Is there any doubt that music has a power over us? It is healing, it is inspiring, calming, grounding. It makes learning so much more fun! As a family with four kids Bible Quizzing, we have found that what they can learn and hide in their hearts, is unlimited, when it is set to music. I was quite curious about the following CD’s: Prayers and Blessing for the Unborn Child, Math Prodigy and Prayers and Blessings for the Newborn to 99. After all, my younger daughter (4) has her very own CD player and she loves having her own collection of Bible music – This seemed like a wonderful addition to her growing library. We received all three of these physical albums (they are available as downloads too) and have been enjoying them quite a bit too!

Preborn Prodigy seeks to change lives using these CD’s to lead listeners on an amazing journey in their relationship with the Lord. A wonderful background for prayer and meditation. These collections will help our children (perhaps us as well) to learn and take to heart the truths within the Word of God. Their mission statement shares what a blessing these can be:

“…encounter God’s presence…feel His perfect love while you listen to these special albums. May all the promises found in His Word fill your heart with peace and hope, imparting your true identity as one most beloved by your Father”

Our children need to know who they are and whose they are. This music is gentle and soothing, the words are scriptural, speaking His promises. The messages spoken cover our salvation and blessings, health and protection, identity and purpose. What a beautiful way for our children to get the Word of God into their hearts and minds even at the youngest age!

For as long as I can remember, when we read the Bible stories, I strive to place my own children’s names within the words written so they know, so they understand, that this was written to them. I want them to remember as they struggle and grow, they are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are the apple of God’s eye. There is power in our children understanding that God’s word does not return void but will accomplish whatever God pleases and shall prosper in the thing which it was sent for.

She loves her blessings CD.

These are such beautiful prayers and blessings recorded for everyone. Something beautiful and calming to put on at night while the children are not quite ready, but it is time for bed. Or even during quite time as we build or color. While the albums may say for the unborn, or for a newborn, they also remind us that these prayers and blessings are for us too. From Newborn to 99. The blessings of the Lord make us rich. ❤

We also received the CD for Math Prodigy; an introduction to basic math skills. Each of the five tracks on this one cover tips and tricks for learning math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). There are also tracks covering decimals, fractions and orders of operation. This is definitely a unique teaching tool; I think my older children were more engaged with this one as the lessons covered more mathematical terms. Fractions and decimals were especially interesting tracks for my older boys. We didn’t listen to the whole CD in one sitting but the voice and the gentle music in the background definitely were welcomed as we listened to some of the facts and values of math that perhaps had not been thought of before.

I have to say, these are such unique products! It really has been an honor to have the chance to listen and review these with my children. With each album about an hour in length, this is a great way to help children fall asleep (or just calm themselves on those difficult days). My youngest daughter who is four, loves to share how God loves her and how he made her body, all of it, so special too. These are blessings! Powerful ones. To know and believe that God said it and He means it, always and forever, really makes a difference in how we live. These are some beautiful ways to help our families live in God’s love and purpose.

Find Preborn Prodigy on Social Media:


Other Crew Members received these too so be sure to click on the banner below and hear their thoughts on these beautiful and special albums!

Preborn Prodigy {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

In my years as a homeschool momma, I like to think I have learned a couple things. One of those being, do not move forward in math until things are fully mastered. A good foundation is vital in this area. While three of my four kids do quite well when it comes to numbers, my oldest has struggled for so long. If I could go back, we wouldn’t rush the way did through things – I would take his strong dislike of math and find ways to slowly help him to find it more pleasing. When I had the opportunity to explore Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction from Math-U-See with my daughter (8) I was happy to work with her so she would continue to enjoy math as she does right now. My 14 year old son also took part in this review because its always good to invest in a stronger foundation. This is recommended for kids 8-16 who are struggling with gaps. Also, this is a supplemental program that can be used alongside other curriculum.

We received the following materials as part of this review:

  • AIM Resource Guide with program overview/instruction

  • Math-U-See Integer Blocks

  • Math-U-See Colored Pencils

  • Math Fact Strategy Posters

  • Fact Check Cards

  • Code for 12-month access to AIM Addition and Subtraction Digital Pack

Before you begin, there is a video to watch that will help you to complete a “Before” AIM Assessment with your student. This is different than others we have used, with this, we ask the math facts verbally and the student has three seconds to answer each one. Once you have completed the addition and subtraction assessments, you will know for sure if this is the right program for you.

With the AIM (Accelerated Individualized Mastery) your students will work in three ways:

  • Accelerated – Students are able to move quickly through skill sets not yet mastered
  • Individualized – Mastery of the skills they need at their own pace.
  • Mastery – Student can recall ALL math facts using little mental energy, being engaged in the problem solving process.

Within this program are 22 lessons covering single digit addition and subtraction. With each lesson there is a video lesson to watch and then problems to practice using manipulatives and the included workbook. These didn’t take long for my older son however for my daughter it would range from 20-30 minutes. Plus we were able to make this lots of fun – brother testing sister and vice versa – nothing like a little competition to see how well they really know their facts.

This program truly is a great way to increase our kids confidence, while they learn and work at a pace that fits them. I love that there are manipulatives able to be used (bright and colorful) as you work (for my oldest these become a fidget tool but my daughter loved these and they helped her so much). Add to that lots of visual aids, step by step video instruction and lots of other resources to help gain and maintain mastery. With this I am certain that we will have a firm foundation and their future relationship with Mr Math will be a more positive one.

Math-U-See is on Social Media:


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Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction {Math-U-See Reviews}

Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) Addition and Subtraction (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

One of my goals this year, with my boys especially, is a focus on character. This means (for us anyway) that we are striving to delve even deeper in our studies to pinpoint both positive and negative character traits. Who do you want to be? How does God see you? It can be difficult for our kids, young and old, to really see what the Bible means, for us, without specific direction for action.  The Action Bible Anytime Devotion 90 Ways to Help Kids Connect with God Anytime, Anywhere, illustrated by Sergio Cariello, Brazilian comic book artist, offers our children specific ways to connect to God and live our His word, on a daily basis. This book is recommended for ages ages 8-12 however even my 14 year old son enjoyed some of these short devotions and the lessons that followed. We received this book from David C Cook, who is also known for The Action Bible.

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions is a 200-page paperback book that provides us with 90 ways to help our kids to connect with God anytime, anywhere. For any moms and dads who may be unsure of how to lead children and feed them, this book also includes a couple pages to help you better use this book to help your children “explore who God is, His love for each one of you, and get to know Him.” These pages of full of real struggles our kids (and even us parents) tend to face in life. Each devotion has amazing comic book style images as well as:

Learn God’s Word with an action verse

Apply it to what’s happening in your life

Relate it to real people from the Bible

Think about it to help you grow

Talk to God with a quick prayer guide

Share with others using questions and simple actions

Take it further by going back into the Bible

This became a great read aloud for my 10 year old son and I. He has always struggled with reading. But he never gives us. A couple of months ago he decided that he wanted to read through his Bible from beginning to end. He has slowly been working his way through but this was a wonderful addition (He read these devotions to me) and then we would talk about what we read. We tried to go in order but honestly, some days he felt led to read something different from where we were.

“Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? They were terrified and asked each other who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey Him.” (Mark 4:40-41)

Each devotion has a topic ranging from courage to hope, kindness, faith, service. This really fit in so nicely with how we “planned” our year. We would read the scripture that went along with whatever devotion he chose and then would read the story that followed. This always included a child facing a real dilemma. Accused of cheating on a test (okay, maybe not so real for my kids – what’s a test?) or having someone that’s picking a fight? Maybe you were enjoyed a bike ride outside and then crashed….Didn’t see that coming – so much for a fun day! Or that class we signed up for – exciting at first but now we really regret it – These are real issues our kids face. And these stories help them to see another way.

Let’s increase our faith!

Each story relates to someone we know in the Bible who faced that same issue. Maybe his donkey corrected him. That has to be a humbling experience. What about Jonah who heard from God but ran away? He wanted to do things his way, he thought he knew better. He had some bitterness. Peter turned from God, he denied him. Three times. Yet God had mercy. He forgave him and loved him. It can be hard to forgive when someone hurts us but Jesus was our example and He showed tons of forgiveness and mercy and grace.

“All the colors of the light spectrum are in a rainbow; that means it takes every color to make just one. Its takes people of all kinds to make up this world we live in. When we see a rainbow we need to remember God put us in a world filled with people who need to see His love and grace.”

My son felt a bit uncomfortable praying the prayers in here in the beginning (how many times he begged to skip that part) but now he really appreciates them and sees how this is probably the most important part of all. He will add his own thoughts in as he goes along – He prefers I am not there when he prays though as he feels silly but he likes that when he doesn’t know what to pray, he has some guidance. A great way to get started. 🙂

My favorite part? Seeing my little man get so involved in studying this stuff. He loves the Take it Further part and has become so fond of finding and reading passages within his Bible. I love the way he seeks after truth. I really love that this simple book has encouraged and inspired him to seek after God because, really, it all comes down to our own personal relationship with God. What better time to begin when we are like as a child.



So many wonderful ways to encourage our children to seek after God. Don’t take my word for it though, click the banner below and read the reviews of other Crew members who were blessed with this book!

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions {David C Cook Reviews}

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We have known a few people who, recently, have gone out on missions trips to various parts of Africa. This has led my kids to some curiosity about this part of the world and what it is like to be a missionary, in general. I know I always enjoy stories and testimonies of this sort, so I was definitely more than willing to read and review Venturing with God in Congo from Conjurske Publications. Join Darrell Champlin and experience some of those powerful moments they encountered in their missionary years, beginning in 1954. 

When I was younger I had considered joining the Peace Corps, maybe it was not really missions work but at the time that was all I knew of ways to go and provide care and support to areas with desperate need. Not sure what happened that I never went, but as I get older, I greatly admire those men and women, young and old, who are so willing to go and serve. As my oldest son grows, he seems to become all the more eager to travel the world. Hopefully sharing Jesus as he goes. 🙂

Venturing with God In Congo is a collection of stories from the 1950s and 1960s, so you aren’t just travelling to Africa, you are also going back in time! How exciting is that. Within the pages of this lovely, very sturdy book we received, are stories of the many adventures that made up his time in Africa.

Can you imagine suddenly finding a cobra in your living room? We read about their little mud and stick house (makes me feel better about my long term renovation house), how it eventually went up in flames and then was replaced with a cement block house (much like our own). I read stories like this and am so moved by the faith had, to simply know and not fear, because God is in control of all things. I get squeamish just looking at the snakes in their enclosures at the zoo.

“Do you know God?”

Do I really know God? Who is the God that I serve? Do I really believe that He is my provider and protector? I write this in surrounded by people in fear of this virus that seems to be everywhere. That is taking over and causing people to act and think foolishly. I read Psalm 91 and I think of the power in those words. In every place and situation we need to claim these promises as our own.

There are so many ways in which this book is just amazing! We loved reading and learning how to pronounce words in Lingala as we read through this memoir.

My kids liked seeing the family tree and also the timeline of major events. As we read, we would often go back to see where things were – the visuals really made this book come alive – even the photographs inside helped my kids to see what was as we went along.

My younger son loves maps – he is my boy who is in all those details – so he appreciated the map that was included in this book. Charting the travels of Darrell and his family. Looking these places up online as we went along to see what they look like now.

What amazing truths and lessons we learn here in what our faith can look like. There is something admirable about these men and women and children who are willing to just go wherever God may call them. With little to nothing, they go out to boldly and lovingly teach the good news of God’s salvation – And God ALWAYS shows up in the big things and in those littler things. Glory!

This book is so much more than a collection of testimonies regarding missions work in the Congo. This is a blueprint of what great faith looks like. I think of these as letters, written to direct and instruct us in the way we should go. The way we should live, does it show our faith?

Without a vision the people perish. Let us know, let us go and let us share this vision that God has for His world and His people. This book, it is a call for everyone of us to consider, “Do we know God?” There is so much that our great God has for us but we must be willing to cast it all aside and follow Him. Let us get uncomfortable, let us be challenged to draw near to Jesus, to reach out and to share and love as He does!

Read the reviews other members of the Review Crew wrote after they read this amazing, inspiring book that challenges and grows our faith and love for our mighty God.

Venturing with God in Congo {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Some of these stories involve pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books are engaging, exciting and encourage children of all ages to get curious and explore this amazing world we live in. She also hosts a blog radio program, Indie Authors Roundtable and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine.
These really are as fun as they look! Educational too!

My children and I have had the great pleasure of exploring many parts of the world, and different historical times, thanks to some amazing books from Carole P. Roman. When we were given the chance to receive a couple more books of Carole P. Roman’s assorted series, we did not hesitate to sign up. These books are so amazing!

We got these in time to learn all about Purim!

Her books are designed for ages 3-9 but let me tell you, even my older sons enjoy reading and exploring them. My oldest son (14) has that itch to get out and explore so he enjoys seeing what different parts of the world are like, maybe even learning some of their language. So while these are wonderful for my younger kids, even the older ones can enjoy and gain something, from these books.

For this review we received the following books:

If You Were Me and Lived in…Peru: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World

If You Were Me and Lived in…India: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World (Volume 7)

If You Were Me and Lived in…Israel: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? (Bedtime Dream Collection) 

My children and I love going on a trip around the world with books that introduce us to different languages and cultures. We can learn a bit more about what the differences and similarities are in dress, language, food and culture. These books make a great launching pad for our kids as they read and consider things – there is even a pronunciation guide in each book so you can learn some new words. We have been led to some really amazing recipes and music, art and literature as we explore so much in and beyond the pages of these books!

Can A Princess Be a Firefighter? My girls say, no way but in this story they have a chance to learn and see the value of not putting limits on what we can do. My girls loved the illustrations in this book – I love how simple the story is so that even my struggling reader can enjoy this book. What a fun way to explore the many different opportunities that are out there for our girls too!

We had so much fun reading this one and talking about what it might look like to work in the zoo, or to dance or paint. My littlest one loved that no matter what she decided to be she could still wear her crown and fairy wings . I do believe I have a couple princesses and I cannot wait to see the many things they decide to be!

Carole P Roman Can Be Found on Social Media:


There are so many amazing books available so be sure to click on the image below to read lots more reviews of Carole P. Roman’s assorted series from the Review Crew.

Carole P. Roman Books {Review}

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Every year that I am a part of the Crew is amazing and it isn’t just because of the great materials that we get to review! Right now, we are exploring with the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership. Can I just tell you right off the bat, ultimate is an understatement. Currently I have four kiddos at home, ranging in age from four to fourteen. Since every child is different in where they feel led to learn and how they learn, I always appreciate something like SchoohouseTeachers, to give us plenty of variety for each one of our kids. This can easily be your “curriculum” or if you prefer, you can use it to enhance your child’s learning in a variety of areas based upon their interest.

I tend to be one of the least tech saavy moms out there, so I truly appreciate the many tutorials that are a part of this site. Heaven knows, doing so many different classes online (and my kids have quite a few) I easily get overwhelmed and lose track of where and what we ought to be doing. But they have videos for all of that and more. SO the first thing we ALL did was sit down and watch these from: Scope & Sequence, to How to Choose a Course, Bookmarking and Record Keeping. All so very valuable to me!

Lesson planning not your thing? They have a wide range of lesson plans available to help you succeed. I love how these break it all down, lots of detail in what to do day by day so you will always be ready. These can be a great way to encourage independence in some of our older kiddos too – these are literally so easy to use, our kids (within reason) can follow along on their own as they work through courses on the site. I know we try, especially as the kids get older, to follow a plan of some sort, while also leaving room for exploration and some spontaneous fun, but it is nice to have something to help us keep steady, when we do get a little (or a lot) off course.My oldest son was the first one to really dive in! Since he has hopes of visiting an old exchange student we hosted in France, we both agreed that French, would be a good course for him to take, if nothing else, to brush up on his abilities. Turns out there is only one level 😦 He also chose to take the Health 101 course, which I thought was great because it is so important that we know how to keep the body we have strong and healthy. Besides, if he can see and read about all those benefits that come from eating kale, and broccoli, carrots, and salad – Awesome! He has found photography, drama and speech (not long ago he got to assist with some puppet/marionette shows and just loved it!). The fact that he can explore so many different things, taste and see, is a real benefit to him. Since he is thinking of one day writing and publishing a book, there are some great tools to assist him in strengthening his skills in writing and story telling. IN some cases even a bit of learning about how to be organized and plan things out, may seem silly or small, but can make a big difference in how our work is done each day.

With my younger kiddos, there are courses like ABC with Me and Everyday Copywork both which make daily reading and writing so much fun! Some of the assignments revolve around various holidays and celebrations. Because right now with my younger ones we are really focusing on a stronger foundation in these areas, this is a favorite of mine. My two girls really love doing copywork Bible verses, poetry and now and then French too. For my older boys I like that I can print out cursive pages so that they can get some practice too while also learning great quotes, poems and historical events. Some time ago I had tried to get my oldest son to start a Book of Commonplace – while that didn’t seem to work for him, the copywork we are using on this site seems to be doing the job quite well (even if he may not appreciate it right now).They Lived for God is an amazing course! My younger son is always very curious about some of those people and places we read about and so given the chance to see over 30+ videos that brought to life some of those men and women from long ago, this was quite a treat for him. We learned about Augustine, Sarah and Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, Fanny Crosby (what a beautiful story her life is) and so many other men and women. As we seek to inspire and encourage our kids to greater things for God, things like this, I believe, only help them to see how possible all things really are. So many stories of miracles, signs and wonders that show God’s goodness and love!

There is so much to love about this site! We will be continuing to use this for as long as we are able. Since my oldest son will (hopefully soon) be starting an apprenticeship as a welder, we are planning to take advantage of all of the advanced math courses we can. Math is not my thing, it’s not his either but this is something that you need to have strong abilities in. As time allows of course, I hope to take advantage of many of the Courses Just for Parents because we all know how important it is for us to be feeding our soul too. From helping us to build strong and faithful kids and marriages, to learning and growing in the Charlotte Mason way. As I navigate these teen years I especially plan to complete the courses on Dealing with Emotions (we have some really big ones around here, sometimes rather explosive) and there are so many more that I think can help us learn how to connect with our kids, how to teach Biblical stewardship, how to be encouraged and encourage.

We have also been enjoying movies about the life and work of sled dogs, we enjoyed a unit study or two. When my younger son saw Following the Iditarod (Family/All Ages) by Dena Wood, he was determined to check it out. There are just a TON of great rabbit trails within this (and other) unit studies on this site. From history, to Bible, geography, puzzles and lots of links and references for additional study. This can definitely keep you busy for quite some time if you have kids that want to learn more about this. If that isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, because they have so many more unit studies available in just about every topic you could imagine. There are even unit studies for us parents!

Did I mention this site includes an amazing video library? With kids who are very visual, I love knowing that I can help them learn, in a way that works for them. There are 450+ videos in several different areas we can all explore: kids’ entertainment, marriage, parenting, apologetics, Bible study, and lots more! With this video library two of my kiddos have been able to strengthen their skills in guitar and drums. My youngest daughter has made friends with Donkey Ollie and we are all enjoying learning so much about things like Film making, Apologetics, Biblical/Historical Geography and science comes alive as we watch and learn. 🙂

I cannot forget to mention World Book which is separated into ten Libraries, listed on the World Book Resources by Libraries page. These are also separated into grade and subject. This can be so very helpful for Early Learning, Timelines, Science and so much more! Another great benefit to using There are currently two membership options available:

  • Ultimate Membership – PreK – 12th Grade – Access to Every Course
  • Standard Membership – PreK – 8th Grade – Access to Hundreds of Courses.

Once you lock in your membership, you keep that price for as long as you are a member. There are no fees per child, and no additional materials needed for any of the courses.There are also payment options available – we want to make this work for you – these include annual, monthly or quarterly automatic payments.

January 2020 Fresh Start Sale discount coupon code valid until 31 January 2020

Through the end of January you can join for only $99/year using the discount code: ONLY99 or $12/month using the discount coupon code: ONLY12 homeschool Reviews 2020

Connect with SchoolhouseTeachers:


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LitWits Kits {Review}

We all know how valuable reading is! I know growing up books were such an important part of my days – some of my great lessons were learned within the pages of great books. I want my children to experience the same thing, so we try to read together as often as we can. I encourage them to read on their own, I use audiobooks when we are on the go and when they have a question about something I always remind them we need to go and “look in a book.” I had never heard of LitWits, but as I browsed their website I was so excited to have the opportunity to review some of their LitWits Kits. What an excellent way to show our kids the great value of books, not just for enjoyment, but also for life.

LitWits Kits offer over 40 titles to choose from, all available in digital format and each kit is made up of approximately 30-40 pages you can download as a pdf to print. Every kit includes a wide range of activities, a wonderful multisensory learning experience. There are easily 40+ titles to choose from, so I admit it took us a bit to decide which ones we were going to use. There are recipes to make, art to create, spaces to design, sensory opportunities, vocabulary lessons, virtual tours for geography and so much more! Since we all have our own learning styles and interests, it just makes sense to offer such a variety to our kids so that they can really dig in and enjoy all they want.

Our first choice (how could we not pick this one?) was Anne of Green Gables. This was my favorite, perhaps my own “kindred spirit” when I was a child, so I had no doubt this was the time to introduce my girls to this wonderful and inspiring character! I was so thrilled for my children to be able to take a virtual tour of Green Gables; to make and enjoy raspberry cordial for themselves. What a sweet treat! There first few pages spoke of props, the value of physical objects to help experience the story for yourself. So tempting to purchase a slate (never thought Amazon would have those) or go pick some branches of lavender or lilac (shame it is winter in Wisconsin already – will have to grow our own to enjoy).

There are academic handouts to print, which I used with my oldest son because he isn’t really a fan of Anne (OH MY!) so some grammar and map skills can help him focus on some “less girly” things. Other “hands-on activities to help make a connection were: A Laptop for Marilla, Layers of Avonlea and Anne, Bedizened Slate Pencil project, creative writing (renaming) handout, props that connote the romance, beauty, and adventure Anne craved (flora, books). Don’t we all need those things in our life?

There is such a great variety to choose from; even some of the activities we could not physically do (props we could not obtain) there were so many lovely images to view and discuss; all of the additional links helped us to go and enjoy some of those moments within the story that are so fun!We also received All Creatures Great & Small. My daughter chose this because (another favorite book of mine from my youth) she just loves animals and wants to work with them one day. Currently, we spend quite a bit of time every month at a local horse farm where two of my four are learning how to ride and also how to care for horses. So this was a fun story to visit with them; I do believe my daughter now plans to become an English country vet herself. We not only were encouraged to make collages but we also learned about different signs and symptoms of sickness and injury – a great opportunity to explore how to treat and provide care for animals (including our own).

If we had a group of kids (and I am considering trying a literature circle) so we can perhaps share some of these things in the future and really enjoy some of the acting opportunities that are present in this one!

You’re a beautiful pedigreed short-horned bull who’s been out in the sun too long.

You’ve got sunstroke, so you stand with your mouth open, gasping for air.

Don’t worry — Farmer Phin Calvert is looking for you right now,

and will soon call that bright new vet to help you out!”

We were also blessed with copies of The Wheel on the School and Swallows and Amazons. These are two books that we are all rather unfamiliar with but both stories really felt like ones that would be so rich and rewarding for all of us! We are so grateful that we were allowed four of these kits; certainly, we will be back for more. I personally really appreciate how simple and concise these are. They aren’t huge volumes that leave me overwhelmed or unsure of how to begin and what to do. It’s all there is a nice format with a perfect length (just my opinion). It’s been our experience, to be perfectly candid here, that unit studies and lapbooks are amazing but sometimes just have way too much. We are really looking forward to digging into both of these although we have only just begun with one. I have to say we tend to really linger when it comes to these sorts of materials. Sometimes, too long perhaps?Personally, my boys cannot wait to learn all about Fierljeppen (canal vaulting in Holland). If we could find a canal I am sure my boys would determine to become masters of this sort of thing. Watch this:

There are some things that really resonate with me; this being one of them. Let’s face it, with multiple kids, at varying levels of ability, different ages, and interests it can be hard to find things that really work for everyone (momma included). This has done a wonderful job of helping all of my kids to get involved and really experience and explore some of these great stories. It’s about so much more than n reading the book and knowing some things. My girls had the joy of making and tasting Anne’s delightful Raspberry Cordial; my boys enjoyed practicing their skills and impersonating the characters in the English countryside, whether as a cow with milk fever or the cheerful and always humming Phin Calvert. There are just so many amazing and super fun ways for us to learn and grow -together- with these kits!

Be sure to read the reviews others on the Crew wrote – with so many kits to choose from – I am

sure you will see how amazing these are and come across one or more that would really bless your crew. 🙂

LitWits Kits {LitWits Reviews}