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LightSail for Homeschoolers {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Anyone else have a deep passion for reading? I know I do. Yet my four kids seem to struggle with really loving reading. My oldest is 16; my youngest is 6. They are all in different places and spaces – this can make it really hard to know what they need – unless you have a really cool program! I really do consider LightSail for Homeschoolers to be exactly that! For this review we received one year of access for all four of our children. While there are a few different options to choose from, we focused on the premium subscription for our family. From reading and writing to vocabulary and fluency this is one of those programs that can make a huge difference in not just what we learn but how we learn it!

Where shall I begin? This is one of those resources that is full of all kinds of amazing things. That said, it is definitely not something my younger kids are able to navigate on their own but my older kids definitely figured it out quickly. This program is This program is an adaptive language arts platform for students from K-12th grades. LightSail for Homeschoolers seeks to build and grow language arts skills in every age and stage our kids are in, using the four pillars of LightSail: reading, writing, fluency, and vocabulary

As our kids work through the content, there are dozens of modules, hundreds of features, all of this content helps to develop the four pillars in them. After all, every one of those is a vital, necessary skill for lifelong learning.

Once we received access to this program we were required to complete an assessment to determine their Lexile level. This is a pretty long assessment so my kids broke it up into a couple days. Once it is completed they are assigned a score and you are then able to assign books to them. As I explored books for each of my kids I appreciated seeing that in some cases I had to approve a book for them to be able to access it. And do they ever have books to choose from!

Lerner Sports! This is recommended for grades 2–5 who are looking to learn and grow their knowledge of various sports. I have a couple boys who love sports. From hockey to martial arts to football – even my daughter enjoyed exploring materials about gymnastics, the olympics and equestrian events!

Love those unit studies? I think these are a fabulous way to encourage some child led learning. They have so many to choose from. Eco-Gardening was just one of the many that made my kids curious! There were curated books and videos for them to explore as they learned about all sorts of things related to gardening – composting to insect control to container gardening and lots more!

Of course you can also do a general search of all their content to see what comes up. My older daughter did that for ballet and for veterinarians – I was quite impressed with the amount of material that came up. There were Ted Talks, audiobooks, regular books as well as interactive books – with parental control I was able to see and approve whatever materials they wanted to explore. They even have Augmented Reality and 360 Images kids can explore (finally a hot air balloon ride – virtually).

LightSail also partners with the World Book Encyclopedia so you have thousands upon thousands of up to date, tested articles you can enjoy. These include fill-in-the-blank assessments, a full dictionary, read-aloud ability, lots and lots of timelines and other related content. You can easily explore any and every area of interest.

There is also an area just for quotations. I especially like to use this for Biblical studies because it provides not only scripture references but also parent/child instructions to help us better guide along the way. As you choose a topic there are also additional, related materials in a sidebar so you can easily read even more should you want to explore all quotations related to “strong emotions” or the “armor of God” to read even more, As one who was diligent for many years in keeping a Commonplace Book, this is one of those areas that is near and dear to my heart.

Are you a fan of memory work? This site has plenty of those for you to choose from – or you can make your own! Premade lists range from Classical to Charlotte Mason style homeschool. As firm believers in the value of memorizing (especially scripture) this is one of those tools that we find invaluable for every one of our kids at every age.

With all of these phenomenal resources at your fingertips, you are bound to see your children not just growing but truly thriving as they learn. As a parent you have so much control over the content your children are able to see and over the assessments they take. There is such an abundance of content to grow curiosity in our kids as they find their passion and develop necessary skills.

Try LightSail for FREE for up to 7 kids and you will get instant access to thousands of exciting books. Sign-up today! 


LightSail for Homeschoolers:


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I am a God loving and fearing Apostolic Pentecostal - All about Holiness, a tongue Talking Homeschooling Mommy of Two AWESOME little men and two darling little ladies, with a precious one in Jesus arms too. I love to study His word, and the stories and histories that go along with it. Seeking truth at all expense and learning so much as we go along. We are truly blessed to homeschool - blessed that we may school our children for such a small cost. I believe in the power of the name of Jesus and the power of His people when they come together in prayer. Standing firm and speaking out! There is nothing that I seek more than His kingdom and the joys that follow Him! Ultra conservative, growing Jesus follower, mommy to two awesome boys, one precious little girl- with a great family and a wonderful life that I am so blessed to have! Living and loving as best I can, with the Lord-Holy Ghost filled and speaking in tongues-WOW!

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