, but there are quite a few ways to creative practice and play with this game.

Challenge yourself!

We started a game with my three older ones and they insisted I play (they know how awful my math skills are – for shame!) So we started out with addition and subtraction; the coach chooses a card and then reads one of the two problems listed. Whoever answers correctly moves forward on the track – this continues until one person reaches the finish line.

We enjoyed taking turns being “Coach” (my younger son has aspirations to be a hockey goalie coach one day – gotta start somewhere – he enjoyed choosing the questions and in some cases creating his own with the white board cards provided.

Another neat addition were the Coach Tip cards; a great way to encourage and teach as we play. Especially when it comes to multiplying numbers these provided great examples to see and remember how it’s done. And did I mention the Challenge Cards? We didn’t use them every time we played but with my older two especially, this was a great way to test their skills a bit more!

Something my kids LOVED – for real – was that every couple of spaces there was a fun movement activity on the board. My kids can NOT sit still for anything – great idea – activities ranged from hops to arm circles, jumping jacks and jogging in place. I think in some cases my kids worked hard to answer questions first so they could be the one to do these little exercises.

What a fun way to practice mental math! I even found myself as I played with the kids, becoming more familiar with these facts myself. Don’t take my word for it though – click on the banner below and see what other Crew Members thought of Math Sprint! 🙂

Math Sprint {Byron’s Games Review}


Algebra, oh Algebra, how we struggle to appreciate you! I don’t remember much of my two years in high school studying Algebra (yes, you read that right, two years, in Algebra 1) As you can see, math is not my strong suit and my oldest son seems to have the very same head for math that I do. So, we were thrilled (I was thrilled) to have the opportunity to try out THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED ALGEBRA 1 from Thinkwell Homeschool. Honestly, I figured this could be a wonderful opportunity for the both of us.

My favorite part of home learning is that I get to learn right alongside my kids; I have to be honest, most of what I learned in public school is a blur. What I do recall often seems fairly useless. Perhaps moreso because it was poorly taught. I do believe the key to truly learning is for us to experience and connect what we are learning with life as we know it.

This course is instructor led however if you are unable to be there for the live course, these are recorded – we often had to watch them at a later time ourselves. We have access to this class for a full year so that should be plenty of time for us to develop a better math head.

What I loved immediately about this program? They provide a calendar. They also provide tips for success! There is nothing better than a program that starts our showing our kids how they can be successful (especially when it is a course like Algebra – which my son just dreads!). Also, to get started in a lesson plan – very detailed – in regards to the goals and content being covered in every lesson. Know what to expect. Prepare for what will be.

For my son, who is very much a visual learner, this was a wonderful program that really helped him to better understand Algebra. Each video is between 5-10 minutes in length (this is also great since he struggles to focus for long periods of time) and the instructor is pretty engaging. As he speaks, translating from Algebra to words, you also see exactly how to work the problems. There are also lesson notes which you can print out if you choose to do so. I always find that having them together in a folder is very helpful when it comes time to work the problems. Especially since the notes include numerous examples; again this can be very helpful for when there are struggles trying to complete the practice sheets.

Following the video lessons there are multiple opportunities to use both interactive online and worksheets for practice. We really liked the interactive practice; submit your answers and then you are able to see what was correct/incorrect and also notes regarding the operation used to solve each question. Definitely a nice way to review.

One thing that is very helpful is being able to go over the video repeatedly. We have access to this course for a full year so we are quite likely going to use that entire period of time to just to be sure that he’s really got it.

Without a doubt this is an excellent program for these higher level maths that perhaps cause some anxiety or dread in us. With such simplified teaching, many great visuals and plenty of opportunities to practice what is being taught, I am certain that my son will have a much greater understanding of Algebra when this class is completed. We will likely use this for other maths too! Definitely click on the banner below and read with other members of the Review Crew thought of the courses they used with their children.

Thinkwell Instructor-Led Algebra 1 {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

There is something about music that just makes everything more fun! Whether dishes, laundry, cleaning up messes when there is music in the atmosphere, I do believe we just have a better spirit as we do. For our children, I think music makes learning so much more fun and natural; there is a rhythm to songs that only aids in their development. For this, and so much more, we were happy to review a Musik at Home Membership, from Musik at Home. This gave us three months worth of access to all of their lessons, to be enjoyed by all children from infant to seven years.

Musik at Home Membership includes a Family Music for Babies and Toddlers course recommended for ages Infant to 24 months, Family Music for Mixed Ages 1-5), Family Music for Preschoolers ( 3-5), and Family Music (4-7).  Each course contains between 6-9 full length programs which are about 15-30 minutes in length. There are also bonus activities which are about two to three minutes long. Some of the videos and activities use various rhythm sticks, shakers and rattles, scarves for dance. Whether you purchase materials for this course or use what you have at home, this is easily a great way to bond and grow with your little ones!

Perhaps now is a good time to grab some wooden spoons; save those plastic ice cream tubs and start making music. My daughter’s brother plays the drums so my younger ones really know how to jam! My littlest one is always dancing and singing; a love of music is just in her blood. So I am always so happy to be able to encourage this.

And for my older daughter (she is nine) she really just enjoyed dancing and making music with her little sister. What a wonderful way for siblings to bond as they make music and create amazing dances together. Honestly, some days we just enjoyed listening and singing the songs, curled up together, too. Especially as these days get cold and wet this is a great way to encourage imagination in everyone and an appreciation of music.

Whether you purchase videos individually, gift them, or obtain an annual or monthly membership, this is bound to become a favorite activity in the home. With over 400 activities, plus a Christmas Music course coming in late October, there are so many ways to explore music, make music, and move! I know we need all the help we can get with moving lately and my little ballerina just LOVES the scarf dancing courses. I think that she watched every one a hundred times.

If you are looking for a way to involve more music and dance into your days with your younger children, I definitely recommend this program. My girls love music and song so this was a wonderful way to explore it more with them both. Such a simple and fun way to appreciate and grow musical appreciation in your home.

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Make sure you click the banner below and see what other members of the Crew have to say about all of the great programs that are a part of Musik At Home. Whether through song or dance, imaginative play, there are so many ways music will help you to explore and grow together!

Musik at Home Membership {Review}